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Crab is a Cooking Ingredient that can be found in the wild near lakes, river banks, and beaches, but not near in-land lakes or ponds. Harvesting locations include Falcon Coast, Luhua Pool, and Stormbearer Point.

They can also be purchased in Liyue Harbor from Uncle Sun at the docks (10 in stock) and Chef Mao at Wanmin Restaurant (10 in stock). Their crab stocks refresh daily at 4:00 AM server time.

Three varieties of crab are found in the wild: Sun Crab, Ocean Crab, and Golden Crab. Picking up any variety of wild crab will give you the Crab item.


Craft Usage

Name Image Craft Type Amount
Crab Roe Item Crab Roe.png Processing 4
Calla Lily Seafood Soup Item Calla Lily Seafood Soup.png Cooking 4
Golden Crab Item Golden Crab.png Cooking 4
Adeptus' Temptation Item Adeptus' Temptation.png Cooking 3
A Prize Catch Item A Prize Catch.png Cooking 4
Crab Roe Kourayaki Item Crab Roe Kourayaki.png Cooking 1


Change History

Released in Version 1.0