Elements that cause Crystallize reaction (Geo).

Crystallize is an Elemental Reaction that triggers when Geo comes in contact with Pyro, Electro, Hydro, or Cryo. It generates a matching Pyro, Electro, Hydro, or Cryo Elemental Shard that in turn can be picked up for an elemental shield of the same element.

Crystallize shards last for close to 17.5 seconds, though there is a short delay before they can be picked up. If more than 3 shards are on the field, after about 2 seconds all shards except the 3 newest ones will disappear. The shields they grant last for 15 seconds. Only a single player-made crystallize shield can be active at any time, picking up another shard simply replaces the old shield. Crystallize shields can stack with shields from talents and constellations, but each shield will take full damage at the same time.[1]

Like any other shield these elemental shields absorb a set amount of damage before breaking, are 250% effective against their own element (meaning they only take 40% as much damage from said element compared to others[2]) and grant stagger immunity vs. hits that are fully blocked.

Note: Geovishap Hatchlings and the Pure Geo Hypostasis (after destroying one of its pillars) can create Geo Elemental Shards during combat, but these are different from the Elemental Shards generated by Crystallize. While the shards look similar (but colored brownish-yellow for the Geo element instead of Pyro/Electro/Hydro/Cryo) and grant a similar-looking shield when picked up by a character (but again colored for Geo), the resulting Geo shield can stack with regular Crystallize shields—it does not override them.

Shield Health

A Crystallize shield's based health is derived from the triggering Geo user's level, and is then increased by a certain percent depending on the Geo user's Elemental Mastery attribute.

Note: A character's Shield Strength attribute reduces the damage taken by any shields they have while they are active, rather then increasing the HP of shields they create.[3][4]

Character Level 1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90
Base Shield HP 91 159 304 438 557 715 896 1,095 1,277 1,424
Elemental Mastery 13 25 52 80 99 108 219 283 326 403 502
Bonus Shield HP% 4.0 7.8 15.9 24.0 29.2 31.7 60.0 74.8 83.8 99.3 117.2

For the base Shield HP of Crystallize per Level, see Level Scaling/Reaction.


Tutorial Elemental Trial Crystallize 1.png

When Geo attacks come into contact with Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro, Crystallize will be triggered. This reaction will create Elemental Shards of the corresponding element, which can provide characters with shielding of that element. Make good use of Crystallize to effectively decrease DMG taken in battle.

Tutorial Elemental Trial Crystallize 2.png
Tutorial Elemental Trial Crystallize 3.png
Tutorial Elemental Trial Crystallize 4.png

Use Hydro, Pyro, Cryo and Electro attacks in battle to infuse opponents with the elements. Switch to a Geo character and use Geo attacks to trigger the Crystallize reaction and obtain a shield. Perhaps you may yet defeat your opponents without taking so much a scratch yourself...




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