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The Dawn Winery Manor (unofficial name) is located in the center of the Dawn Winery.



Owl Statue

(Interact with the Owl Statue)
Owl Statue: "O watcher of the night, forget not the splendor of the dawn."
Owl Statue: "O ye who contend with evildoers, sway not from the path of righteousness."

Strange Vase

(Interact with the Strange Vase)
Strange Vase: A vase that looks completely out of place in this building. Probably a gift.


Books that can be found in and around the manor:

Series Volume(s)
A Drunkard's Tale A Drunkard's Tale I, III
Ballads of the Squire Ballads of the Squire I, II
Biography of Gunnhildr Biography of Gunnhildr
Heart of Clear Springs Heart of Clear Springs IV
The Fox in the Dandelion Sea The Fox in the Dandelion Sea IV, VIII
Vera's Melancholy Vera's Melancholy VII, VIII


  • The strange vase was a gift from Kaeya, which he used to discreetly return Diluc's Vision after the latter's return to Mondstadt.[1]
    • In A Child's Secret, Diluc claims not to remember what happened to the vase when Kaeya questions him about it. Reckless Pallad points out that he saw one inside the Dawn Winery, indicating Kaeya has not returned there since his last visit during the events of the manga.
  • In the English version of the manga, the manor is called "Diluc Manor".[2]

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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