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The Crimson Agate is an Adventure Item which can be found in the Dragonspine area. Crimson Agates can be offered to the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine for rewards, similar to the Statues of The Seven and the Reputation system. They can be found scattered in the overworld, in certain chests, or as a repeatable reward from completing a Crimson Wish. Chests that contain a Crimson Agate have a dark red aura surrounding them.

When an overworld Crimson Agate is within close proximity of a player, the icon Icon Crimson Agate will appear on their mini map along with a sound effect, like with other elemental oculi. However, chests containing a Crimson Agate do not appear on the mini map. Additionally, Crimson Agates lack a corresponding resonance stone to direct a player to their general location.

80 Crimson Agates can be found in the overworld or in chests, allowing a player to raise their Frostbearing Tree's Offering Level from Level 1 to Level 9 before completing any Crimson Wishes, which are unlocked at Level 8.

See the Teyvat Interactive Map for locations.

Archive Description[]

A crystal formed from the combination of coalesced energy and the unique energies of Dragonspine. This will prove excellent nutrition for the Frostbearing Tree, which yearns to grow further.

When the nail that froze Dragonspine descended, the trunk and canopy of this tree shattered into many fragments that were then frozen. A long time later, a black dragon fell into the valley and its blood seeped into the ley lines. And a long time after that, someone has broken the icy shackles, and the ancient tree that has absorbed that "crimson" has now sprouted anew...


  • Players can obtain as many Crimson Agates as desired as long as the Frostbearing Tree is not raised to Level 12, as Crimson Wish does not become permanently unavailable until then.
  • The Lavawalker made a circlet from Crimson Agate to resist heat in Mare Jivari.[1]

Video Guides[]

All 80 crimson agates complete guide

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCrimson Agate
Fēihóng Yùsuǐ
Crimson Chalcedony
Fēihóng Yùsuǐ
Hikou Gyokuzui
Crimson Chalcedony
Korean진홍의 옥수
Jinhong-ui Oksu
Crimson Chalcedony
SpanishÁgata escarlataScarlet Agate
FrenchAgate pourpreCrimson Agate
RussianБагровый агат
Bagrovyy agat
Crimson Agate
ThaiCrimson Agate
VietnameseMã Não Đỏ Thẫm
GermanBlutroter AchatScarlet Agate
IndonesianCrimson Agate
PortugueseCalcedônia Carmesim
TurkishKızıl AkikCrimson Agate
ItalianAgata cremisiCrimson Agate

Change History[]


  1. Artifact, Lavawalker: Lavawalker's Wisdom