Crystal Chunks are turquoise crystals used in forging and alchemy. They are primarily obtained by breaking Crystal Ore in the wild, but expeditions (8+ hours) in certain locations can also yield some.


Crystal Ore are generally found inside caves or mines and near mountainous terrain. Regular Crystal Ores respawn 72 hours after being mined, but many Crystal Ore locations can also spawn Mining Outcrops with additional Crystal Ore and Magical Crystal Ore. (Mining Outcrops can respawn daily, and respawn independently from the regular Crystal Ore.)

Crystal Ore can be broken using melee or heavy attack damage, but heavy attacks are more effective. (Heavy attacks include attacks using Claymores, Geo elemental damage, and Overload elemental reaction damage. Some characters may also have talents that are considered heavy attacks, e.g., Klee's Normal Attacks.)

Crystal Ore drops 1–3 Crystal Chunks when broken. (1 is most common; higher numbers are increasingly rarer.) In Co-Op Mode, the each nearby player will get their own drops with amounts randomized separately. Players will not be able to see others' drops, but can still move them using abilities that affect loose items.

Archive Description

An uncut crystal. Only professional craftsmanship can bring out its true value. This kind of limpid rocks is a precious gift of the land, which can be utilized as a valuable weapon-making material.

Craft Usage

Name Image Craft Type Amount
Mystic Enhancement Ore Item Mystic Enhancement Ore.png Forging 4
Prototype Rancour Weapon Prototype Rancour.png Forging 50
Iron Sting Weapon Iron Sting.png Forging 50
Prototype Archaic Weapon Prototype Archaic.png Forging 50
Whiteblind Weapon Whiteblind.png Forging 50
Snow-Tombed Starsilver Weapon Snow-Tombed Starsilver.png Forging 50
Prototype Starglitter Weapon Prototype Starglitter.png Forging 50
Crescent Pike Weapon Crescent Pike.png Forging 50
Prototype Amber Weapon Prototype Amber.png Forging 50
Mappa Mare Weapon Mappa Mare.png Forging 50
Frostbearer Weapon Frostbearer.png Forging 50
Prototype Crescent Weapon Prototype Crescent.png Forging 50
Compound Bow Weapon Compound Bow.png Forging 50
Anemoculus Resonance Stone Item Anemoculus Resonance Stone.png Crafting 1
Geoculus Resonance Stone Item Geoculus Resonance Stone.png Crafting 1
Geo Treasure Compass Item Geo Treasure Compass.png Forging 50
Wind Catcher Item Wind Catcher.png Forging 50
Portable Waypoint Item Portable Waypoint.png Crafting 5
Anemo Treasure Compass Item Anemo Treasure Compass.png Forging 50


Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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