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A small monster created through the coagulation of Cryo in the natural environment.
Competitors once spread malicious rumors that the Dawn Winery used Cryo Slimes to control the temperature of their wine cellar and preserve the quality of their alcohol.

Cryo Slimes are Elemental Lifeforms made from concentrated Cryo energy. It is immune to Cryo damage, and is able to inflict others with Cryo, which causes Elemental Reactions.

Cryo Slimes cannot be drowned, as they will Freeze the surface of the water upon landing.


Behavior and Attacks

They are often found near bodies of water, which they can freeze and walk on the frozen surface.

Upon entering combat, they will first distance themselves from their target. After reaching a "safe distance", they will move closer to hit their target by jumping at it, dealing Cryo damage and inflicting it with Cryo. After successfully completing the attack, they will retreat again.


  • Cryo slimes are immune to Frozen - however they can be wet - this may occur with those that are found in association with Hydro slimes, from Hydro-based attacks, and in the rain. When attacked with Anemo they will swirl Hydro (in preference) initially until that status is dispelled, after which they then swirl with Cryo as expected. The wet status only is briefly indicated together with Anemo on a Swirl.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0