Confront Stormterror is a Trounce Domain battle unlocked after completing Archon Quests Prologue, Act 3 quest A Long Shot. Players can relive the fight they had with Dvalin and receive bountiful rewards.


Now that the Stormterror crisis has passed, it's clear skies above Mondstadt once again.
However, the memory of facing Dvalin in the sky amidst the storms is ever so vivid.
Relive your memories and once again partake in the battle. Maybe you'll learn something new.

Boss Description

One of The Four Winds of Mondstadt: Dvalin, the Dragon of the East.
With the passages of long years and amid boudless darkness, even the purest gem will become dulled by dust, and even the noble dragon might be corrupted and cankered by hatred.
But never forget that dust can be wiped away, and the power of doubt and poison can be shattered.

"Fly freely in the sky.
"Just like you did in those days when we met, when I walked upon this land and sang the songs of the wind,
"And you soared on high, looking down on the world from above.
"Today, the sky is no longer swept by wind and snow. The green grass grows all over the earth, and it is beautiful.
"If you could walk on the earth and listen to the songs of shepherds and the scattered sound of the wind chimes in the distance, if you could have tasted wine as sweet as honey, you could understand.
"How wonderful it would have been if you were as I, witnessing your noble, beautiful form as you soared through the blue sky.
"Then you would know that this sky and this earth are both things worth fighting for."

in-game description from the Archive


  • Trounce Domains contain unusually powerful opponents. After successfully completing the challenge, you can obtain abundant rewards.
  • Players can complete this domain as many times as they want, but can only collect rewards once per week by using 30 Original Resin to open the Ley Line Blossom for the first three Weekly Bosses, and 60 Original Resin subsequently. Rewards are refreshed with Weekly World Reset.
  • Confront Stormterror can not be done in Co-Op Mode.

Requirements and Rewards

All levels award 300 Adventure EXP Adventure EXP, have a chance to drop Northlander Billets (Sword, Bow, Claymore, Catalyst, Polearm), and Dream Solvent.

Mora, Companionship EXP, Character Ascension Materials, and Artifact amount and rarity are affected by the difficulty completed. In order to enter the higher levels of the domain, you must have a certain Adventure Rank (AR).

Loot that can be obtained from a lower difficulty can also be obtained in higher difficulties.

Memories: Storming Terror

Level AR Party
Icon Mora.png Companionship EXP Ascension
I 25 40 6,375 55 Vayuda Turquoise SliverVajrada Amethyst SliverVarunada Lazurite Sliver
Vayuda Turquoise FragmentVajrada Amethyst FragmentVarunada Lazurite Fragment
Item Berserker's Rose.png3★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3★ Set The Exile
Item Berserker's Rose.png4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png4★ Set The Exile
II 30 50 6,675 60 Previous Rewards +
III 35 60 7,100 60 Previous Rewards +
Vayuda Turquoise ChunkVajrada Amethyst ChunkVarunada Lazurite Chunk
IV 40 70 7,600 65 Previous Rewards +
Dvalin's PlumeDvalin's ClawDvalin's Sigh
V 45 80 8,000 70 Previous Rewards +
Vayuda Turquoise GemstoneVajrada Amethyst GemstoneVarunada Lazurite Gemstone
VI 50 90 8,100 70

Abilities and Attacks

  • Fly-by: Dvalin disappears from view, then swoops through the center of the platform, dealing heavy damage.
    • Move to the right or left of the platform is an easy method to dodge the attack.
    • Time your dodge, or sprint at the right moment to avoid damage.
      • This method can be used if you can't make out of his attack range.
  • Dragon Breath: Dvalin lands on the player's side of the platform and unleashes a powerful breath onto a part of the platform, slowly moving to the left or right. While this is a very slow attack, prolonged exposure to the breath will ensure certain death for the character.
    • After Dvalin lands, dash towards the other side of the platform. Deal as much damage as possible to his talons to whittle away his shield.
  • Bite: Dvalin swipes his head towards the area the player is standing on. It is a quick attack that deals moderate damage.
    • To dodge this attack, stand at the center front of the platform, the rear of the platform, or stay gliding on top of a wind current.
    • It is possible to deal damage to both the talons and his head after he attacks, but there is a smaller hitbox for it compared to Dragon Breath, as well as less time to damage the talons as his head moves back into flying position after a few seconds..
    • It is possible to avoid damage by perfectly timing your sprint.
  • Pulse Bomb: Dvalin shoots two pairs of Pulse Bomb towards you, exploding upon impact.
    • The attack is aimed but not homing, so it can be dodged by continuously moving in one direction.
    • This attack is always used before Energy Rain is used, allowing the player to prepare for the next attack.
    • This attack can be blocked by Geo constructs such as Geo Traveler's Starfell Sword
  • Energy Rain (Caelestinum Finale Termini): Dvalin unleashes a rain of Pulse Bombs to attack a group of platforms you are standing on. The affected platforms, now called a cracked platform, deal continuous damage to the character on the field. The longer the character stands on the platform, the higher the damage received.
    • Dvalin can do this 3 times, after which all platforms will be affected.
    • The camera will be locked onto Dvalin, preventing the player from moving while Dvalin preforms this attack.
    • By using a shield or Geo construct that can be stood on, the player is able to stand on the cracked platform without taking damage. However, the shield will not be able to absorb the damage forever as the damage increases, and Geo constructs will eventually break.
  • Omega Bomb: Dvalin dives down, and appears to the other end of the arena and begins charging an attack. He then unleashes a gigantic pulse bomb towards the platform. It deals massive damage to characters on the platform.
    • Stay above the platform using the wind current to avoid damage, or move to another platform.
    • Unlike Energy Rain, the camera will not be locked onto Dvalin while this attack is preformed, making it difficult to see if Dvalin will preform this attack or not as he is on the other side of the arena.
  • Energy Lightning: Periodically, there will be circular indicators on the ground showing where the energy pulse will strike (actual radius is not accurately defined). These bolts deal low-moderate damage, but failing to dodge them will whittle away your HP.
    • He swirls around in the air for a period of time and causes a permanent condition on every part of the arena.
    • Dvalin uses this attack after 2 minutes of activating Energy Rain for the second time. This attack persists for the rest of the fight.


There are 5 distinguishable phases, each phase has different combat environment due to Energy Rain and Energy Lightning. Time limit is the duration given to break Dvalin's shield before the game automatically transition into the next phase. The phase also increase when Dvalin's shield is broken for a total number of times. Dvalin performs the next transition attack when either the time limit or shield limit is reached.[1] In Phase 3, Energy Lightning will not be triggered if the player breaks a total of 6 shield within 2 minutes.

Current Phase Time Limit Shield Limit Next Transition Attack
1 2 minutes Total 1 Energy Rain
2 8 minutes Total 3 Energy Rain
3 2 minutes - Energy Lightning
4 8 minutes Total 6 Energy Rain
5 Indefinite Indefinite -


  • Dvalin is easily accessible with melee and ranged characters during Bite and Dragon Breath. As long as you can remove the shield within the time limit of each phase, you are fine to do it at your own pace.
  • Bow characters are useful for dealing damage from a distance. They are able to fire at him with aimed shots while he is airborne. They can be used to create elemental reactions and break Dvalin's shield. Moreover, when Dvalin's shield is down, they can save time climbing Dvalin's neck as one can use charged shots to fire at Dvalin's bloodclot from afar. Ganyu's Liutian Archery can deal AoE damage and perform 2 hits when charged, which can help take down Dvalin's shield and damage him in his vulnerable state. Other bow users like Venti and Fischl can work too. Otherwise, the usefulness and relevance of Bow characters directly correlates to your overall skill and use of them during the battle, so be sure to spend some time seriously thinking about whether or not you want to bring them in the first place.
  • Center front of the platform

    Center front of the platform

    Reposition to the center front of the platform after each Dvalin's attack (the conveniently placed grass on the platform is the spot). This spot is safe from Bite, and allow you to manipulate Dragon Breath's direction.[1]
  • Removing his shield will make him fall into a vulnerable state. Once that happens, you need to climb up his neck and strike the purple bloodclot on top.
    • Climb the side closer to the head (require only 1 jump to reach the top).
    • Starts to climb when the indicator shows up, else the player will clip into the neck. Taking your time with these can save a lot of potential time and damage.
    • When Xiao uses his burst Bane of All Evil, he can jump higher and reach Dvalin's bloodclot easier. This can give the user an advantage in speed to take down Dvalin more quickly.
  • It is recommended to save Elemental Burst to deal high burst of damage during the vulnerable state, because it will help ends the fight early. Gathering energy for Elemental Bursts is difficult in this domain, so preparing Bursts for battle in the open world is also a good idea.
  • There are Anemograna on both ends of each platform. Collect three of them to create an upward wind current, which you can use to dodge Bite and Omega Bomb, or move to other platforms that aren't affected by Energy Rain.
    • Wind current is permanently activated on any platform that is affected by Energy Rain.
  • Before attempting Dvalin, be sure to check if your team has a good Elemental Resonance. Although not nearly as important as the characters you bring, it can still give you helpful buffs, such as 2x Pyro for +25% Attack, 2x Cryo for +15% Crit Rate if the weak point is inflicted with Cryo, as well as 2x Geo to improve shield sustainability if going for a slow run. Drinking or eating Defense up and Attack up items will help you immensely for this boss fight. Primary examples of helpful foods include but are not limited to: Jade Parcels, Adeptus' Temptation, Golden Crab, the various Essential Oils, and the Windbarrier Potion. Alternatively, the NRE (Menu 30) is helpful and allows you to eat on-the-go.
  • For higher difficulty levels, such as IV, V, and VI, shield characters like Noelle, Zhongli, and Xinyan are useful as their shields can nullify the damage of Dvalin's attacks and AoE damage created by Energy Lightning. To help ensure their shields are adequate for the constant damage you will receive, try to put 2 Geo characters in the party for the Elemental Resonance buff.
  • It is important to rely on sprinting and speed to survive in this bossfight; Kaeya and Razor are especially helpful as their passives decrease sprinting stamina consumption by 20%. If slotting these characters in is a problem, any Adventurer's dish can also be used to fix the problem. Otherwise, standard Sword and Claymore characters can be relied on to deal damage.
  • The Traveler in both Anemo and Geo forms can be helpful; as the Swirl effect caused by Palm Vortex can be useful both breaking Dvalin's shield, and dealing damage to Dvalin, provided there is another element to mix in. Wake Of Earth and Starfell Sword can also be used as projectiles for burst damage.
  • For DPS, most elements are effective against Dvalin, including Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Anemo. Pyro and Electro characters with high burst damage can help destroy Dvalin's shield and damage him. They can also set up elemental reactions to destroy his shield faster.
    • Hydro characters like Childe and Xingqiu are able to deal high burst damage.
    • Pyro characters like Diluc, Hu Tao, Klee, Yanfei are helpful, while Bennett can increase attack and heal.
    • Electro characters like Keqing, Razor and Beidou can also be helpful.
    • Anemo DPS characters like Xiao can also take down Dvalin's shield and do damage quickly.
  • Taunting abilities are useless here; the key examples being Amber with her Baron Bunny and Ganyu with her Trail of the Qilin. This is because the only window of opportunity where their abilities can be used in is when Dvalin grabs the platforms with his claws and starts to breathe Anemo energy. This is primarily due to the fact that this bossfight is centered around getting as much damage as possible, as soon as possible.

Known Bugs

  • As of Patch 1.2, Dvalin's neck still has a buggy hitbox. It is recommended for now to avoid switching characters or use certain moving Elemental Bursts, such as Fischl's Midnight Phantasmagoria while standing on Dvalin's neck; both of these can result in somewhat frequent clipping/phasing through the neck from the top. It is unknown if this persists in the newest version.
  • When Dvalin is on the platform and you switch characters near his claws, you may be teleported to the middle of the platform. It is unknown why this happens.

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