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A soldier encased within a Fatui war machine.
Armed with equipment that can control the elements to a certain extent, their guns are capable of firing jets of frost. Though this may confer elemental power beyond the ken of ordinary humans, that power may yet to come at a price...

Cryogunner Legionnaires are Fatui Skirmishers equipped with a Cryo cannon that utilizes DoT attacks. In combat, they can generate Cryo shields, granting them massive damage reduction.


Item Mora.pngMora

Abilities and Attacks

  • Frost Cannon: Sprays frost from their cannon in an arc in front of them, dealing continuous Cryo DMG.
    • Enhanced: While their Cryo Armor is active, the Cryogunner Legionnaire will walk slowly towards the target while continuously spraying for a greatly extended duration.
  • Leap: Leaps into the air and smashes down at the player's location, dealing AoE Cryo DMG.
  • Ram: If the player strays too near, rams the player with their belly, dealing Physical DMG. This attack is only used when the Cryo Armor is inactive.
  • Cryo Armor: Generates an Cryo shield, granting them massive damage reduction and enhancing their Frost Cannon attack. The shield is weakest to Pyro. Breaking the shield will leave them stunned and vulnerable to attack.



Fatui Skirmisher - Cryogunner Legionnaire
Spotting the Traveler You'll get frostbite.
Frozen crisp.
Activating Shield Freshness preserved.
It's time for a flash freeze!
Attacking Aha! Frozen food. (Only when Elemental Shield is activated)
Chill to the bone. (Only when Elemental Shield is activated)
Flash frost!
Hmm hmm ha ha ha ha!
No, you're not going anywhere! (Jump Attack)
Frozen descent! (Jump Attack)
Cold cut platter! (Charge Attack)
Don't get in the way! (Charge Attack)
Shield Broken Oww, Oh no!
It's no problem...
Defeated Mmmm... too... warm...
Cooked food... disgusting...

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Fatui Skirmisher - Cryogunner Legionnaire
Yúrénzhòng Xiānqiǎn Duì - Bīng Chòng Zhòngwèishì
Fatui Skirmisher - Cryo Gun Heavy Guard
Yúrénzhòng Xiānqiǎn Duì - Bīng Chòng Zhòngwèishì
Japanese ファデュイせんけんたいじゅうこおりじゅう
Fadyui Senkentai・Juu Eji・Koori Juu
Fatui Skirmisher: Heavy Guard – Cryo Gun
Korean 우인단 선발대・얼음총 중보병
U'indan Seonbaldae - Eoleumchong Jungbobyeong
Fatui Advance Party - Icegun Heavy Infantry
Spanish Soldado Fatui - Guardia con Cañón Cryo
French Tirailleur Fatui - Mitrailleur CryoFatui Skirmisher - Cryo Machine-Gunner
Russian Застрельщик Фатуи: Крио бомбардир
Zastrel'shchik Fatui: Krio bombardir
Fatui Skirmisher: Cryo Bombardier
Thai Fatui Skirmisher - Cryogunner Legionnaire
Vietnamese Đội tiên phong Fatui - Vệ Binh Băng Hạng Nặng
German Fatui-Plänkler – Kryo-Kanonen-GardistFatui Skirmisher - Cryo Cannon Guardsman
Indonesian Fatui Skirmisher - Cryogunner Legionnaire
Portuguese Soldado dos Fatui - Guarda de Canhão Cryo

Change History

Released in Version 1.0