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Crash Course is the ninth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests, Prologue, Act I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.


  1. Meet Kaeya at the temple
  2. Talk to Kaeya
  3. Enter the temple
  4. Talk to Kaeya
    • Kaeya will join you as a trial character.
  5. Explore the temple's depths
  6. Destroy Stormterror's crystal in the Temple of the Wolf
  7. Leave the temple


(Talk to Kaeya)
Kaeya: You've arrived.
Kaeya: Come closer. Can you smell that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...I can't smell anything.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's the smell of burnt Pyro Slimes.
Kaeya: Something must have happened in the temple.
Kaeya: I imagine there will be slimes, hilichurls, and... whatever is giving Stormterror extra power.
Kaeya: Oh yes, it is going to be lively in there indeed!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Will it be dangerous?
Kaeya: As bustling as it may be — no, I can't imagine it will be dangerous at all.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No doubt nothing more than a disorderly mob of creatures.
Kaeya: Oh, ho-ho! You're quite the brave one, aren't you!
Kaeya: It's a pity that the Temple of the Wolf has been disturbed by such an atrocity.
Kaeya: Let's head in, (Traveler).
Kaeya: No one makes offerings to The Four Winds anymore, yet the old winds never vanish...
Kaeya: We need to clear out the temples, for The Four Winds.
(Talk to Kaeya again)
Kaeya: My first chance to fight beside you.
Kaeya: Think we'll make a good team?

(Approach Kaeya inside the temple)
Kaeya: Let me show you how the Knights of Favonius conquer our adversaries!
(Kaeya joins you as a trial character in the domain)
(Enter the first room)
Kaeya: Hmm. If I'm not mistaken, the end of the temple should be up there.
Paimon: Wait... How do you know?
Kaeya: Heh, experience.
Kaeya: ...The kind of experience you get after years of dealing with things like this for others.
(Defeat all the hilichurls in the room)
Kaeya: Traveler... Unless I'm mistaken, you don't seem to have a Vision.
Kaeya: So how exactly is it that you're able to channel elemental energy?
Paimon: It was a very strange occurrence.
(Approach the wind current)
Paimon: Ugh, finally... we're here.
Kaeya: Seems the path ends here. Let's use the wind currents to fly up.
(Break the Hydro Amber)
Paimon: Water! We can use this to put out fire!
Kaeya: Good idea. That's some keen observation.
Kaeya: We should get Jean to give you a title and make you a knight.
(After crossing the first set of underwater spikes)
Kaeya: Speaking of, did you know?
Kaeya: Stormterror was once one of The Four Winds.
Kaeya: I'm not aware of the exact details. If you're interested, you can ask the Acting Grand Master about it.
(Approach Stormterror's crystal)
Paimon: Is that the thing that Stormterror is using to gain its power?
Kaeya: Seems probable. Let's deal with it.
(After destroying Stormterror's crsytal)
Kaeya: Bravo! What a performance!
Kaeya: You are, to my surprise, a well-trained knight.
Kaeya: The battles you just fought were sights to behold.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Thanks, that's nice of you to say...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not worth complimenting really...
Kaeya: Haha, I see you already have the knightly virtue of modesty.
Kaeya: Stories of your heroic deeds to save Mondstadt from destruction shall be known throughout the City of Freedom, well into the future.
Kaeya: Please do visit me at our headquarters when you have the time.
Kaeya: I also know a lovely tavern, if that's more your thing.
(A cinematic begins)
Kaeya: Quite rewarding, no?
Paimon: We've seized another temple from Stormterror's grasp!
Kaeya: I can take care of the rest here. You go take care of other things while I'm at it.
Paimon: See you later then, bye-bye~!
(The Traveler and Paimon leave)
Kaeya: There's no way hilichurls organized an ambush like this themselves — not with their limited mental capacity...
(A Hydro Abyss Mage reveals itself)
Kaeya: Thus YOU were behind this.
Hydro Abyss Mage: Gohus, Chiso Vonph.
(A red-haired figure defeats the Abyss Mage)
???: Knights of Favonius... Always so inefficient.
Kaeya: Agree to disagree. But, your involvement in this just made things a whole lot more interesting.
(The cinematic ends and the player is teleported to the entrance of the domain)


Tutorial Kaeya 1.pngIf there is water around, opponents may become Wet.
Tutorial Kaeya 2.pngCryo skills can freeze water, Hydro opponents, or opponents that are Wet. Utilize this elemental reaction to gain an advantage over your opponents.
Tutorial Kaeya 3.pngA flamethrower's core is what gives it the energy to shoot fire.
Tutorial Kaeya 4.pngUse Cryo Skills to temporarily disable flamethrowers' cores and stop them from shooting fire.
Tutorial Kaeya 5.pngThe blue stone in the center of the room is Hydro Amber. Breaking it will make it rain, making everything in its range Wet.
Tutorial Kaeya 6.pngUnderwater spikes make the area too dangerous to swim through.
Tutorial Kaeya 7.pngKaeya's Cryo skill can freeze the surface of the water, creating a safe passage across.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Crash Course
Qíshì de Xiànchǎng Jiàoxí
Knight's On-Site Training
Qíshì de Xiànchǎng Jiàoxí
Japanese 騎士の現場教習
Kishi no Genba Kyoushuu[!]
Knight's On-Site Training
Korean 기사현장학습
Gisa-ui Hyeonjang-Hakseup
Knight's On-Site Learning
Spanish Curso intensivoIntensive Course
French Entraînement sur le terrainField Training
Russian Полоса препятствий
Polosa prepyatstviy
Obstacle Course
Thai การฝึกสอนภาคสนามของอัศวิน
Kan fuekson pha khot nam khong atsawin
Field Training of the Knights
Vietnamese Luyện Tập Hiện Trường Của Kỵ SĩKnight's On-Site Training
German Ein Kurs im RitterseinA Course in Knighthood
Indonesian Pelatihan KnightKnight Training
Portuguese Curso IntensivoIntensive Course

Change History

Released in Version 1.0