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The term snapshotting is used to describe the state where the damage/stats of a long-lasting skill/effect/entity/summon is fixed to the stats of the character at the time the skill was cast. If such an effect is "snapshotted" then additional buffs occurring after the entity was created and during its existence will not affect it.

For example, Xiangling's Pyronado will be buffed for its whole duration when cast inside Bennett's Fantastic Voyage field, even if one walks outside the field or the field expires. However, the Pyronado will not be buffed by additional effects after it is cast. It is said that the Pyronado is "snapshotted" and retains only buffs it received when it was cast.

In some cases, such as weapon effects, a version of snapshotting (may) include the attack that triggered the effect and boost its effect as well. For example, a bow that increases attack on weakspot hit, may increase the attack of a hit that triggered this effect. (See Weapon Snapshotting)

Buffs that Snapshot

These are buffs that can be snapshotted into the character's attack. They can arise from character talents and constellations, artifact sets, weapon passives, or other external sources.

Character Talents and Constellations

Character Talent/Constellation Type of Buff
Bennett Fantastic Voyage (Q) ATK Bonus
Diona Cat's Tail Closing Time (C6 + Q) Elemental Mastery (+200)
Kaedehara Kazuha Poetics of Fuubutsu (A4) Elemental Damage Bonus
Kujou Sara Tengu Stormcall (E) ATK Bonus
Raiden Shogun Transcendence: Baleful Omen (E) Burst DMG Bonus[1]
Rosaria Regina Probationum (A1) CRIT Rate Bonus for Rosaria
Rosaria Shadow Samaritan (A4) Party CRIT Rate Bonus
Sucrose Mollis Favonius (A4 + E/Q) Elemental Mastery
Yoimiya Summer Night's Dawn (A4 + Q) ATK Bonus (10-20%)

Other Sources

Source Type of Buff
Momiji-Dyed Court Floor Panels[2] Pyro / Cryo Damage Bonus
Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers ATK Bonus
4-piece of Noblesse Oblige ATK Bonus

Talents that can be Snapshotted

These are Talents that can receive the snapshotted buffs:

Character Talent Notes
Albedo Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma The Transient Bloom DMG snapshots
Beidou Stormbreaker The electric discharges snapshot
Diluc Dawn The phoenix damage snapshots
Fischl Nightrider (Oz) Oz's Electro DMG snapshots. Re-summoning Oz can re-snapshot the DMG (i.e. it can update Oz's DMG based on any new buffs).
Ganyu Celestial Shower The icicle Cryo DMG snapshots (but not any Transformative Reaction DMG)
Kaedehara Kazuha Kazuha Slash
Kamisato Ayaka Kamisato Art: Soumetsu
Kaeya Glacial Waltz
Lisa Lightning Rose
Rosaria Rites of Termination
Venti Wind's Grand Ode The Anemo DMG and Elemental DMG bonus snapshot (but Swirl DMG may not)
Xiangling Guoba Attack
Xiangling Pyronado

Dynamic Abilities

Not every talent can snapshot. Certain "dynamic" abilities such as Xingqiu's rainswords will not snapshot, meaning that if one uses Xingqiu's Guhua Sword: Raincutter and leaves Bennett's Fantastic Voyage field, the rainswords will no longer be buffed.

Dynamic summons/buffs:

  • Eula's Glacial Illumination
  • Hu Tao's Blood Blossom
  • Kujou Sara's Constellation 6 Sin of Pride (the CRIT DMG bonus does not apparently snapshot)
  • Mona's Stellaris Phantasm
  • Raiden Shogun's Transcendence: Baleful Omen (the coordinated attacks do not snapshot)
  • Tartaglia's Riptide
  • Xingqiu's Guhua Sword: Raincutter
  • Yoimiya's Ryuukin Saxifrage: The Aurous Blaze appears to be a dynamic status and can receive certain buffs during its duration like Yoimiya's Constellation 1 and Constellation 2. For example, Yoimiya's Constellation 2 appears to give Aurous Blaze the Pyro DMG Bonus, which does wear off after 6 seconds (it is not snapshotted for the whole duration of the Aurous Blaze).

Weapon Snapshotting

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Some weapon buffs can snapshot:

Elemental Reactions

In Version 1.4, "snapshotting" of Elemental Mastery (EM) boosted damage for the reactions Shatter, Electro-Charged, Superconduct, Overloaded, and Swirl was removed, and replaced with 'real-time' damage calculations. Thus boosts to EM occurring after an attack was started can increase the power/damage of later hits of the attack. An example is the Superconduct damage from Ganyu's burst Celestial Shower being boosted by Sucrose's talent Catalyst Conversion after Ganyu's burst is cast. Prior to the change the Superconduct damage would only be boosted if Sucrose's talent was triggered before Ganyu's burst.[3]

  • Note: Snapshotting of values used for Melt, Vaporize (as well as Attack buffs etc.) was not removed in 1.4 and still occurs.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.4

Version 1.0

  • Damage Snapshotting was released.


  1. For example, use Raiden's E to buff burst damage for party members, then use Xiangling's Pyronado. The Pyronado will be buffed for its whole duration.
  2. For example, if one casts Pyronado while standing on a Pyro panel, the Pyronado will retain the 60% Pyro DMG Bonus for its whole duration, even if one steps outside of the Pyro panel. On the other hand, if one casts Pyronado while outside of a Pyro panel, then it cannot be buffed further during its duration even if one walks on to a Pyro panel.
  3. Explanations of Some Fixes in the Version 1.4 Update