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Code name: Daleth. A high-purity Cryo entity.
Research suggests that there are subtle differences between elemental hypostases and other elemental life forms in terms of their physical composition. Perhaps these differences can account for their high level of homeostasis and their almost mechanical movements.

The Cryo Hypostasis (Code Name: Daleth) is a Normal Boss challenge found in Dragonspine, Mondstadt. In order to challenge the Cryo Hypostasis, players must complete the quest In the Mountains. After it is completed, the boss will spawn over the ice where the elemental monuments, automatons, and switches used to be.


Claiming the Trounce Blossom after defeating the boss offers the following exclusive Character Ascension Material:

The blossom also offers the following Artifact Sets:

Item Lucky Dog.png2-3★ Set Lucky Dog
Item Berserker.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item The Exile.png3-4★ Set The Exile

The cost of claiming the Trounce Blossom is Original Resin Original Resin ×40.

Rewards and difficulty increase with Adventure Rank (AR).

At all World Levels, Cryo Hypostasis rewards Adventure EXP Adventure EXP ×200.

Mora Character EXP Companionship EXP Ascension
2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
0 36 3,450 138 30 2–3 1–2 2–3
1 37 3,450 138 30 2–3 1–2 2–3
2 41 3,650 144 30 Previous Rewards +
2–3 1–2 2–3
3 50 3,850 155 35 2–4 3–4 0–1
4 62 4,125 166 35 Previous Rewards +
2–4 3–4 0–1
5 72 4,450 178 40 3–5 2–3 1–2 0–1
6 83 4,725 189 40 Previous Rewards +
3–5 2–3 1–2 0–1
7 91 5,200 200 45 3–5 2–3 1–2 0–1
8 93 6,000 200 45 3–5 2–3 1–2 1

Artifact drop ranges are primarily sourced from the Genshin Data Gathering team.


Physical Pyro Hydro Electro Cryo Anemo Geo
10% 10% 10% 10% Immune 10% 10%
Level Scaling
1 510 152 505
5 1,149 255 525
10 2,006 407 550
15 3,574 643 575
20 6,196 1,004 600
25 8,016 1,371 625
30 10,310 1,639 650
35 14,620 1,974 675
40 18,864 2,450 700
45 25,152 2,899 725
50 34,975 3,447 750
55 43,028 3,970 775
60 58,669 4,604 800
65 69,880 5,326 825
70 91,364 6,122 850
75 104,446 7,508 875
80 129,960 8,894 900
85 142,971 10,279 925
90 170,479 11,419 950
95 194,242 13,099 975
100 257,356 14,773 1,000

Note that HP and ATK values may change in Co-Op, some Quests, and certain Domains. The change usually involves multiplying some of the values by a constant scale factor.

Abilities and Attacks

For most of the attacks below, the core will be exposed for a few seconds after the boss uses the attack. Use this opportunity to deal damage to the boss.

  • Sheer Cold Acceleration: Being near the Cryo Hypostasis accelerates the rate of Sheer Cold to 2.5%/s.
  • Icy Spikes: Creates a barrier of detonating icicles around itself while spawning icicles where the player is standing with a short delay, dealing 50% ATK as Cryo DMG. Dodge by either periodically dashing around the edge of the arena or running towards the exposed core.
  • Frost Wheel: Transforms into a wheel that travels in a straight line towards the player and deals 50% ATK as Cryo DMG on hit. This attack may turn up to three times.
  • Homing Icicles: Flies into the air and forms a rhombus with its shell pieces before firing each of them at the player, dealing 50% ATK as Cryo DMG. The trajectory of these projectiles is curved, but can be dodged by dashing under the Hypostasis during the attack. The core is exposed during this attack.
  • Crystalline Skirt: Forms a "skirt" of icicles which it shoots in three rings of increasing diameter, dealing 100% ATK as AoE Cryo DMG.
  • Clap: Flies next to the player and forms a large wall, which folds in a "clapping" motion very quickly, dealing 100% ATK as AoE Cryo DMG in front of the wall.
  • Glacial Shield: When HP is low (approx. 5%), teleports to the center of the arena and forms a Frozen shield around itself. While maintaining this state, summons several Frostfruits around it, dealing 25% ATK as AoE Cryo DMG on landing. while regenerating a percentage of HP every second. Homing Icicles will be fired periodically during this phase. Players are able to use Charged Attacks against the fallen Frostfruits to destroy the shield and expose the core. The shield breaks down after reaching 50% HP.
  • Icicle Barrage: While attempting to revive, if the player is close, shoots out a barrage of icicles, dealing 100% ATK as Cryo DMG.


Ability Logic

  • An ability will only be used if they meet all of the following conditions:
    • The ability is not on cooldown
    • The target is within the range required by the ability
    • The ability has the highest priority out of all that meet the previous 2 conditions
      • A lower priority number indicates a higher priority.
      • If multiple abilities share the highest priority, one will be chosen at random.
  • Certain abilities with extra trigger conditions may defy regular ability logic.
State Ability Range Req. (m) Priority CD (s) Initial CD (s) Shared CD (s)
Normal Clap 0–8 5 5–10
Crystalline Skirt 10–50 4 20–25
Frost Wheel (Once) 8–20 4 30–35 30
Frost Wheel (Twice) 8–20 4 30–35
Frost Wheel (Thrice) 8–20 4 30–45
Homing Icicles 5–12 4 20–25
Icy Spikes 5–50 4 20–25
Reviving Frostfruit Throw 0–30 5 5 2
Icicle Barrage 0–8 5 2 5 2
Homing Icicles 8–30 5 2 5


Unlike the other Hypostases, the Cryo Hypostasis also has a passive effect throughout the entire fight: While the player is nearby, Sheer Cold accumulates faster than usual. There are three Ruin Braziers around the boss to remove Sheer Cold.

Being an elemental lifeform of pure Cryo energy, the boss itself is susceptible to Melt when attacked by Pyro characters, who deal at least twice as much damage when applying Pyro on Cryo, so it is recommended to bring Pyro characters against this boss. Superconduct is only recommended for physical users, as while the boss' defense decreases, the explosion deals Cryo DMG, which it is immune to. Frozen is completely useless as boss enemies are immune to its effects.

When it reaches critical health, the Cryo Hypostasis will attempt to heal itself back to at least half health, applying a powerful shield in the process. It will also launch Frostfruits around it, which can only be moved with Charged Attacks. The Frostfruits will damage the shield and at least three of them are needed to break the Cryo Hypostasis' shield. Since it does not attempt to revive itself like the others, the Cryo Hypostasis will continue attacking the player as it heals itself. While the shield can be tackled with Pyro attacks, the mechanic is intended to be dealt with using Frostfruits.

The first Frostfruit will be launched at the player, and the other two Frostfruits will be launched further away. If the player intends to use a melee character's Charged Attacks, the player should save stamina before this phase so that the player will have enough stamina to run to the Frostfruits and use Charged Attacks.

Aimed Shots that are not fully charged still count as Charged Attacks and will move the Frostfruits.

Frostfruits move in the opposite direction from the side that receives a hit, so while it suffices for the player to remain in one location and use a bow character's Charged Attacks to hit the Frostfruits, the player must be sure to hit the side of a Frostfruit that is not facing the Cryo Hypostasis in order to send the Frostfruit in the right direction. Similarly, if the player is using a melee character's Charged Attacks, the player must be sure to run "behind" the Frostfruits so that the Charged Attacks send the Frostfruits in the right direction. Frostfruits that do not roll toward the boss will not break the shield.

PC users can quickly release an Aimed Shot without needing to use the Aimed Shot Mode keybind by holding the attack button and quickly releasing it, similar to how Charged Attacks are executed for melee characters.

After the shield is destroyed, the Cryo Hypostasis will be left dazed as it tries to recollect itself. The player(s) have around 15–20 seconds to destroy the exposed core. If the core is not destroyed in time, it will stabilize and the fight resets with whatever health it had remaining.


3 Achievements match the category selection:

Achievement Category Description Primogem
"...A Single Night's Work" Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Defeat a Cryo Hypostasis that is in a weakened state. 5
"Knee-Deep Snow..." Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Defeat a Cryo Hypostasis that has revived three times. 5
Put on Ice Meetings in Outrealm: Series II Meetings in Outrealm: Series II Defeat a Cryo Hypostasis in Co-Op Mode. 10


  • Each of the Hypostases are named after one of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, with "Daleth" (Hebrew: דּ Dalet) being named after the fourth.
  • Firing a Frostflake Arrow with Ganyu at the ceiling of the cavern underneath will trigger the Cryo Hypostasis battle. This is believed to be a bug, though.
  • Unlike its other brethren, the Cryo Hypostasis has rounded edges on its cube-like form.


Video Guides

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Besides Dragonspine, the Cryo Hypostasis has appeared in the following Spiral Abyss floors:

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCryo Hypostasis
Wúxiàng zhī Bīng
Signless Ice
Wúxiàng zhī Bīng
Japaneseそう こおり
Musou no Koori
Signless Ice
Korean무상의 얼음
Musangui Eoreum
Signless Ice
SpanishHipostasis CryoCryo Hypostasis
FrenchHypostase CryoCryo Hypostasis
RussianКрио гипостазис
Krio gipostazis
Cryo Hypostasis
ThaiCryo Hypostasis
VietnameseBăng Nguyên BảnPrototype Cryo
GermanKryo-HypostaseCryo Hypostasis
IndonesianCryo Hypostasis
PortugueseHypostasis CryoCryo Hypostasis

Change History

Released in Version 1.5
Version 2.7
  • The Cryo Hypostasis was changed to use the Type 2 ATK Scaling, resulting in varying degrees of ATK decrease from Level 41 to Level 89.

Version 2.5

  • The Cryo Hypostasis' clap attack was re-added.

Version 2.3

  • The Cryo Hypostasis' clap attack was removed.

Version 1.5

  • Cryo Hypostasis was released.