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Dainsleif is an upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact. He was announced in the stream celebrating the release of Genshin Impact. He is the featured character for Chapter ? of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline, which focuses on the lost kingdom of Khaenri'ah.



The confluence between the past and future.
The original calamity had been overturned, yet the island in the sky set the earth to burn. Chalk pursues gold, in this time inopportune, the eclipse is swallowed by the crimson moon. The future must atone for bygone mistakes, as the bond familiar falters and breaks— of the same blood, elders and the youth... Such is the cycle of the world, in truth. Dain, what is that strand of blonde hair to you? Someone you must kill? Or the object of your penitence?

A self-proclaimed prophet[3]


  • Dáinsleif is the name of king Högni's sword from Norse Mythology.
  • Dainsleif narrates the Teyvat Storyline Trailer, as well as the Collected Miscellany videos.[4] In these videos he reveal that :
    • He use a power "from beyond" and will defy the world with it.
    • He want to rescue the same person as the Traveler (probably the Traveler's sibling)
    • His memory has all but faded completely
    • Like someone (probably the Traveler's sibling), he loves the white flowers seen in the trailer
    • A thousand years have past since Barbatos left Mondstadt but for Dainsleif, it has only been half that time
    • He faced against "evil" enemies 500 years ago
    • He had once the desire to take fate in his own hands like Keqing
    • Time is "not something he lacks"
    • If Albedo were to make a single wrong move with his Alchemy, even Dainsleif could not ignore it.
    • He detest deities and have no liking for the adepti who signed contracts with the Geo Archon, but he still respects Ganyu
    • He doesn't seem to know that Venti and Zhongli are Barbatos and Rex Lapis respectively


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