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Crystal Tears is the twelfth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears.


  1. Go to Dawn Winery
  2. Talk to the group
  3. Use Dvalin's Tear on the Holy Lyre


(At Dawn Winery)
Paimon: Woohoo!
Paimon: Dvalin Protection Squad! Assemble!
Venti: Let's put our crystals together.
Venti: Oh...
Venti: The color of these crystals looks... muddy.
Venti: Dvalin... You're going through so much pain...
Venti: ...Let's start purifying these crystals first. Please, (Traveler).
Jean: It is hard to believe such a thing is possible, until you've seen it with your own eyes.
Diluc: Interesting. It's like filtering wine. The process is... refreshing.
Venti: I think we should have enough tears now. So next we...
Venti: Use the crystal on the Holy Lyre like last time.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let me give it a try...
(After using Dvalin's Tear on the Holy Lyre)
Paimon: It worked!
Jean: It seems completely different from before.
Venti: The lyre's Anemo power seems fully restored. We should be able to use it now.
Venti: It's all thanks to you, (Traveler).
Jean: Now, where should we summon Stormterror?
Jean: It must be away from the city, else there will be casualties should we fail.
Jean: Perhaps here at the winery...
Diluc: If the winery was destroyed, it's not something I couldn't eventually fix, but... I'd still rather not go through the hassle.
Jean: ...
Venti: The wind that blows at sea or in high places should be able to carry a bard's words far away.
Venti: It's never going to work if the air is too dry or suffocating.
Paimon: Paimon understands. Sea or high places, right?
Paimon: Then the best location to play the lyre would be...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A cliff?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Near the sea?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png In the sky? You could play the lyre as you're gliding through the air...
Jean: Even Amber would never think of doing such a thing...
Diluc: If you go east from Starfell Lake, there are mountains south of the beach.
Paimon: ...Oh! You mean that beach you were snoring away on, and Paimon had to wake you?
Diluc: If you head to where the cliff juts out — that place is known as Starsnatch Cliff.
Diluc: What do you think, bard? Meets the requirements, no?
Venti: Lemme think... Starsnatch Cliff...
Venti: ...Alright, let's do it there.
Jean: Very well. Then let's meet at Starsnatch Cliff when we are ready.
Jean: Please don't be late.
Paimon: Hee-hee! Yes, Ma'am!
Jean: Ah, sorry. I didn't mean to...
(Obtain Completely Repaired Holy Lyre der Himmel)

(Talk to Diluc)
Diluc: Although we may be able to negotiate with Stormterror, we'll most likely have to fight. Please be ready for it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about Angel's Share.
Diluc: Some of Dawn Winery's wine is sold at Angel's Share, a local tavern.
Diluc: I work the bar there sometimes. If you ever need to talk to me, feel free to find me there.
Diluc: Otherwise, you might need to make an appointment with my butler.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why are you helping us?
Diluc: I mostly decided to do it on a whim. Though I must say, that bard is quite intriguing.
Diluc: Besides, it's bad for my business if we keep letting Stormterror do whatever it pleases.
Diluc: Let me be clear though. I did it for you, not for the Knights.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Goodbye.
Diluc: Nothing more? We'll meet at Starsnatch Cliff then.
(Talk to Jean)
Jean: I know I'm not here on official business, so why did I sound so stern just now? It seems I struggle to break out of work mode.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about the Knights.
Jean: The Knights of Favonius were all very busy dealing with the aftermath of the incident. I'm a bit ashamed of myself for it...
Jean: If only I was a stronger leader...
Jean: Or at least good enough to boost the morale and the strength of our troops like our Grand Master does...
Jean: No, I cannot feel sorry for myself. We need to solve our problems first. Right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about the Holy Lyre.
Jean: Barbatos' sacred relic, Mondstadt's treasure... The Holy Lyre.
Jean: No wonder it has the power to purify evil...
Jean: I hope it will help us save Dvalin, like Venti says.
Jean: If it can, then it truly is a blessing bestowed upon us by Lord Barbatos.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Goodbye.
Jean: May the wind guide us in saving Dvalin.
(Talk to Venti)
Venti: Great job, (Traveler). Now, look at what I can do!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about Dvalin.
Venti: Dvalin used to be my friend... I still regard him as such.
Venti: We used to listen to the songs of the wind and sing Ode to the Dandelion together...
Venti: That's why I remember him as someone gentle.
Venti: Huh? Of course, you're already my friend.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about wine.
Venti: Mondstadt is famous for its wine. It's the city's most prized treasure, I'd say.
Venti: Its dandelion wine is the best!
Venti: Actually, the scent of dandelion in the wind alone is enough to get you drunk.
Venti: Ah, I almost forgot that you're underage. Such a shame...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Goodbye.
Venti: I should prepare to meet my old friend.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Crystal Tears
Chéngjìng zhī Lèi
Clear Tears
Chéngjìng zhī Lèi
Japanese 澄浄なる涙
Choujou Naru Namida[!]
Crystal Cleared Tears
Korean 순수한 눈물
Spanish Lágrimas de cristalCrystal Tears
French Larmes de cristalCrystal Tears
Russian Кристальные слёзы
Kristal'nyye slyozy
Thai น้ำตาบริสุทธิ์
Pure Tears
Vietnamese Giọt Nước Mắt Thuần Khiết
German Klare TränenClear Tears
Indonesian Air Mata JernihClear Tears
Portuguese Lágrimas de CristalCrystal Tears

Change History

Released in Version 1.0