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The ancient tree that watches over this snowy plain has grown crimson branches and leaves in response to your offerings. If you listen quietly, you can almost hear its whispers, begging you to satisfy its yearning...

The Crimson Wish is a system in Dragonspine which allows players to obtain Crimson Agate by completing periodical quests. It is unlocked once the Frostbearing Tree has reached Level 8. Every Monday and Friday on the player's server, 5 Crimson Wishes will spawn throughout Dragonspine. Each Crimson Wish will award one Crimson Agate upon completion.

The Wishes can be done in Co-Op Mode, and participants who have unlocked Crimson Wish in their own world and aid in the quest will also earn a Crimson Agate.

Once the Frostbearing Tree has reached Level 12, Crimson Wishes will no longer be available. However excess Crimson Agates will be retained.


Tutorial Frostbearing Tree Crimson Wish 1.pngAs it receives offerings and grows, the Frostbearing Tree will begin to thirst for more power. Through its roots, which stretch throughout Dragonspine, it can discover more Crimson Agates as they periodically gush forth from the Ley Lines.
Tutorial Frostbearing Tree Crimson Wish 2.pngHeed its desire and collect Crimson Agate throughout the snowy mountain, and obtain the rich rewards of the Frostbearing Tree.


Ancient Wind

  • "The only thing that still calls out across Dragonspine is the biting, icy wind. Nonetheless, the ley lines will sometimes produce tiny Anemo elemental particles. Complete this natural challenge and you may obtain the red crystals that the ancient tree desires..."

Dredging the Land

  • "The materials that the hilichurls have piled up here have, by pure chance, blocked the flow of the ley lines. If you can destroy these Frostburst Barrels in a short period, you might be able to dredge up the land and obtain more precious Crimson Agates."

Icy Harvest

  • "Crimson Agates seem to contain a bizarre power that does not belong to this land, and it is coveted by monsters and evildoers alike. Defeat them, and these crystals may yet be yours."

Strange Shifts

  • "The automated defense mechanisms of the ancient ruins have been activated by the power of some crystals. If you can destroy these automated mechanisms in a short time, you may gain the Crimson Agate that the Frostbearing Tree longs for."


  • "Snezhnayan forward scouts have been active in Dragonspine, seemingly after the unique energy present in this land. Defeat them, and you may yet gain precious Crimson Agate..."


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCrimson Wish
Fēihóng zhī Yuàn
Crimson Wish
Fēihóng zhī Yuàn
Hikou no Negai
Crimson Wish
Korean진홍의 비원
Jinhong-ui Biwon
Crimson Wish
SpanishAnhelo escarlataScarlet Wish
FrenchDésir écarlateScarlet Desire
RussianБагровое желание
Bagrovoye zhelaniye
ThaiCrimson Wish
VietnameseƯớc Nguyện Đỏ Thẫm
GermanBlutrotes VerlangenBlood Red Desire
IndonesianCrimson Wish
PortugueseDesejo Carmesim

Change History

Released in Version 1.2