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Crimson Witch of Flames is an Artifact Set available at 4-star and 5-star rarities which can be obtained from Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula.


Item Witch's Flower of Blaze.png Witch's Flower of Blaze

A flower touched by the witch who once dreamt of burning away all the demons in the world. The anonymous flames affectionately caress the hands of those who touch it.

A common species of flower.
It is curiously capable of resisting the Crimson Witch's flames.

A crisis centuries ago dashed all hope of the maiden seeing the future promised to her.
Those dear to her, her past days, and her bright future. All gone.

From the ashes, the Crimson Witch of Flame was born, and she burned away her pain with fire.
Yet this flower stayed resilient, soft, and moist.
Perhaps both painful and beautiful memories were two sides of the same coin.

Item Witch's Ever-Burning Plume.png Witch's Ever-Burning Plume

A bird feather touched by the witch who once dreamt of burning away all the demons in the world. Its eternal flame burns hot.

A forever-burning bird feather.
The fire shall burn for all eternity.

Scorched earth followed in her wake, for she chose a path of hellfire.
Though her fires only touched monsters and demons,
People still cowered behind closed windows and tried to drive her away. But none of that mattered to her.

New hopes were birthed from the fires of old pains.
She needed not comforting nor sympathy.
Chirping by her side, the birds gave her all the understanding she needed.

Item Witch's End Time.png Witch's End Time

A timepiece worn by the witch who dreamt of burning away all the demons in the world. The years the witch dedicated to the flames flow within.

A small vessel containing a high-temperature liquid.
It is said to be the molten souls of evil spirits.

A special Hydro timepiece given to the Crimson Witch before calamity struck. Back then she was still a maiden, and had not yet embarked on her journey.
One cycle was the time required to finish her study at the Academia.
By the time the countdown ended and she returned to her hometown, its previous owner had become a casualty of the crisis.

Her maiden years were over. The Crimson Witch of Flame was born, and with her the era of destruction.
The timepiece bore witness to the days of monsters and the pain they caused, until all were burned away.

Item Witch's Heart Flames.png Witch's Heart Flames

A flame-spitting urn left behind by the Crimson Witch of Flames, who once dreamt of burning away all the demons in the world. The fire in the urn burns eternally, as did its former master.

A clear bottle containing liquid fire.
The techniques involved in making liquid fire have since been lost.

The Crimson Witch of Flame walked upon the earth, burning monsters into cinders.
Rumor told of how she sacrificed her mortal body to become the embodiment of liquid fire herself.

Still, love and longing once dwelt in her maiden heart.
Until fires burned away that beautiful and fragile part.
Thus, she became the witch that historians were loath to remember.

Item Witch's Scorching Hat.png Witch's Scorching Hat

A hat once worn by the witch who dreamt of burning away all the demons in the world. The large brim blocked her sight.

A traditional witch's pointed hat with a large brim.
It grants a witch the reverence and fear which she commands.

To the Crimson Witch of Flame, this large hat shielded her from surrounding distractions.
It was how she was able to hone her Pyro skills when she was still an apprentice.

In combat, she needed not pay attention to monsters disintegrating in flames.
Nor did she need to look at her own burnt face in the water's reflection.
And so the Crimson Witch continued to burn, blind to the extent of her devastation.

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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCrimson Witch of Flames
Chìliè de Yán zhī Mónǚ
Witch of Blazing Heat
Chìliè de Yán zhī Mónǚ
Moesakaru Honoo no Majo
Witch of Blazing Flames
Korean불타오르는 화염의 마녀
Bulta'oreuneun Hwayeom-ui Manyeo
Burning Witch of Flames
SpanishBruja Carmesí en LlamasCrimson Witch in Flames
FrenchSorcière des flammes ardentesWitch of Blazing Flames
RussianГорящая алая ведьма
Goryashchaya alaya ved'ma
Burning Crimson Witch
ThaiCrimson Witch of Flames
VietnameseDiệm Liệt Ma Nữ Cháy RựcBurning Witch of Flames
GermanBrennende Pyro-HexeBurning Pyro Witch
IndonesianCrimson Witch of Flames
PortugueseA Bruxa das Chamas CarmesimThe Witch of the Crimson Flames

Change History

Released in Version 1.0