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Some poisonous gases that leak out within underground mines will explode when they make contact with fire. This is why no one lights fires within mines and use crystal lamps instead.

Dangerous Gases[1] are objects found in The Chasm: Underground Mines. When Dangerous Gas is attacked using or comes in contact with entities affected by Pyro or Electro, it will create an explosion, dealing 100% ATK as AoE Pyro DMG to both players and enemies. Dangerous Gas can be temporarily dispersed using Anemo.

Dangerous Gas does not appear any color under Elemental Sight.


Level Scaling
Level ATK
1 36
5 82
10 143
15 255
20 443
25 573
30 736
35 1,044
40 1,347
45 1,797
50 2,498
55 3,073
60 4,191
65 4,991
70 6,526
75 7,460
80 9,283
85 10,212
90 12,177
95 13,874
100 18,383


  • Golden Finches are used by the chasm miners to detect these gasses and some can be found in cages at the underground exploration camps.[2] These finches function as mine canaries which in real life were used by miners to detect harmful gasses in coal mines that humans could otherwise not detect on their own.

Change History

Released in Version 2.6


  1. Safety Notice: The Chasm: Main Mining Area
    "There are dangerous gases in this area. Proceed with caution, and do not light any fires!"
  2. Loading Screen Tip: The Chasm
    "Poisonous gases sometimes leak within underground mines. This is why the miners bring finches underground with them."