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Anemo Damage Bonus or Anemo DMG Bonus is an attribute that appears in the Character menu.

Increasing Anemo Damage Bonus


2 Characters have Anemo DMG Bonus as their ascension stat:

Character Anemo DMG Bonus (Lv. 90)


No Talents match the category selection.


1 Constellation matches the category selection:

Character Name Description Level
Venti Venti Hurricane of Freedom Hurricane of Freedom When Venti picks up an Elemental Orb or Particle, he receives a 25% Anemo DMG Bonus for 10s. 4


Anemo Damage Bonus can be obtained as a Main Stat on a Icon Goblet of Eonothem.pngGoblet of Eonothem.

1 Artifact Set matches the category selection:

Set Rarity Pieces Bonuses
Viridescent Venerer 4-5★ In Remembrance of Viridescent FieldsViridescent Arrow FeatherViridescent Venerer's DeterminationViridescent Venerer's VesselViridescent Venerer's Diadem 2 Piece: Anemo DMG Bonus +15%
4 Piece: Increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Decreases opponent's Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s.


7 Weapons match the category selection:

Icon Name Rarity Base ATK (Max) 2nd Stat (Max) Passive Ability
Weapon Haran Geppaku Futsu.png Haran Geppaku Futsu 5 Stars 46
CRIT Rate 7.2%
Honed Flow
Obtain 12~24% All Elemental DMG Bonus. When other nearby party members use Elemental Skills, the character equipping this weapon will gain 1 Wavespike stack. Max 2 stacks. This effect can be triggered once every 0.3s. When the character equipping this weapon uses an Elemental Skill, all stacks of Wavespike will be consumed to gain Rippling Upheaval: each stack of Wavespike consumed will increase Normal Attack DMG by 20~40% for 8s.
Weapon Kagura's Verity.png Kagura's Verity 5 Stars 46
CRIT DMG 14.4%
Kagura Dance of the Sacred Sakura
Gains the Kagura Dance effect when using an Elemental Skill, causing the Elemental Skill DMG of the character wielding this weapon to increase by 12~24% for 16s. Max 3 stacks. This character will gain 12~24% All Elemental DMG Bonus when they possess 3 stacks.
Weapon Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds.png Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds 5 Stars 46
CRIT Rate 7.2%
Boundless Blessing
Increases Movement SPD by 10%. When in battle, gain an 8~16% Elemental DMG Bonus every 4s. Max 4 stacks. Lasts until the character falls or leaves combat.
Weapon Mistsplitter Reforged.png Mistsplitter Reforged 5 Stars 48
Mistsplitter's Edge
Gain a 12~24% Elemental DMG Bonus for all elements and receive the might of the Mistsplitter's Emblem. At stack levels 1/2/3, Mistsplitter's Emblem provides a 8/16/28~16/32/56% Elemental DMG Bonus for the character's Elemental Type. The character will obtain 1 stack of Mistsplitter's Emblem in each of the following scenarios: Normal Attack deals Elemental DMG (stack lasts 5s), casting Elemental Burst (stack lasts 10s); Energy is less than 100% (stack disappears when Energy is full). Each stack's duration is calculated independently.
Weapon Skyward Atlas.png Skyward Atlas 5 Stars 48
ATK 7.2%
Wandering Clouds
Increases Elemental DMG Bonus by 12~24%. Normal Attack hits have a 50% chance to earn the favor of the clouds. which actively seek out nearby opponents to attack for 15s, dealing 160~320% ATK DMG. Can only occur once every 30s.
Weapon Mappa Mare.png Mappa Mare 4 Stars 44
Elemental Mastery 24
Infusion Scroll
Triggering an Elemental reaction grants a 8~16% Elemental DMG Bonus for 10s. Max 2 stacks.
Weapon The Widsith.png The Widsith 4 Stars 42
When a character takes the field, they will gain a random theme song for 10s. This can only occur once every 30s.
Recitative: ATK is increased by 60~120%.
Aria: Increases all Elemental DMG by 48~96%.
Interlude: Elemental Mastery is increased by 240~480.


1 Food match the category selection:

Icon Name Rarity Type Effect Has Recipe
Item Gushing Essential Oil.png Gushing Essential Oil 3 Stars Icon Anemo DMG Up.png Potions Increases all party members' Anemo DMG by 25% for 300s. Yes

Change History

Released in Version 1.0