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Danger All Around is the third part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Interlude Chapter: Act II - Perilous Trail.


  1. Return to camp
    • This step only shows if the player is not in The Chasm's Bed when the quest starts.
  2. Wait till the next day
  3. Talk to everyone
  4. Continue exploring
  5. Confirm the situation inside the Domain
  6. Jump into the breach
    • Only the Traveler will be in the party
  7. Examine the mysterious door in front of you
  8. Enter the door
  9. Escape from here
    • Investigate the glowing floor.
  10. Talk to everyone (0/3)
    • At this step, Paimon will remain in the overworld and opening the Paimon Menu will not show Paimon while the player is in The Chasm's Bed.
  11. Head to the place Yanfei mentioned
  12. Try to make contact with Xiao
    • During this step, Yanfei will follow the player around.
    • Attempting to use the Quest Navigation function will say "Follow the voice or use Elemental Sight to look for Xiao." However, the quest marker will still be present.
  13. Talk to Xiao
  14. Talk to Yelan
  15. Talk to everyone (0/4)



UI Quest.png Quest Description

In order to escape from the underground, the party keeps searching for a way out after getting some rest...
Paimon: Uhh, there's nothing for Paimon to do here. So boring...
Paimon: Oh, how Paimon longs to stretch her legs and run free in the world outside again!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You mean, fly?
Paimon: Ugh, alright "fly free" then! Basically, Paimon just wants out of here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Just like that, a whole day has gone by...
Paimon: Just a day? No, it feels like we've been down here for months.
Paimon: Maybe not months, but at least like 20 days, surely?
Arataki Itto: Yo yo, thought I heard you chatting over here.
Paimon: Oh, hey Bull-Chucker.
Yanfei: Well everyone, I just completed another survey of the surrounding area, still nothing has changed today.
Kuki Shinobu: Here, have some water and take a rest.
Yanfei: Thank you, Shinobu. It's easy to forget to keep hydrated down here.
Arataki Itto: Argh! Out! I want out! All I want is to cruise the streets and have beetle fights again!
Kuki Shinobu: Boss, remember there's your image to consider.
Arataki Itto: But it's so boring, walking around this hole every day! If only I could slurp some ramen and see the beautiful flowers again...
Yanfei: Ramen? Wait a minute...
Yanfei: Speaking of ramen, Traveler, are you hungry?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Not really.
Yanfei: I'm not hungry either... But let me pose the question this way: Who is the biggest eater among us?
Kuki Shinobu: It's definitely not me.
Arataki Itto: Hey, what's everybody looking at me for? It's definitely not me, if anyone it's this one right here.
Paimon: Huh? Wh—What are you looking at Paimon for?
Yanfei: Paimon, are you hungry?
Paimon: Um, no, Paimon's not hungry. Why do you ask?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Kuki Shinobu: Hmm, if that's the case...
Arataki Itto: Huh? Wh—What am I missing here?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Paimon said she feels like it's been at least 20 days.
Yanfei: Yes, I heard that too, as I was walking over. The question is, how can you not feel hungry... even after 20 days?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png And I feel like it's only been about one day.
Kuki Shinobu: That's also strange. Of course, everyone has different perceptions of the passage of time... but how could one person feel like it's only been 1 day and someone else 20 days?
Arataki Itto: Yeah, now that you mention it, I feel like we've been here three, four, five days, but I don't feel hungry or thirsty at all.
Kuki Shinobu: Although I cooked some food, it wasn't because I was hungry, I just wanted to keep our spirits up. I was planning on saving our rations so we could survive a few more days, but I haven't really felt hungry since.
Kuki Shinobu: Now that I think about it, not only am I not hungry, but I don't feel any real signs of fatigue either... Whether I sleep or not doesn't seem to have any effect on how I feel.
Yanfei: Yes, I concur. Resting doesn't make me feel more refreshed, and staying awake doesn't make me any more tired. Very peculiar... It's almost as if our physical state has been suspended.
Paimon: Ooh, the more you say, the scarier it sounds... Paimon doesn't even want to think about it.
(Traveler): (I wonder if Xiao is experiencing the same phenomenon...?)
Paimon: Hmm? What's wrong, Traveler? Did you think of something?
You tell everyone that you were unable to summon Xiao...
Arataki Itto: That's pretty weird... Sounds like the little dude must be in danger.
Kuki Shinobu: But he is an adeptus, this kind of situation should be no trouble for him. I fear that this problem underground is bigger than we thought.
Yelan: I found something, everyone.
Yelan: I just discovered a new path over there that seems to lead to an unknown area.
Arataki Itto: You mean a way out? Oh, finally!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's go have a look.
Paimon: Yay! You found something! Ooh, please, please be the exit!
Kuki Shinobu: I still suspect things can't be that simple. We should all stay prepared for whatever comes.
Paimon: Huh, Paimon doesn't see anything out of the ordinary here...
Yelan: Appearances can be deceiving. As I was examining the wall just now, I noticed there was something unusual about this stone.
Yelan: Seems to me that it's been created using some illusory magic... Hidden behind it lies a passageway.
Yelan shatters the illusion
Paimon: Whoa, so there really is a path behind here!
Arataki Itto: Gotta hand it to ya, that sure wasn't easy to find, but at least we can finally get outta here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yeah, thanks to Yelan.
Kuki Shinobu: Ms. Yelan's determination and eye for detail are certainly impressive... not to mention, you've hardly had any rest the whole time we've been trapped here.
Yelan: It doesn't matter. I'm not tired.
Yelan: Well, given we're all already here, we might as well go in and explore.
Paimon: Right behind ya! Paimon can't wait to get out of this place!

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

In order to escape from the underground, the party keeps searching for a way out after getting some rest. But as you discuss the situation, everyone notices more and more anomalies. Can this new path really lead to the outside world?
(Enter the domain)
(After landing on the first rune floor)
???: Bos... is that... you...?
Paimon: Hey, did anyone else just hear that voice? It sounded super creepy!
(After landing on the second rune floor)
???: ...No... this... ...look at me!
???: Don't make me... fight you!
Yanfei: Is some sort of battle taking place here? I wonder who could be involved...
(After landing on the third rune floor)
???: No, if... still alive... why would you become like this?
???: I won't... attack you.
Paimon: That sounds like Xiao! Could he be in trouble?
Arataki Itto: Whoa, sounds like someone forgot to invite us to the fight... Let's go and help him!
Paimon: Yeah, but how are we gonna find him?
(After unlocking all 4 runes)
Paimon: The light seems to be leading to another platform. Let's go and take a look.
(Approach the marked area)
Paimon: The ground... has dissolved? What's down there...
Arataki Itto: Is that little dude called Xiao down there? We gotta help him!
Yelan: Hold on! Something's not right here.
Yelan: ...What's this...
Yanfei: It appears to be a small fissure...
Arataki Itto: What can you possibly find inside? It can't be a living person, can it, hahaha... Whoa!
Yanfei: Conqueror of Demons!?
Paimon: Xiao? Is that you?
Xiao: ...
Arataki Itto: Quit tryin' to scare us, okay?
Paimon: Huh? Wait, is this some kind of illusion? Paimon can't touch him...
Yanfei: Conqueror of Demons, can you hear us?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What happened? Are you okay?
Arataki Itto: Hello? Little dude! Anyone home?
Paimon: He isn't responding... What's going on here?
Xiao: You...
Paimon: Oh, he finally said something!
Arataki Itto: Oh!
Paimon: We followed your voice and found you here. But it's kinda strange, we can't touch you... How did you become an illusion?
Xiao: An illusion...?
Arataki Itto: Talk about a coincidence. We were just thinking you went missing and stuff, and then we heard the sound of you fighting. Pretty lucky we found you if you ask me, haha. You didn't get hurt, did ya?
Xiao: A coincidence? Wait...
Xiao: Something's not right... *cough* Something's wrong with this domain... Leave, now! Get out of there!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wait a minute... Xiao, are you hurt?
Yelan: If we can, we should have him regroup with us as soon as possible.
Yanfei: Tell us what happened and where you are now. We'll come find you immediately.
Xiao: No, your safety is the top priority. It seems this space can...
Yanfei: Huh? He disappeared...
Paimon: Where'd he go? It sounded like he might be injured. We need to go help him!
Kuki Shinobu: It seems the only option we have to explore any further is through that entrance over there.
Arataki Itto: Heh, he's injured and telling US to be careful? It's not like we're in any danger here.
Arataki Itto: Anyway, the secret behind whatever's going on should be in this cave, right? Don't worry, little dude, Itto's on the way!
Kuki Shinobu: Boss, please don't go charging ahead, you're an oni, not some hunting dog.
Arataki Itto: Don't worry, I'm invincible. Ahhh! My butt!
Arataki Itto takes a fall.
Kuki Shinobu: ...Looks pretty deep. Be careful, everyone.

(Talk to Itto after jumping down into the breach)
Paimon: Well, Bull-Chucker, how's your rear?
Arataki Itto: It's fine... my butt is tough...
Kuki Shinobu: Go ahead, you can cry if it hurts. I promise I'll try not to laugh.
Arataki Itto: What! What do you mean, try not to laugh!? You should be feeling some serious sympathy for me right now!
Kuki Shinobu: But wouldn't feeling sorry for you be a violation of your dignity? Besides, it's harder not to laugh when I'm not the one in pain.
Arataki Itto: Aaaaah!!!
Paimon: Pff... hehe...
Yanfei: Paimon, don't laugh... Pfft...
Kuki Shinobu: It's okay, everybody. If you want to laugh at him, just let it out.
Arataki Itto: Don't you have a heart, Shinobu? Huh, and people think I'M the monster...
Yelan: Wait a second...
Yelan: Xiao is not here, but...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hmm? Is that a door?
Paimon: Seems a little out of place here, don't you think?
Arataki Itto: Maybe it's some sort of... I dunno, an emergency shelter? There was a picture book I read once that said nice people sometimes build cabins in dangerous places, so that anyone in trouble can take shelter inside.
Arataki Itto: Our little dude must be inside then!
Paimon: Yeah!
Kuki Shinobu: I wouldn't be too sure about that. Any person with a normal sense of danger wouldn't be so optimistic.
Paimon: Wow, Bull-Chucker, looks like your subordinate is telling you what's what.
Arataki Itto: Oh, I believe she was talking to both of us, yeah, so you can wipe that smug smile off your face!
Arataki Itto: Aight, watch and learn, Shinobu. This is why I'm the boss and you're the deputy. If no one is macho enough to open the door, then allow me.
Arataki Itto: Step aside.
Arataki Itto: Once this door's open, we are outta here!
(Arataki Itto tries to punch the door open to no avail. He then notices the mechanism and uses it to open the door as the others clap)
Reiichi: Evil oni, begone... You heard me, get out of here!
Arataki Itto: Waaah!!!
Arataki Itto closes the door.
Yanfei: Uh, am I seeing things, or was there someone behind the door?
Arataki Itto: Nah! Can't be. You're just seeing things!
Paimon: Why don't we just open the door again and see?
Arataki Itto: Who? Uh, me?... Oh, a—alrighty, I'll open it again!
(Arataki Itto opens the door again)
Reiichi: All you do is goof around all day. You're a bad influence to our child... begone...!
Arataki Itto: Aaaaah!!!
Arataki Itto closes the door without hesitation.
Yelan: Those people are carrying bowls... bowls full of beans. What's that all about?
Kuki Shinobu: People throw beans to drive out oni. Boss is an oni, so they throw beans at him to get rid of him.
Arataki Itto: Gave me the fright of my life... What are people from Inazuma doing in a place like this anyway?
Yanfei: Calm down, now, you're a person from Inazuma too you know...
Arataki Itto: Hey, let's get one thing straight, alright? I'm not a person, I'm an oni!
Kuki Shinobu: Right, but that's not the point. The question is, does this door lead to Inazuma?
Paimon: Huh? How could that be possible? Ugh, this place is so weird. Paimon's starting to think it really is haunted!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Open the door again and see if anything changes.
Arataki Itto: You guys go right ahead, I'm not opening it again. So, who's up? Oh, how about Paimon? Why don't you open it!
Paimon: N—No way! Somebody else do it, Paimon's scared...
Kuki Shinobu: Alright, I'll try.
Arataki Itto: That's our Shinobu! Now, don't let whoever's behind that door push you around, okay?
Kuki Shinobu: Alright, let's see what's behind the door this time.
(Shinobu opens the door)
Gentle Woman's Voice: Still reading, Shinobu? Listen, young lady, you should keep your nose out of those books and start taking my advice... I've already found you a perfectly good job as a shrine maiden at the Grand Narukami Shrine. You'll be far better off there than...
Kuki Shinobu: ...
Kuki Shinobu closes the door
Paimon: Uh, Shinobu? Who was that?
Arataki Itto: No way, was that who I think it was?
Kuki Shinobu: Well, this is embarrassing. That voice was my mother...
Kuki Shinobu: This is one place I wasn't counting on having to hear that speech again...
Yanfei: Your mother wanted you to become a shrine maiden?
Kuki Shinobu: The whole reason I came to study in Liyue was because I didn't want to become a shrine maiden. My family never approved of my studies, so they wanted me to work in the Grand Narukami Shrine after I returned to Inazuma.
Paimon: From what we know about Lady Guuji, it seems being a shrine maiden is a pretty cushy job.
Kuki Shinobu: Think of it this way: Some cats can be domesticated and kept in the house, while other cats are meant to survive in the wild... As for me, I need complete freedom and space. Although I do admit that being a shrine maiden is a decent job, it's just not for me.
Arataki Itto: That's right, your calling is with the gang. I mean, just look at you. You rock. You're totally hardcore. C'mon, am I the only one with chills right now?
Yanfei: It's true. You've got a good thing going. What's most important is that you enjoy what you do.
Yelan: Gotta agree with you there.
Arataki Itto: From the look of it, what's behind the door can change, and not only that, it always changes to something that nobody wants to see. So uh, how are we gonna get through that?
Arataki Itto: And don't forget, we have that little dude waiting for us to save him. We need to get our rear in gear.
Kuki Shinobu: Would any of you like to give it a try?
Yelan: No thanks. I'd prefer not to open it if only something terrible awaits. If anyone's going to find a way through, it's not going to be me.
Paimon: Uh, why?
Yelan: Because I don't buy it, that's why. I don't believe for one second that we're gonna find the Conqueror of Demons by going through that door, so I'm sure as heck not gonna be the one to get us through.
Arataki Itto: Not gonna lie, you don't sound like you have much of an imagination.
Yanfei: Alright, I'll try.
Arataki Itto: Yeah! My savior, show 'em what you're made of!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you have any phobias, Yanfei
Yanfei: I'm sure I probably do... But nothing springs to mind right now.
Yanfei: Anyway, I suppose I'll find out once I open the door.
(Yanfei opens the door)
Ruyi: You old geezer! Out of eight pounds of salt, today you gave away three for free, sold two, and exchanged three for booze. How much money did you actually make in the end?
Guangzhu: Huh? But didn't you tell me to sell things as I pleased? Why can't I give the customers something for free?
Ruyi: You fool! You told the old man next door to come and fetch the salt. Well, he broke his leg on the way over, and now his son is asking for compensation! Seriously, *sigh*...
Yanfei: ...
Yanfei closes the door.
Yanfei: Huh, a civil dispute... Didn't see that coming.
Paimon: Who were they?
Yanfei: No one in particular, but it is a prime example of the many difficult civil cases that I've had trouble handling before.
Yelan: Hmm, so you mean you don't like handling disputes over petty matters?
Yanfei: Not exactly, what I mean is that I don't like working with people who cannot let go of trivial grievances, especially of the kind you saw just now. They start with good intentions, but end up making a big fuss...
Yanfei: It's not long before those good intentions plunge into injury and accidents. *sigh* It's always a shame...
Yanfei: It's my desire to solve problems for people, that's why I became a legal adviser. It just seems that I still can't fully comprehend the complicated minds of some people.
Kuki Shinobu: I understand what you mean... The human mind is probably both the most complicated and tragic of things.
Yanfei: I suppose there's no need to discuss this any further. Does anyone else wanna try the door?
Yelan: Don't look at me, I told you I'm not taking a chance with that thing.
Arataki Itto: C'mon, Yelan! We're a team here. If you're not gonna try, then at least give us a convincing reason why.
Yelan: In that case, then let me be perfectly clear.
Yelan: I serve Ningguang, the Tianquan of the Qixing. The scope of my work includes some of Liyue's biggest secrets.
Yelan: The chances are, if I open this door, there can be no witnesses left alive. Is that a sufficient reason for you?
Arataki Itto: Oh, uh y—yeah... s—sounds impressive... Um, hey... Shinobu, who's Ningguang?
Kuki Shinobu: She's someone who won't let you walk out of The Chasm alive if she finds out that you're prying into her secrets.
Kuki Shinobu: Boss, you really do need to work on learning who's who in the world these days.
Arataki Itto: Look, I knowS what I need to knowS, it's called being a free oni!
Paimon: Oh, now Paimon gets it... Yelan works for Ningguang.
Yanfei: Haha, yes, which is precisely why I was trying to keep her secret. We should avoid letting Yelan open this door.
Yanfei: What about you, Traveler? Would you like to try?
Paimon: Yeah, go for it, Traveler. Besides, you never know who could be behind that door. Maybe it could even be Xiao!
Arataki Itto: I say give it a shot. Who knows? Maybe little dude is waiting for us on the other side.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Find who we're looking for"...
(Traveler): (Hmm, maybe... I'm always looking for someone...)
(Traveler): ...
Paimon: So, wait... What's Paimon looking at?
(Traveler): (Is this... the Abyss!?)
(Traveler): (Is... Is this what I feared...)
(Traveler): (Huh? The exit suddenly disappeared! Is it trying to trap me in here!?)

(Return to the party after escaping)
Paimon: Hey! There you are, (Traveler)! Whew, you sure had Paimon scared!
Paimon: We couldn't open the door after you went in! Everyone was super worried about you. Are you okay?
Yanfei: Did you find anything, Traveler?
Arataki Itto: So? Did you find the person we want to rescue inside?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png No...
Yelan: Judging by the look on your face, I'm guessing you saw something a little unpleasant in there?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yeah, I did.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Behind the door, I saw...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The darkness of the Abyss that took my twin away.
Paimon: Huh? How could that be?
Paimon: Aww, don't worry. Paimon will keep searching for (her/him) with you. Cheer up!
Arataki Itto: Ugh, stupid door! I'll smash you to pieces!
Paimon: If Paimon wasn't feeling so exhausted, she'd help out, too... *yawn*...
Arataki Itto: Hey, what is this, nap time?
Paimon: Whew...
Yelan: So, let me get this straight, not only did we not find Xiao through that door, we saw all the things that we wish to avoid.
Yelan: I'm starting to have a very ominous feeling about this domain. It's constantly changing, and its changes seem to be targeted at us.
Paimon: Huh? What do you mean?
Kuki Shinobu: I feel the same way. We need to watch our every step, there is definitely more to this place than meets the eye.
Yanfei: I concur. We came here following the Conqueror of Demons, but we ended up only finding a strange door.
Yanfei: The things we've encountered on the other side of that door are equally strange. It shows us whatever we fear the most. We are in a space that defies common logic.
Kuki Shinobu: On top of that, I'm starting to feel tired after that experience. But I thought we'd established that getting tired doesn't happen down here...
Yelan: The phenomenon hasn't reached a lethal stage just yet, otherwise, we would have starved to death without eating for so long.
Kuki Shinobu: I'm starting to worry that we're being affected by the changes in this space. In order to avoid the sudden accumulation of hunger and fatigue, we should eat and rest regularly from now on.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sure, that makes sense.
Paimon: Ugh... Paimon suddenly feels exhausted. It's really tiring going through all this...
Arataki Itto: Now that you mention it, I'm starting to feel tired too... No, no, NO! It's all just an illusion! I will not let my mind play tricks on me.
Paimon: Whew... Paimon's whole body just feels so heavy now...
Yanfei: Hmm, according to the current evidence, it seems our physical condition was suspended in this space before, which granted us immunity to the effects of fatigue and hunger.
Yanfei: But now it seems that mental fatigue is unavoidable...
Yanfei: Though we have yet to locate the Conqueror of Demons, I suggest we go back and get some rest. It'll be difficult to rescue anyone if we're on the verge of collapse ourselves.
Arataki Itto: She's right. Hey, Lavender Melon, you okay? Want me to carry you?
After a persistent search, you find a shortcut that takes you back to the entrance. You then return to the camp for a rest...

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

In order to escape from the underground, the party keeps searching for a way out after getting some rest. But as you discuss the situation, everyone notices more and more anomalies. Instead of taking you to the outside world, the new path leads to more confusion. Xiao, who is on his own, worries you the most...
(Talk to Kuki Shinobu)
Kuki Shinobu: It's hard to believe what we've encountered...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About the door...
Kuki Shinobu: Well, I suppose there's no use hiding it anymore now that everyone's seen it. What you all saw really was my biggest fear. I never want to become a shrine maiden... Who could tolerate such a boring life!?
Kuki Shinobu: After these last few years with the Arataki Gang, I suppose you could say I've seen it all. It's taken every skill in my arsenal to constantly clean up the messes they make.
Kuki Shinobu: Though the list of annoying things to deal with is practically endless, I am totally free in the Arataki Gang.
Kuki Shinobu: Strolling around the streets, roasting Lavender Melons with friends in the open country... I know it sounds pretty silly, but that's the life that I want.
Kuki Shinobu: Just don't laugh at me, okay? Otherwise, you might find yourself on the receiving end of a good beating.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What do we do from here...
Kuki Shinobu: You don't look very well, at least not like when we just arrived. Are you troubled by what you saw behind the door?
Kuki Shinobu: Listen to me, the most important thing is always the choices you have in front of you.
Kuki Shinobu: Get some rest before you gather the courage to take your next step.
Kuki Shinobu: Once you've chosen the path to take, don't hesitate. You must believe in your decision.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I won't disturb you.
Kuki Shinobu: Alright, you should get some rest too.
(Talk to Arataki Itto)
Arataki Itto: Ushi, you sure you can't find a way back to that door again?
Ushi: Moo...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About the door...
Arataki Itto: Ah, perfect timing! I was just having a chat with Ushi about that!
Arataki Itto: You know what? I can handle those mean people behind the door throwing beans at me. But causing trouble for you? Nah-uh, that ain't gonna fly with this guy!
Ushi: Moo...
Arataki Itto: What? There's nothing we can do? Listen here, Beefcake, you shouldn't give up so easily.
Arataki Itto: Can't you have one last look for it? If you really can't find it, we'll just have to find another door. With any luck, one that connects to the outside world. You feel me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What do we do from here...
Arataki Itto: Yup, that's the big question.
Arataki Itto: Gotta be honest, I have no idea.
Ushi: Moo... Moo!
Arataki Itto: Oh c'mon! Don't get mad at me, I'm just being real here.
Arataki Itto: I did think about just using my oni super strength to dig our way out, but the rocks here are even tougher than prison walls...
Arataki Itto: The rocks didn't even budge when Ushi charged 'em. It's pretty obvious this place is meant to keep us in here.
Arataki Itto: The only thing I can do now is... well, take care of this exhausted little Lavender Melon.
Ushi: Moo, moo! Moo.
Arataki Itto: Yeah, I know... You're helping too, Ushi.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I won't disturb you.
Arataki Itto: Sure, you do you. Just remember, even if the sky comes crashing down, I'll prop it up with my own two hands! And don't worry, I'll take care of the little Lavender Melon.
(Talk to Yelan and Yanfei)
Yanfei: You haven't slept at all, are you sure you're okay? This place seems even more perilous than we first thought.
Yelan: Don't worry about me. Staying focused under pressure for as long as it takes is my specialty.
Yelan: Now, if I'm not mistaken, looks like you've got some new ideas.
Yanfei: Hehe, how could you tell?
Yelan: It's my job to keep tabs on people.
Yanfei: I figured as much. They're just preliminary ideas at this point, but I haven't completely thought them through yet. I'll tell you more once my ideas have taken shape.
Yelan: Sure, sounds good.
Yelan: I also have some ideas of my own. I'll fill you in after I've confirmed some things.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Seems like a productive conversation.
Yelan: Hehe, you think so?
Yanfei: As they say, two heads are always better than one.

(After talking to everyone)
Yanfei: By the way, Traveler, if you have a moment, could you do me a favor? I'd like to discuss something with you.
Yanfei: Please come meet me over there.
(Approach the marker)
Yanfei: Thanks for coming to speak with me, (Traveler).
Yanfei: I've been thinking about this place... Since we still don't know just what kind of danger we're up against, we can't afford to delay any longer. We have to find the Conqueror of Demons as soon as possible.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's just what I was thinking.
Yanfei: Don't you think it's a strange coincidence that as soon as you told us about the Conqueror of Demons, we heard his voice in that place?
Yanfei: It almost seems deliberate... As if something was trying to convince us that the Conqueror of Demons was there in order to lure us into the unknown.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Yanfei: I have a theory, but I can't tell the others just yet... I don't want anyone to panic.
Yanfei: Judging from the Conqueror of Demons' reactions, I think that he was somewhere else, but his voice and image were projected to our location.
Yanfei: ...Is it possible that we've entered into a chaotic space?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Chaotic? What do you mean?
Yanfei: We're seeing things and people that shouldn't be here... even ghosts.
Yanfei: And we don't feel hungry because the state of our bodies is suspended. It's as if... time itself has stopped for us.
Yanfei: If that's true, it means we've entered into a place where normal logic doesn't apply...
Yanfei: When you put it all together, everything points towards one possibility.
Yanfei: This is a place where time and space are thrown into chaos.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, when we saw him at the domain entrance...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png He didn't really go the same way as us.
Yanfei: And yet — if it's truly chaotic, how did we find our friend's voice even when we had no idea where he was? It doesn't make any sense...
Yanfei: Unless this space wanted us to hear it.
Yanfei: Which brings me to my next point. I also have a theory about our encounter with the Conqueror of Demons earlier.
Yanfei: I submit that we didn't actually see the Conqueror of Demons, he was somewhere else — but his status was transmitted to us through some kind of mind-bending spatial alteration.
Yanfei: Traveler, you said you saw the Abyss in that room, didn't you, (Traveler)?
Yanfei: At first glance, that door may seem like a prank. It shows you whatever you're afraid of. But if it manages to lure you inside...
Yanfei: ...There's no way of knowing what might be in there. One minute, it's playing a joke to get you to lower your guard, the next, the danger is real, and it's trapped you.
Yanfei: This space is a powerful opponent. It wants to use our minds against us.
Yanfei: But I'm not gonna sit here and do nothing. Do you remember that small spatial rift next to the dissolving ground?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I think so.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So that was a spatial rift.
Yanfei: It felt like spatial magic, but it seemed much more powerful than usual.
Yanfei: When we saw that illusion of the Conqueror of Demons, it seemed like he wasn't expecting our spaces to intersect at all, and was even more surprised that we could hear and see him.
Yanfei: I think that this space purposely transmitted the Conqueror of Demons' voice to lure us into a trap...
Yanfei: But I also think it didn't count on that spatial rift happening. In other words, the fact that we saw and spoke with the Conqueror of Demons was never part of its plan.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's why we were interrupted?
Yanfei: Yes. Also, I had a good look around after coming back. I have a feeling that these chaotic spaces are constantly intersecting with each other, meaning that anything is possible...
Yanfei: I think this gives us an opportunity. If the space creates phenomena meant to deceive us based on our imaginations, then we have to keep imagining, Traveler.
Yanfei: If we try to stay calm and listen carefully... Maybe, just maybe, we'll hear the Conqueror of Demons' voice again.
Yanfei: ...
Yanfei: Can you feel that? Let me see... I think it's here.
Yanfei: ...And break!
Yanfei: Phew! I secretly learned Yelan's illusion-breaking method without her knowing. Haha, really didn't expect that to work.
Yanfei: The sound came from behind this illusion. Let's go in and take a look.
(Talk to Yanfei again)
Yanfei: If we try to stay calm and listen carefully... Maybe, just maybe, we'll hear the Conqueror of Demons' voice again.
(Continue through the tunnel)
Yanfei: It's getting clearer!
???: ...This is... The Chasm... what did... go through here?
???: ... Bos... died... battle... hundred years ago... What is he doing here...
???: ...The... is that him?... Yaksha...
(Approach the marked area)
Yanfei: The voice is much clearer now. We're close.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's a spatial rift!
Yanfei: Conqueror of Demons, can you hear me? It's Yanfei. (Traveler) and I are trying to find you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Xiao, are you there?
Xiao: ...Traveler? Yanfei?
Yanfei: It worked!
Yanfei: Are you okay?
Xiao: I'm fine.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We heard the sound of you fighting...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What happened?
Yanfei: Listen to me, it's chaotic here. We may not be in the same space, but sometimes the sound can get through, which means these separate spaces intersect from time to time.
Xiao: ...Everything is chaotic here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Find a way to get to us.
Xiao: No.
Xiao: The darkness that sullies my soul is harmful to mortals.
Yanfei: Right now, we have more dangerous things to worry about than that. This space is using our urge to find you to lure us into traps.
Yanfei: Without you here with us, our search for you could very well lead us into danger.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Please come.
Xiao: So you're in danger, too?
(Traveler): (Uh-oh, he said "too"...)
Xiao: ...There was no need for you to search for me.
Yanfei: But we're worried about you. And earlier, (Traveler) was tricked into entering a dangerous place...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's true.
Xiao: ...
Xiao: How do we meet?
Yanfei: Conqueror of Demons, can you find out where our voices are coming from? Find the spot where our voices are the clearest and try something there, it might work.
Xiao: ...I see. The spaces may intersect amidst the chaos...
Xiao: ...By "try something"... Do you mean...
Yanfei: Hurry! If we miss this chance, we might not get another one!
Xiao: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Xiao?
Xiao: ...Stand back.
Yanfei: ...!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png !!!
Xiao: Phew... Hmm.
(Traveler): (Oh no... he looks badly injured.)
Yanfei: Let's get him back to the camp!

(The Traveler, Yanfei, and Xiao return to camp)
Xiao: ...
Xiao: Now, we can avoid getting split up.
Yelan: Oh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Thank you.
Yanfei: A lot's happened here. But this wasn't just for our own safety. You're injured, we can't just leave you alone.
Xiao: It's just a flesh wound. I am fine. I shouldn't let myself be a burden to you.
Yanfei: You're not a burden. Don't think that for one second. We need you, all of us. For our sake, please, stay here. Please?
Xiao: Fine... As you wish.
Yelan: You're injured. Get some rest. Everything else can wait.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes, wait until you get better.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Don't worry about anything else.
Xiao: Alright.
(Traveler): (Xiao has closed his eyes and seems to be resting... Could he be dreaming? This is quite astonishing.)
(Traveler): (Is a yaksha who never lowers his guard capable of having dreams?)
(Talk to Xiao again)
(Traveler): (Xiao has closed his eyes and seems to be resting... Could he be dreaming? This is quite astonishing.)
(Traveler): (Is a yaksha who never lowers his guard capable of having dreams?)

(Approach Yelan and Yanfei)
Yelan: Hmm... As expected, something strange is going on here.
Yelan: Oh, Traveler?
Yanfei: You're both here. Great, I want to talk to you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's all talk. We'll put our heads together.
You, Yelan, and Yanfei share all the information you have with each other...
Yelan: I also felt that the space was targeting us, but Yanfei managed to exploit its weakness. Leave it to Yanfei to find a loophole.
Yanfei: Based on what just happened, we can now confirm our suspicions that space and time function chaotically here. In addition, we must stay vigilant to avoid the traps set for us by this place.
Yanfei: Now that we've found the Conqueror of Demons, the next thing we need to do is find a way out.
Yelan: I went back to the domain again just now. Although I couldn't find a new route, it wasn't a completely fruitless trip.
Yelan: My clan has practiced magic for generations and has created some catalysts that only we know how to use.
Yelan: I recognized something like one of these catalysts in the domain. Unfortunately, it disappeared as soon as I approached it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Was it an illusion?
Yelan: I think so. But it's hard to distinguish between reality and illusion here. I can't be sure.
Yelan: Also... I am the only one out of all of us who could know what it would look like. To me, that confirms that this place really is reading our minds.
Yanfei: Just like with that door. It's like it's alive, and testing us.
Yelan: By reading our minds and showing us what we want, it creates the reality that we want to be true... Everything it does is either to get us to lower our guard or to wear us down.
Yelan: If that's the case, it can only have one goal: To trap us here until we die. What else could it be?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Yanfei: ...We should prepare for the worst, but we mustn't give up.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Agreed.
Yelan: I've always known there were secrets hidden in The Chasm. But even the Qixing have never heard about anything like this.
Yanfei: Yelan, when we first ran into you, you said you had something to do. What were you referring to?
Yelan: ...
Yelan: I was looking for the truth behind the monster invasion from Khaenri'ah.
(Traveler): (...Khaenri'ah!?)
Yelan: Please keep everything I'm about to say to yourselves. No one else can know. Otherwise...
Yanfei: We got it.
Yelan: 500 years ago, a wave of dark beasts from Khaenri'ah attacked the seven nations of Teyvat. Naturally, Liyue was also affected.
Yelan: Under Rex Lapis's command, the Millelith fought hard to hold the frontline near The Chasm. But these were vicious beasts, and this was the most desperate battle Liyue had ever faced.
Yelan: At a critical moment, someone distracted the monsters and led them away. Just when all hope seemed lost, the tide turned.
Yelan: The Liyue army eventually won the war, but there were many who never returned.
Yelan: Two of my ancestors took part in that war, and the one who made it back went insane... Everything about it was strange.
Yelan: The current generation of Qixing knows very little about these events, and very few came back from The Chasm alive. Finding out the truth has been a waiting game.
Yelan: The day The Chasm was unsealed, I put in a request to be transferred here so I could finally learn the truth of what happened back then.
Yelan: But this place we've ended up in, and the possibilities we are facing... it's all far more terrifying than I'd imagined.
Yanfei: ...
Yelan: ...We can't give up. Right now, our number one priority has to be getting out of here alive.
(Traveler): (The Chasm, Khaenri'ah... What happened 500 years ago?)
(Traveler): (And what did Xiao see back in that other space? Who was he fighting against?)
(Traveler): (Can we really get out of here in one piece?)

(Talk to Arataki Itto)
Arataki Itto: Hey, Ushi, looks like our little Lavender Melon has fallen asleep, huh? Do ya think she's dreaming?
Ushi: Moo? Moo.
Arataki Itto: Man, she looks wiped out. It's kinda hard to see her like this, I mean, most of the time she never shuts up... Ah, poor thing.
Arataki Itto: And that little dude looks done in, too. Ah, I'm kinda worried about 'em.
Ushi: Moo, moo, moo.
Arataki Itto: I sleep like this when I'm in jail? Hah! Good one. I do slumber like a king.
Arataki Itto: (Traveler)!? When did you get here?
(Talk to Kuki Shinobu)
Kuki Shinobu: You don't look well. I guess things still haven't improved.
Kuki Shinobu: It's okay, you don't have to go into all the details.
Kuki Shinobu: ...
Kuki Shinobu: Sometimes, I really envy the boss.
(Talk to Yanfei or Yelan)
Yanfei: ...
Yelan: Are you alright? You've suddenly gone quiet. It's not like you at all.
Yanfei: Shh, we'll talk later. I'm just processing all the existing clues we have.
Yanfei: Maybe the key to our escape is hidden in some detail I've overlooked... I have to go over everything again...
Yelan: Alright, well...
Yanfei: Oh, don't worry. I won't write down anything that you told us about.
Yelan: No, I meant, if you're going to analyze the facts, count me in.
(Talk to Xiao)
(Traveler): ...
(Traveler): (Xiao's eyes are tightly shut and he's not making a sound. No one has the heart to interrupt him.)

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