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Stove located in Mondstadt

Players are able to cook dishes and process ingredients at stoves located in cities like Mondstadt and Liyue, and the numerous campfires that can be found in the open world.

Note: Campfires must be lit in order to cook. Swirl and Hydro effects (including rainy weather) can extinguish campfires, preventing cooking.

Manual Cooking

Manual cooking

When a player first learns a new dish, they must become proficient in making that dish by manually cooking it a certain amount of times before being able to auto cook it. Manually cooking requires the player to stop the cooking timer when the indicator is in the correct position.

Different Food Qualities

The location the indicator is stopped at affects the potency of the dish cooked:

  • The orange section gives the maximum food effect, resulting in a Delicious Dish.
  • The yellow section givers the average effect, resulting in a Regular Dish.
  • The gray section will result in a Suspicious Dish, giving the lowest possible food effect.

You can exit out of this minigame to avoid using the ingredients, if you do not wish to cook.


Each food item has its own proficiency, once an item is cooked perfectly enough the proficiency will max out and you will be able to auto cook. Auto cooking will always result in either the Delicious version of that item or has a chance for the Special dish if the correct character is used.

  • The max proficiency for each dish depends on the rarity of the dish being made:
Dish Rarity Max Proficiency
1Icon 1 Star.png 5
2Icon 1 Star.png 10
3Icon 1 Star.png 15
4Icon 1 Star.png 20
5Icon 1 Star.png 25

Special Dishes

A character able to cook a special dish

While cooking, you may open the character selection to select a character that can make a special dish.

Characters' special dishes are of an even higher quality than Delicious dishes, giving even higher bonuses/stats when eaten, making them the most preferred.

Special dishes have a low chance of being made through both automatic and manual cooking. This chance also applies to Normal and even Suspicious variants of the recipe. Thus, it is possible to get Special Dishes even when failing manual cooking.


The Art of Adventure


Wonders of the World

There are 2 known secret quests and each gives 5 Primogems.

  • "If you put your heart into it..." - cook anything in manual mode "badly" (area without the colour)
  • "... anyone can be a gourmet." - cook anything in manual mode "badly" 9 more times

These achievements should be done before you master all recipes, because you cannot access manual mode once you mastered all recipes.

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