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Filled with the fragrance of grapes and wine, this is the estate of one of Mondstadt's distinguished houses. It has conquered drinkers [sic] of the city over with its unmatched wines, and is in some ways the holy land to which all who love the bottle must make pilgrimage.

Manor of Daybreak, Viewpoints

Dawn Winery is a subarea in Windwail Highland, Mondstadt.



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Local Specialties


  • Signboards
  • Signboard near Tunner:
Signboard: "Summer-special grape juice. Two bottles for one Mora."
Paimon: What a bargain!
Signboard: "Sold out. Thank you."
Paimon: Alright then...
  • Signboard at the back of Dawn Winery manor:
Signboard: "Employee resting area"
Signboard: "Take a rest. Have some refreshments."

Points of Interest

Name Description Image
Dawn Winery Manor Located in the center of Dawn Winery. Winery exterior.jpeg



5 Soundtracks play in Dawn Winery:

No. Soundtrack Name Album Played In
29 Before Dawn, at the Winery City of Winds and Idylls Dawn Winery (Dawn)
28 Dawn Winery Theme City of Winds and Idylls Dawn Winery
02 Dawn Winery Theme The Wind and The Star Traveler Dawn Winery
06 Lone Sojourner The Wind and The Star Traveler Dawn Winery (Night)
22 Mellow Memories The Shimmering Voyage Dawn Winery


  • The Dawn Winery sign, written in the Teyvat Language, says the following (capitalization added after transcribing):
    • "Dawn Winery" in large letters in the middle of the sign
    • "Welcome" at the very top of the sign in small letters
    • "Whence the flow of dalight [sic] comes" in small letters above "Dawn Winery"
    • "Forget not whence thou came" in small letters below "Dawn Winery"
    • Something currently unknown in letters that are too tiny to read at the very bottom of the sign
  • Dawn Winery is mentioned in the descriptions of the following Furnishing items:

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Dawn Winery
Chénxī Jiǔzhuāng
Dawn Winery
Chénxī Jiǔzhuāng
Japanese アカツキワイナリー
Akatsuki Wainarii
Dawn Winery
Korean 다운 와이너리
Da'un Waineori
Dawn Winery
Spanish Viñedo del AmanecerVineyard of the Dawn
French Domaine de l'AuroreDomain of the Dawn[• 1]
Russian Винокурня «Рассвет»
Vinokurnya "Rassvet"
"Dawn" Distillery
Thai Dawn Winery
Vietnamese Tửu Trang DawnDawn Winery
German Weingut MorgenröteWinery Dawn
Indonesian Dawn Winery
Portuguese Adega do AlvorecerWine Cellar of the Dawn
  1. FR: "Domain" refers to a domaine viticole lit. "viticulture domain", the French word for "winery."

Change History

Released in Version 1.0