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Controls in Genshin Impact differs depending on the device. Mobile devices are primarily touch based controls (with one instance of Gyro input), PlayStation has controller inputs, and PC has mouse and keyboard inputs, or controller inputs. The changing of controls can be done from the Settings menu.

PC and Controllers[]

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Diagram Control Xbox

Xbox diagram

Diagram Control PS4

PS4 diagram

PC players can use either the standard Keyboard Inputs or the Controller Inputs. Touch is not supported on PC. Plugging in any brand of controller (Xbox and PlayStation) will result in a map of the respective controller, with critical actions mapped to each button. However, connecting a Switch controller to the PC doesn't seem to be fully supported, even though the game detects it as a controller.

If the player disconnects the controller without swapping back to Keyboard Inputs, the game will require them to either reconnect the controller or restart the game to exit the controller control scheme.

Any DirectInput (or XInput) supported HID game controller (USB or Bluetooth) will be recognized by the game as a valid controller, as the game runs on DirectX.

As with all types of controls, the camera sensitivity can be adjusted for normal gameplay as well as Aimed Shot Mode. However, the game does not have the invert Y-axis option on mouse and keyboard. Inverting the Y-axis in addition to the X-axis is possible only on a controller.

PlayStation consoles share the same controls as when using a PlayStation controller with PC.

Function Default PC Binding Default Xbox Binding Default PlayStation Binding
Move Forward W Left Joystick Up
Move Backward S Left Joystick Down
Move Left A Left Joystick Left
Move Right D Left Joystick Right
Rotate Camera Mouse Right Joystick
Switch to Walk/Run. Or crouch downward in specific operating mode(s) Left Ctrl N/A
Normal Attack Left Click* Xbox B PlayStation Circle
Elemental Skill E Xbox RT PlayStation L2
Elemental Burst Q Xbox Y PlayStation Triangle
Sprint ⇧ Left Shift Xbox RB PlayStation R1
Right Click*
Switch Aiming Mode R Xbox LT* PlayStation L2*
Jump, or move upward in specific operating mode(s) Space Xbox A PlayStation X
Drop (while climbing) X Xbox B PlayStation Circle
Pick Up/Interact F Xbox X PlayStation Square
Quick-Use Gadget Z Xbox LB + Xbox B* PlayStation L1 + PlayStation Circle*
Gadget Quickswap Hold Quick-Use Gadget*
Interaction in Certain Gameplay Modes T Xbox LB + Xbox X* PlayStation L1 + PlayStation Square*
Quest Navigation V Xbox LS* PlayStation L3*
Show objective for this phase of the quest Hold Quest Navigation*
Abandon Challenge P Xbox LS + Xbox RS* PlayStation L3 + PlayStation R3*
Switch to Party Member 1 1 D-Pad Up*
Switch to Party Member 2 2 D-Pad Right*
Switch to Party Member 3 3 D-Pad Left*
Switch to Party Member 4 4 D-Pad Down*
Switch to Party Member 5 5 Xbox LB + Xbox Y PlayStation L1 + PlayStation Triangle
Switch to Party Member and Use Elemental Burst Left Alt + Switch to Party Member* N/A
Open Shortcut Wheel Tab ↹ Xbox LB* PlayStation L1*
Open Inventory B Accessible via Shortcut Wheel or Paimon Menu
Open Character Screen C
Open Paimon Menu Esc* Xbox Start* PlayStation Options*
Open Map M Accessible via Shortcut Wheel or Paimon Menu
Open Adventurer Handbook Screen F1
Open Co-Op Screen F2 Xbox LB + D-Pad Right* PlayStation L1 + D-Pad Right*
Open Wish Screen F3 Accessible via Shortcut Wheel or Paimon Menu
Open Battle Pass Screen F4
Open the Events Menu F5
Open the settings menu (within Serenitea Pot/The Cat's Tail) F6 Xbox LB + Xbox A* PlayStation L1 + PlayStation X*
Open the Furnishing Screen (inside Serenitea Pot) F7 Accessible via Shortcut Wheel or Paimon Menu
Open Stellar Reunion (Only active when conditions are met) F8 Xbox LB + Xbox RB* PlayStation L1 + PlayStation R1*
Open Quest Menu J Accessible via Shortcut Wheel or Paimon Menu
Open Notification Details Y Xbox LS* PlayStation L3*
Open Chat Screen ↵ Enter Xbox Back* PlayStation Trackpad*
Open Special Environment Information U Xbox LB + D-Pad Down* PlayStation L1 + D-Pad Down*
Check Tutorial Details G Xbox LB + D-Pad Up* PlayStation L1 + D-Pad Up*
Elemental Sight (Hold) Middle Click* Xbox LB + D-Pad Left* PlayStation L1 + D-Pad Left*
Show Cursor Left Alt* N/A
Open Party Setup Screen L Accessible via Shortcut Wheel or Paimon Menu
Open Friends Screen O
Hide Main Menu \ N/A
Open dialogue box to exit domain or Special Story Mode Esc*
(same as "Open Paimon Menu")
Reset camera angle Middle Click*
(same as "Elemental Sight (Hold)")
Photo Mode: Picture settings F1*
(independent of "Open Adventurer Handbook Screen")
Photo Mode: Character pose F2*
(independent of "Open Co-Op Screen")
Photo Mode: Character expression F3*
(independent of "Open Wish Screen")
Photo Mode: Hide UI Ctrl + H*
Photo Mode: Take Photo ↵ Enter*
(independent of "Open Chat Screen")
* Cannot change input method for this function


Mobile devices lack buttons to be mapped to certain functionality; all actions are done by tapping the screen. However, there is an extra feature called "Gyro Aiming." With Gyro Aiming enabled, you can use the gyroscope in your mobile device for Aimed Shot.

The following controls can be changed under Settings.

Control Possible Settings Notes
Camera Sensitivity 1–5
Camera Sensitivity (Aimed Shot Mode) 1–5
Gyro Aiming On / Off Affects Aimed Shot Mode.
On: You can tilt your phone to move the camera.
Off: Keeps the camera fixed and you can manually move it by touching and dragging the screen.
Mode: Walk Default or Use the button to switch Default: While moving, you can switch between walking and running based on your finger's position relative to the center of the touchpad.
Use button: Adds a small button on the lower right side of the screen, right above your UID. Clicking on it toggles between walking and running.

Change History[]

Version 4.8
  • Added keybinds for "Hide Main Menu."

Version 4.0

  • Added Gyroscope controller support.

Version 2.2

  • Added PC platform support for DualSense™ Wireless Controller for PS5™.

Version 1.6

  • Added keybinds for "Open Party Setup Screen" and "Open Friends Screen."

Version 1.5

  • Added keybinds for Serenitea Pot.
  • Added more camera customizations for mobile.

Version 1.4

  • Camera mode's keybinds were changed to be independent of other keybinds that have were the same by default.

Version 1.1

  • Added ability to change most keybinds.

Version 1.0

  • Controls were released.