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Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake is a food item that the player can cook. The recipe for Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake is obtained after completing a certain version of the commission Food Delivery.

Depending on the quality, Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake revives and restores 900/1,200/1,500 HP to the target fallen character with a 120-second cooldown. Like most foods, this can not target other players' characters in Co-Op Mode.

When Sucrose cooks Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake, there is a chance Nutritious Meal (V.593) will be created instead.


  • Item Crab Roe.png 1 Crab Roe
  • Item Ham.png 1 Ham
  • Item Cream.png 1 Cream
  • Item Cabbage.png 1 Cabbage
  • Creates Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake ×1


    • To celebrate Sucrose's birthday, the official Chinese site for Genshin Impact published a blog post with a real-life recipe for Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake and Nutritious Meal (V.593).

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name Literal Meaning
    English Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake
    Xièhuáng Huǒtuǐ Jú Shíshū
    Baked Vegetables with Crab Roe and Ham
    Xièhuáng Huǒtuǐ Jú Shíshū
    Japanese かにみそとハムのグリル野菜
    Kanimiso to Hamu no Guriru Yasai
    Grilled Vegetables with Crab Row and Ham
    Korean 꽃게알 야채
    Kkotge'al Yachaejjim
    Steamed Vegetables with Crab Roe
    Spanish Asado mar y montaña
    French Gratin de crabe, jambon et légumes Crab, Ham, and Vegetable Gratin
    Russian Сборная запеканка
    Sbornaya zapekanka
    Mixed Casserole
    Thai Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake
    Vietnamese Bánh Rau Giăm Bông Gạch Cua
    German Geschmorter Schinken mit Krebsgemüse Braised Ham with Crab Vegetables
    Indonesian Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake
    Portuguese Caranguejo, Presunto e Vegetais Assados Crab, Ham and Baked Vegetables

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.0