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The Forest Ranger from Sumeru, Collei, seems to be in a bit of a pickle...
Somewhere deep in the rainforest, a reckless researcher from the Akademiya has activated a secretly-developed machine to break into a huge, spiraling set of ruins.
Collei, investigating nearby, wound up being caught up in the incident, and has lost contact with the outside world.
Though her skills and her survival techniques should allow her to escape on her own, her master and friends are worried for her safety nonetheless. So please, would you take a quick gander in there to search for her?

Curtain of Leaves is a Permanent Event released in Version 3.1.



This event's rewards can only be obtained once, after which the event page will close.

"Sprout of Rebirth" Collei (Dendro)!

ColleiDendro Collei


Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCurtain of Leaves
Lǜwéi Zhúyè
Lǜwéi Zhúyè
Midori no Kaaten
Green Curtain
Korean나뭇잎 커튼
Namunnip Keoteun
Leaf Curtain
SpanishCortina de hojasCurtain of Leaves
FrenchRideau de feuillesCurtain of Leaves
RussianЗелёный занавес
Zelyonyy zanaves
Green Curtain
Man Bai Mai Khiao Kha Chi
Curtain of Green Leaves
VietnameseBức Màn Lá XanhCurtain of Green Leaves
GermanDen Blättern nach durch die grüne Wand"After the Leaves Through the Green Wall
IndonesianTirai DaunLeaf Curtain
PortugueseCortina de FolhasCurtain of Leaves
TurkishYaprak Perdesi
ItalianSipario di foglie

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