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Cryo is one of the seven Elements.

Its associated Archon is the Tsaritsa, whose domain is Snezhnaya.

Elemental Resonance[]

Having two Cryo characters in a party of four results in the Elemental Resonance:

  • Shattering Ice: Affected by Electro for 40% less time. Increases CRIT Rate against enemies that are Frozen or affected by Cryo by 15%.

Elemental Reactions[]

Cryo has the following Elemental Reactions:

  • Electro Superconduct: Deals Cryo DMG and reduces the Physical RES of enemies caught in the AoE by 40%.
  • Hydro Frozen: Immobilizes the target and applies a Freeze aura.
    • GeoPhysical Shatter: If the Frozen target is hit by a Blunt or Geo attack, deals Physical DMG and unfreezes the target.
  • Pyro Melt: Deals ×1.5 Cryo DMG when a Cryo attack triggers the reaction.
  • Anemo Swirl: Deals Cryo DMG while spreading the Cryo status to nearby enemies.
  • Geo Crystallize: Creates a Cryo shard. Picking it up creates a Cyro Shield around the character.

Cryo Status[]

Cryo is a status effect that reduces overall character speed. While affected by the Cryo status, all animation speed will decrease by 15%. This animation speed decrease stacks multiplicatively with Attack Speed and Movement Speed. This is not to be confused with Sheer Cold, an environmental mechanic that is the result of the Subzero Climate.

Unlike other elements, the Cryo status can also be applied to certain objects, such as Ores, Thunderwoods, Thunder Dwellings, and Amber's Baron Bunny, and can allow certain elemental reactions to occur on such objects.

Sibling Elements[]

Cryo Frozen Comparison

Comparison between the Cryo status icon (left) and the Frozen/Freeze status icon (right)

Cryo has 2 sibling elements, Frozen and Freeze. The status icon for the Freeze/Frozen auras is similar to that of the Cryo status, but with an animated glow around it.

Cryo, Frozen, and Freeze auras can all coexist on the same target.


The Frozen element functions similarly to Cryo, but with the following differences:

The Frozen element can be applied in several ways:

  • Applied to enemies with a Frozen shield.
    • All "Cryo" shields used by enemies are actually of the Frozen element, as indicated by the status icon.
  • Applied to certain enemies as innate auras, such as Cryo Slimes and the Cryo Hypostasis.
  • Applied to characters with certain Talents.


The Freeze element is applied when a Frozen reaction is triggered and maintains the Frozen state while it is present. Like the Frozen aura, the Freeze aura cannot react with Hydro. When a target with the Freeze aura is hit by a Blunt or Geo attack, Shattered will be triggered.

Frozen Status to Self[]

The following Talents apply Frozen to its user and/or the active character.

There are 2 Talents that match the category selection:

Icy Paws Icy Paws
Diona Diona
Fires an Icy Paw that deals Cryo DMG to opponents and forms a shield on hit.
The shield's DMG Absorption scales based on Diona's Max HP, and its duration scales off the number of Icy Paws that hit their target.

Rapidly fires off 2 Icy Paws.

Dashes back quickly before firing 5 Icy Paws.
The shield created by a Hold attack will gain a 75% DMG Absorption Bonus.

The shield has a 250% Cryo DMG Absorption Bonus, and will cause your active character to become affected by Cryo at the point of formation for a short duration.
Elemental Skill
Nights of Formal Focus Nights of Formal Focus
Layla Layla
Puts forth a shield known as the Curtain of Slumber, dealing AoE Cryo DMG.
The Curtain of Slumber's DMG Absorption is based on Layla's Max HP and absorbs Cryo DMG with 250% effectiveness. When the shield is deployed, Layla will have Cryo applied to her briefly.

Night Stars and Shooting Stars
While the Curtain of Slumber is active, it will create 1 Night Star that will be attached to it every 1.5s. When a character protected by this shield uses an Elemental Skill, 2 Night Stars will be created. Night Stars can be created once every 0.3s in this way. A maximum of 4 Night Stars can be accumulated at any one time.
Once the Curtain of Slumber has accumulated 4 Night Stars and there are opponents nearby, these Night Stars will transform into homing Shooting Stars that will be fired off in sequence, dealing Cryo DMG to any opponents hit.
If the Curtain of Slumber's duration ends or it is destroyed, the Night Stars will disappear. If they are already being fired off as Shooting Stars, these Shooting Stars will last until this wave of shots ends.

New Night Stars cannot be created until the previous wave of Shooting Stars has been fired completely.
Elemental Skill

Cryo Characters[]

Playable Characters[]

15 Characters match the category selection:

Icon Name Quality Weapon Region Model Type
Aloy Icon Aloy 5 Stars Weapon-class-bow-icon Bow None Medium Female
Charlotte Icon Charlotte 4 Stars Weapon-class-catalyst-icon Catalyst Fontaine Emblem Night Fontaine Medium Female
Chongyun Icon Chongyun 4 Stars Weapon-class-claymore-icon Claymore Liyue Emblem Night Liyue Medium Male
Diona Icon Diona 4 Stars Weapon-class-bow-icon Bow Mondstadt Emblem Night Mondstadt Short Female
Eula Icon Eula 5 Stars Weapon-class-claymore-icon Claymore Mondstadt Emblem Night Mondstadt Tall Female
Freminet Icon Freminet 4 Stars Weapon-class-claymore-icon Claymore Fontaine Emblem Night Fontaine Medium Male
Ganyu Icon Ganyu 5 Stars Weapon-class-bow-icon Bow Liyue Emblem Night Liyue Medium Female
Kaeya Icon Kaeya 4 Stars Weapon-class-sword-icon Sword Mondstadt Emblem Night Mondstadt Tall Male
Kamisato Ayaka Icon Kamisato Ayaka 5 Stars Weapon-class-sword-icon Sword Inazuma Emblem Night Inazuma Medium Female
Layla Icon Layla 4 Stars Weapon-class-sword-icon Sword Sumeru Emblem Night Sumeru Medium Female
Mika Icon Mika 4 Stars Weapon-class-polearm-icon Polearm Mondstadt Emblem Night Mondstadt Medium Male
Qiqi Icon Qiqi 5 Stars Weapon-class-sword-icon Sword Liyue Emblem Night Liyue Short Female
Rosaria Icon Rosaria 4 Stars Weapon-class-polearm-icon Polearm Mondstadt Emblem Night Mondstadt Tall Female
Shenhe Icon Shenhe 5 Stars Weapon-class-polearm-icon Polearm Liyue Emblem Night Liyue Tall Female
Wriothesley Icon Wriothesley 5 Stars Weapon-class-catalyst-icon Catalyst Fontaine Emblem Night Fontaine Tall Male

Upcoming Characters[]

No Characters match the category selection.


Common Enemies

Elite Enemies

Normal Bosses

Event Bosses

Weekly Bosses

Other Enemies


Some environmental objects or obstacles are considered Cryo objects:

Cryo Damage Bonus[]

Cryo Resistance[]




  • The name Cryo comes from the prefix for words related to freezing or ice, "cryo-," which derives from the Ancient Greek word for icy cold, frost, chill (Ancient Greek: κρύος krúos).

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