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Cor Lapis is found within the Liyue nation, inside caves, mines, and near mountainous terrain.

How to Obtain

Cor Lapis is also sold by Changshun. The Commission quest Diamond in the Rough... has a chance of rewarding either a Cor Lapis or a Noctilucous Jade for picking a winner.

Craft Usage

Name Image Craft Type Amount
Yellow Dye Item Yellow Dye.png Dye 1
Dustproof Potion Item Dustproof Potion.png Crafting 1
Unmoving Essential Oil Item Unmoving Essential Oil.png Crafting 1
Geoculus Resonance Stone Item Geoculus Resonance Stone.png Crafting 5
Geo Treasure Compass Item Geo Treasure Compass.png Forging 30

Ascension Usage

3 Characters use Cor Lapis for ascension:

Icon Name Rarity
Character Chongyun Thumb.png Chongyun 4 Stars
Character Keqing Thumb.png Keqing 5 Stars
Character Zhongli Thumb.png Zhongli 5 Stars

No Weapons use Cor Lapis for ascension.


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Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.4

Version 1.0

  • Cor Lapis was added.