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Crumbling Guilt is a Story Domain from Arataki Itto's Story Quest Taurus Iracundus Chapter: Act I - Rise Up, Golden Soul quest "The Oni's Pride".

Trial Character

WL Character
& Weapon
Talents & Artifacts Attributes


  • Normal Attack Lv. 8
  • Elemental Skill Lv. 11
  • Elemental Burst Lv. 8
Icon Attribute Health.png Max HP: 26,862
Icon Attribute Attack.png ATK: 1,665
Icon Attribute Defense.png DEF: 1,395
Icon Attribute Elemental Mastery.png Elemental Mastery: 105
Icon Attribute Critical Hit.png Crit Rate: 76.3%
Icon Attribute Critical Hit.png Crit DMG: 180.1%
Icon Attribute Energy Recharge.png Energy Recharge: 135.0%

Royal FloraRoyal PlumeRoyal Pocket WatchRoyal Silver UrnRoyal Masque
Artifact Lv. 20
Set Bonus
Noblesse Oblige 4-Piece


  1. Jump down a hole and defeat the enemies in room 1.
  2. Head up some stairs. You must activate a mechanism to continue up the stairs.
    • There is also one Hitsukeban near the mechanism.
  3. At the top of the stairs there is a common chest and a mechanism.
  4. Activate the mechanism and descend down the ladders, this will take you back to where you were before.
  5. Go back up the stairs and glide down to a platform to the south to enter room 2.
  6. Defeat the enemies to unlock an exquisite chest.
  7. After exiting room 2, head up a ladder to grab a common chest then go back down.
  8. Activate a third mechanism then open the nearby door to return to the area of the first mechanism.
  9. Head back up the stairs and keep going straight.
  10. Get the common chest to the left and then head right down the hallway. Be careful of Electro arrows.
  11. Enter room 3 and defeat the enemies to rescue the hostages and unlock a precious chest and a common chest in one of the holding cells.
  12. After defeating the enemies in room 3, go north and activate a fourth mechanism.
  13. Return to room 3 and enter the hallway to the west and go down the ladder.
  14. After descending the ladders, go to the left.
    • Activate the first mechanism you see after turning left.
    • Activate the second mechanism.
  15. Go back up the ladders and return to room 3.
  16. Head north up the stairs, turn right and turn left to grab exquisite chest.
  17. Return to room with ladder west of room 3, descend then go left and activate the first mechanism you see once more.
  18. Head north up the stairs, turn right and head to the room 4.



Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 10,000 Mora

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Crumbling Guilt
Yáoyáoyùzhuì de Zuì'è
Crumbling Sin
Yáoyáoyùzhuì de Zuì'è
Japanese 崩れてゆく罪悪
Kuzureteyuku Zaiaku
Crumbling Guilt
Korean 위태로운 죄악
Spanish Culpabilidad tambaleante
French Culpabilité tremblanteTrembling Guilt
Russian Шаткое злодеяние
Shatkoye zlodeyaniye
Thai ความผิดบาปที่พังทลาย
Vietnamese Tội Ác Lung Lay
German Schuldgefühle bröckelnGuilt Feelings Crumbling
Indonesian Runtuhnya Rasa BersalahCrumbling Guilt
Portuguese Culpa em Ruínas

Change History

Released in Version 2.3