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Court Lantern: Lingering Majesty is a creatable Furnishing item that can be used in the Serenitea Pot.

The blueprint for Court Lantern: Lingering Majesty is obtainable from the Realm Depot for Realm Currency Realm Currency ×160.


First time creation grants Trust Trust ×60.

Icon_Creation_Small.pngCreation for 14 hours
  • Item Fabric.png 4 Fabric
  • Item Red Dye.png 4 Red Dye
  • Item Blue Dye.png 4 Blue Dye
  • Creates Court Lantern: Lingering Majesty Court Lantern: Lingering Majesty ×1

    Furnishing Sets

    No recipes use this item.

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name
    English Court Lantern: Lingering Majesty
    Yùdiàn Dēnglóng - "Tíng Wēi Yíng Pán"
    Yùdiàn Dēnglóng - "Tíng Wēi Yíng Pán"
    Japanese 御殿灯籠-「徘徊する雷威」
    Korean 어전 초롱-「벼락이 서린 위엄」
    Spanish Linterna imperial: Majestuosidad perdurable
    French Lanterne de cour « Majesté persistante »
    Russian Дворовый фонарь: Непреходящее величие
    Dvorovyy fonar': Neprekhodyashcheye velichiye
    Thai โคมไฟพิทักษ์วัง - "วัฏจักรอัสนีพิโรธ"
    Vietnamese Đèn Lồng Ngự Điện - Sấm Sét Quay Cuồng
    German Hoflaterne – „Die Macht des Donners“
    Indonesian Lentera Istana: Amarah Tersembunyi
    Portuguese Lanterna Guardiã do Palácio: Majestidade Persistente

    Change History

    Released in Version 2.2