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| koreanName = {{Lang|mini=1|ko=데인슬레이프|ko_rm=Deinseulleipu}}
| koreanName = {{Lang|mini=1|ko=데인슬레이프|ko_rm=Deinseulleipu}}
| birthday =
| birthday =
| sex = yes please
| sex = Male
| element = [[File:Character Dainsleif Vision.png|40px|link=Dainsleif]]
| element = [[File:Character Dainsleif Vision.png|40px|link=Dainsleif]]
| constellation = <u>Chinese</u>: {{Lang|mini=1|zh=蛇环座|zh_rm=Shéhuánzuò|zh_tn=Snake Ring Constellation}}<br />
| constellation = <u>Chinese</u>: {{Lang|mini=1|zh=蛇环座|zh_rm=Shéhuánzuò|zh_tn=Snake Ring Constellation}}<br />

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Dainsleif is an upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact. He was announced to be an upcoming playable character on September 27, 2020, in the stream celebrating the global release of Genshin Impact, although he is not expected to be released for a significant amount of time. He is the featured character for Chapter ? of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline, which focuses on the lost kingdom of Khaenri'ah. He makes his first in-game appearance in the World Quest titled "Bough Keeper: Dainsleif".[4]

In Chapter I: Act IV (Prelude) - Bough Keeper: Dainsleif, he offers to accept future commissions related to the Abyss Order from the Traveler wherein he and the Traveler go on a quest to track down an Abyss Herald, a creature capable of manipulating intense abyssal energy from the Abyss Order.

In Chapter I: Act IV - We Will Be Reunited, Dainsleif once again takes a major role within the act much like the prelude, helping the Traveler investigate the Abyss Herald and sharing details about the nation of Khaenri'ah with the Traveler. Further information about his identity is also revealed in this act by the Traveler's Sibling. Namely his title as the Twilight Sword and his royal guard status he had on Khaenri'ah prior to its fall. It is also revealed he was affected by a curse of immortality which explains his longevity though it's unclear who caused it. After the encounter with the Sibling, he chases them into a portal, and his current status and whereabouts are unknown.



The confluence between the past and future.
The original calamity had been overturned, yet the island in the sky set the earth to burn. Chalk pursues gold, in this time inopportune, the eclipse is swallowed by the crimson moon. The future must atone for bygone mistakes, as the bond familiar falters and breaks— of the same blood, elders and the youth... Such is the cycle of the world, in truth. Dain, what is that strand of blonde hair to you? Someone you must kill? Or the object of your penitence?

A self-proclaimed prophet[5]


Dainsleif is a man of mysterious origins but claims to have knowledge of fate itself.

Dainsleif is an enigmatic character, but glimpses of his persona can be captured through the narrations of the Collected Miscellany videos and the Teyvat Chapter Storyline video.

Dainsleif claims that his memory has "all but faded," yet is seemingly able to vividly recall the events of the Fall of Khaenri'ah. Additionally, he is also somehow able to recall many of the events that occurred in Mondstadt from thousands of years ago, including stories of Andrius, the Wolf King of the North and Dvalin, the Dragon of the East.

He appears to be a curious person, questioning how someone as diligent as Jean is able to press on so tenaciously, and insists that he will find the answer to his own inquiry.[6] He also notes how Zhongli's placid attitude towards the fall of Morax as interesting, and wonders if Zhongli could be a player in the Rite of Descension. To his own theory of Zhongli, he persists on waiting, for he does not "lack time."[7] In "Bough Keeper: Dainsleif", his curiosity is all the more evident as he requires three answered questions from the Traveler regarding recent issues concerning mortals and deities, along with 500 Mora, in order for him to become available as an ally of the Traveler during particularly difficult commissions regarding the Abyss Order.

Although Dainsleif detests deities that side with the Seven and dislikes the adepti for signing contracts with Rex Lapis, he has great respect for those who are hard at work, such as Ganyu.[8] He also greatly respects Diluc's unwavering attitude when it comes to protecting Mondstadt, but wonders if his resolve would stay the same if Diluc were to experience the same disaster that he had witnessed himself; the fall of Khaenri'ah.[9]

While indifferent to most crises, Dainsleif states that he would not tolerate the dangers posed from his former homeland, as he is only interested in opposing the Abyss Order. Likewise, he is particularly wary of Albedo due to his knowledge on the Art of Khemia, a form of alchemy that brought ruin to Khaenri'ah, and would personally intervene if Albedo made a single mistake with it.[10]

At one uncertain point in time, Dainsleif desired to take fate into his own hands.[11]


Dainsleif is a tall man with light blonde hair and sea blue eyes. He has the same Primogem-shaped pupils as Kaeya, and wears a mask-like eyepatch covering the right side of his face while still showing his right eye. Dainsleif wears a black jacket with blue details, a grey vest, and black pants along with black armoured gloves and boots. He also wears a black cape with a starry, space- patterned interior.

His right hand in the artwork looks different in-game. In his artwork, his right hand is seen covered in black, with blue vein-like lines covering it, whereas in-game, it looks equivalent to his left hand.


Change History

Version 1.3
  • Dainsleif was introduced as an NPC.


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