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Little creatures that can ever so slightly manipulate Cryo.
They and other such creatures are known collectively as Cicins. They are individually very weak, but it is precisely because they are weak that they have evolved unique methods of movement that allow them to avoid predators.

Cryo Cicins are small bat-like creatures that do not deal much damage or have much health, but they are hard to lock down and defeat. When attacking together with other enemies, they can become a real nuisance.

Abilities and Attacks

Cryo Cicins attack with bolts which deal Cryo DMG. They are also quite nimble, making it hard to land a hit on them with aimed attacks.


It is very easy to deal with Cicins with Anemo Traveler by holding Palm Vortex, as the wide radius will pull the Cicins toward it, and it will easily defeat them given their low health.


Cicins' locations cannot be pinpointed by using the Adventurer Handbook, as there is no entry about them.

Change History

Released in Version 1.2