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Creation is a Crafting Method used to create Furnishings for the Serenitea Pot. It can be accessed by speaking to Tubby.

Icon Creation Small Furnishings[]

Furnishings require both a blueprint and furnishing materials. They take 12–16 hours to create, depending on the quality of the item. Certain talents can refund a portion of materials for certain furnishings. Furnishings can be immediately created using Vial of Adeptal Speed Vial of Adeptal Speed. Creating a furnishing for the first time rewards a certain amount of Trust Trust.

Quality Trust Trust Creation Time
2 Stars 30 12 Hours
3 Stars 60 14 Hours
4 Stars 90 16 Hours

Friends that visit the Serenitea Pot can help speed-up all the furnishings in the Creation Queue by 4 hours. When attempting to help make the creation quicker, a different message will appear according to different case.

  • If there's no furnishing in the Creation Queue or the furnishings are created, the message "Not creating any furnishings" will appear.
  • If all the furnishing in the Creation Queue has reached the speed-up limit, "Support limited reached" will appear.
  • If the player attempts to speed-up the same friend more than once in a day, "No remaining support attempts" will appear.

The current limit on the number of Friends each player can help in a day is limited by the capacity of the friend list. Friends who helped speed-up any of the creations is recorded in the Guest Assistance (the button is located at the bottom left of the screen when Creation Queue is in focus).

Canceling furnishings while they are in the Creation Queue will fully refund the materials used.

Icon Dye Small Dyes[]

Dyes can be created by converting various Materials, Cooking Ingredients, and Local Specialties.

Icon Wood Small Convert Wood[]

Wood can be converted from Forging Ores.

Creation Talents[]

There are 2 Talents that match the category selection:

Blazing Match Blazing Match
Yoimiya Yoimiya
When Yoimiya crafts Decoration, Ornament, and Landscape-type Furnishings, she has a 100% chance to refund a portion of the materials used.Utility Passive
The Art of Budgeting The Art of Budgeting
Kaveh Kaveh
When Kaveh crafts Landscape, Building, and Courtyard-type Furnishings, he has a 100% chance to refund a portion of the materials used.Utility Passive

Change History[]

Version 4.5
  • Updated Furnishings filter search bar to support adding spaces.

Version 4.4

  • Updated Furnishings filter layout with direct search, furnishing category, and uncreated filters.

Version 4.1

  • After Creating a Furnishing, the schematic selection interface will no longer move so that the selected schematic appears at the bottom, and will instead align the interface so that the selected schematic is in the middle of the screen. Moreover, schematic for which the player runs out of materials will not immediately be moved to the bottom of the list; the list will only be updated after switching to another screen.
  • When picking a character to assist the Creation process, the currently selected character will appear at the top of the list instead of at their place according to their available Utility Passive bonus or obtainment order.

Version 3.0

  • Added "Convert Wood" tab.

Version 1.5

  • Creation was released with "Furnishings" and "Dyes" tabs.