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Confessions of an Outlander is the second part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Act I - The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.


  1. Go register at the border checkpoint with Thoma
  2. Go process your application at the Outlander Affairs Agency with Thoma
  3. Go to the International Trade Association and understand its members' situation
  4. Find the merchant selling Crystal Marrow
  5. Ask Thoma for intel support
  6. Negotiate with Werner again
  7. Find Keijirou's tracks
    • Co-Op Mode is locked until you successfully followed Keijirou.
  8. Follow Keijirou without being noticed
  9. Find evidence of Keijirou's wrongdoings
  10. Tell the International Trade Association about what really happened
  11. Talk to Thoma


  • This quest requires 1 Mondstadt specialty and 1 Liyue specialty
  • When following Keijirou, the player will enter Stealth mode and will have to avoid being caught.
    • Getting noticed while Keijirou is speaking will interrupt any dialogue and prevent it from playing.
    • If the Traveler is caught by Keijirou, he will call the Traveler to come out and the quest restarts.
    • If the Traveler loses sight of Keijirou, he will suddenly disappear. Paimon will make a comment about not making too much noise, and the quest restarts.


The Outlander Affairs Agency

(Talk to Kageyama)
Kageyama: Hello, please state your name, identity, and the purpose of your visit. Oh, except you, Thoma.
Kageyama: You must be... new here.
Paimon: Heh...
Kageyama: Excuse me? Please provide the information requested, and also declare any goods you are carrying with you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We are here to... trade wine. And ore.
Kageyama: Currently, only members of the International Trade Association are authorized to engage in the import and export of goods. Do you have your trader's permits?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We are here to find my (sister/brother).
Kageyama: Oh? Well, I'm sorry. We cannot approve entry for purely personal reasons. So, unless you have a valid reason for visiting in accordance with the rules...
Paimon: Um... uh... w—we—uh...
Kageyama: My apologies, but I'll have to ask you to—
Thoma: Here are their entry papers, for your kind perusal.
Paimon: What!? Ugh, take your time! No rush or anything!
Thoma: Haha, I just wanted to see what you'd say... sorry about that.
Kageyama: ...I see, okay. Your papers are all in order. Welcome to Ritou.
Paimon: Pheeeew...
Paimon: So, where do we go next?
Thoma: The Outlander Affairs Agency.
Thoma: They only check entry permits here. If you want to remain on Ritou, there's a process you have to go through with them.
Paimon: Sheesh, so it is super strict, just like everyone says.
Thoma: Well, let's not forget that to everyday folk in Inazuma, people from everywhere else are referred to as "outsiders."
Thoma: As the word suggests, outlanders aren't very welcome in Inazuma with the Sakoku Decree in force.
Thoma: Not even on Ritou, where they've established an Outsider Settlement.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Welcome or not, we don't have a choice.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png My journey must go on.
Thoma: Hehe, I like how you think. I've got a feeling we're going to get along very well.
Thoma: Now. Let's head over to the Outlander Affairs Agency.
(While walking around)
Thoma: Most of the current rules were put in place by the administration of Ritou — the Kanjou Commission.
Paimon: The Kanjou Commission?
Thoma: Yes, one branch of the Tri-Commission of Inazuma. Responsible for growing and managing the nation's wealth. Um... you really haven't heard of it before?

(Talk to Yurika)
Yurika: You've completed the entry procedures, yes? And now you want to apply for residency? Both of you?
Paimon: Yes, please!
Yurika: Okay. The processing fee will be two million Mora.
Paimon: T—Two million! For a processing fee? Are you serious!?
Yurika: That's right, one million per applicant, which makes two million total. Don't worry, you can trust my math.
Paimon: Paimon wasn't so much questioning your math as... Ugh...
Thoma: Hahaha... Ma'am, these two here are good friends of mine. I think you'll find I'm one face you recognize.
Yurika: Ah, Mr. Thoma, it's you. By way of courtesy, allow me to reduce it to 400,000 Mora total.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's still quite expensive...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That is a major discount...
Thoma: Thank you ever so much, Miss Yurika.
Thoma: But as this is just a processing fee... I think 600 Mora should cover it if I'm paying on their behalf? I'll treat you to dinner, too. How does that sound?
Paimon: That's not how you haggle! By all means, bargain the price down, but—
Yurika: Alright then. As you wish, Mr. Thoma. I will make a record.
Thoma: Hee-hee, much obliged.
(Yurika leads the three inside the building.)
The residency application is processed smoothly at the Outlander Affairs Agency
(Thoma, Paimon, and the Traveler leave for the entrance to the Agency.)
Paimon: What!? She went from two million down to 600? There's something seriously wrong with people's sense of finance around here!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I think it's about more than the Mora.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Reminds me of someone else's strange relationship with Mora...
Thoma: Hehe, it's not as mind-boggling as you think. "Processing fee" is just a figure of speech.
Thoma: The way some here at the agency see it, the fees are easy money, so it becomes a question of how much they can make.
Thoma: So when the day comes that some poor merchant from overseas with more money than sense gets stuck here and needs to apply for residency...
Paimon: Then they'll milk them for all they're worth!
Thoma: Exactly. It's at times like this that having a local friend really comes in handy.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's blatant oppression against outlanders...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Doesn't anyone push back?
Thoma: Yes, but when you're an outlander in Inazuma, far from home, in this closed-nation era, there's very little that can be done about it.
Thoma: The most that overseas merchants can do to look after themselves is stick together.
Thoma: That's how the International Trade Association came about.
Paimon: So it's a trade association built by and for outlanders?
Thoma: Yep, and as well as advancing commercial interests, the association provides help, support, and structure for outlanders trying to survive on Ritou.
Thoma: Essentially, it's an association devoted to both commercial excellence and survival skills.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So how would an outlander ever get to meet...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Raiden Shogun feels further away than ever...
Paimon: *sigh* Sounds like just stayin' alive is an achievement when you're an outlander in Inazuma...
Thoma: I see... so this is the real purpose of your trip. Yes, given that you are outlanders, it's certainly a lofty aspiration.
Thoma: After all, the Raiden Shogun is the most exalted and revered one in all of Inazuma. She is a deity who reigns on high, while all other life gazes up in awe.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That may well be...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I still have to find a way!
Thoma: ...
Thoma: I was going to say, nothing is set in stone when it comes to who you will encounter in this world. Who's to say you won't happen to run into the Raiden Shogun one day after lunch...
Paimon: Uh-huh... And is that likely...?
Thoma: Okay, I'll give it to you straight. I know of a way to introduce you to the Raiden Shogun.
Paimon: Really!? Wow, the Ritou fixer is better connected than we thought!
Thoma: Ahem, hehe — I mean, it will take all the resources I have at my disposal, but it can be done. However, before we get there...
Thoma: Connections come at a high price, you understand?
Paimon: Ugh, not you too!
Thoma: Hahaha! No, no... In this instance, when I say price, I'm not talking about Mora.
Thoma: In fact, there's no real cost, as such. It's just that... if this is something you really want, you'll have to agree to help other people solve some of their problems first.
Thoma: I like to do things in a way that keeps everybody happy. It's my own personal rule for dealing with situations like this.
Paimon: Sounds very reasonable to Paimon! You're the man in the middle, so you have to trade favors to keep everyone indebted to you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The fixer works in mysterious ways...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, what's the job?
Thoma: Heh... Why do I get the feeling you're making me out to be some sort of crook... Uh, never mind.
Thoma: Here's the situation. As I touched upon earlier, the members of the International Trade Association are constantly struggling to survive.
Thoma: Recently, things seem to have gotten more difficult than ever for them. So just go and check things out, see if there's any way you can help.
Thoma: The head of the association is called Kurisu, and he's a good friend of mine. Go talk to him, I'll wait for you here.
(Talk to Thoma again)
Thoma: Kurisu will reach his wits' end if things carry on like they are. Go see what you can do for him.

The International Trade Association's Problems

(Talk to Kurisu)
Kurisu: Oh? Hello there, you must be seeking refuge with the International Trade Association. The Outlander Affairs Agency took you for all you're worth, I suppose.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Very nearly...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Luckily, we had a friend with us.
Kurisu: Ah, good, that's a relief. *sigh* ...You need to be careful, or you'll find yourself losing your savings all at once.
Paimon: We heard the association has been having some difficulties lately. Is that true?
Kurisu: Yes... left, right, and center. Obstacles at every turn. But that's nothing new for us.
Paimon: The Sakoku Decree certainly makes things difficult for anyone who wants to come here from overseas.
Kurisu: But it's not the root cause of our woes. The Sakoku Decree might restrict our scope of activity, but in and of itself it doesn't stop us from being able to enjoy a comfortable existence.
Kurisu: No, what's really squeezing us outlander merchants dry is...
Kurisu: ...those Mora-grubbers from the Kanjou Commission.
Paimon: Oh, of the three Commissions, that's the one that oversees everything on Ritou, isn't it?
Kurisu: That's right. They impose astronomical tax rates, unbelievable regulations, and that's not the worst of it...
Kurisu: They just issued a new Tax Decree recently that, for some reason, completely changes the way we pay our taxes. It used to be Mora, but now it's something called Crystal Marrow.
Paimon: Crystal Marrow...? What's that?
Kurisu: Something that most of us in the association had never heard of before either, until the new decree came along.
Kurisu: Eventually, one of the older Liyue merchants recalled that he once shipped a batch of it to Snezhnaya in his youth.
Kurisu: So in order to pay our taxes, we began an arduous search for this Crystal Marrow.
Kurisu: But then we found we'd only managed to create a bigger problem for ourselves. The rising demand for Crystal Marrow drove the price higher and higher...
Kurisu: Now, there's only one vendor who even has it in stock. We can't get hold of it anywhere else...
Paimon: Uh... isn't that what they call a monopoly?
Kurisu: Exactly. So this vendor keeps pushing the price up, and we have no choice but to buy from them because the Tax Decree forces us to...
Kurisu: It's a vicious cycle, the consequence of which is that our taxes will soon exceed our profits... and once that happens...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This is absurd treatment.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Can't you discuss the situation with the Kanjou Commission?
Kurisu: We've tried communicating with the commission directly...
Kurisu: But this is a nation where the cries of a few struggling merchants will never be heard over the ever-present roar of thunder...
Kurisu: *sigh* Fontaine, my dear homeland... I miss you an awful lot at the moment...
Paimon: Sounds awful, they're really bleeding them dry.
Paimon: (Traveler), what do you think we should do?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Try our best to negotiate with the Kanjou Commission?
Paimon: But Kurisu's the head of the association and even he hasn't had any luck. Not to mention, we're outlanders too...
Kurisu: Right, and besides... I think this may well be the fate they've ordained for us.
Paimon: Okay, well we could try tackling the problem by going to the other party involved...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The vendor does sounds [sic] like a fishy character.
Kurisu: *sigh* That vendor...
Kurisu: I've actually done business with him in the past, but after a point, he stopped contacting us. I have no idea where he sources the stuff...
Paimon: Hmm... Well, it definitely sounds like he's being unfair. How do we find him? We could go talk to him and see if he lets anything slip.
Kurisu: Hey, that's a pretty good idea! Since you're not affiliated with the association and you're new to Ritou, he may just let his guard down.
Kurisu: If I remember correctly, our usual meeting point with him is under a tree by the coast in the residential district. See if you can find him there.
Paimon: Got it! We're on the case!
(Talk to Kurisu again)
Kurisu: I can't thank you enough for helping me out. If you've got no place to go, you're always welcome at the International Trade Association.

(Talk to Werner)
Werner: Hm? I don't think I recognize you, are you new arrivals?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes, we just arrived.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You don't recognize me? But I'm the fixer 'round these parts!
Werner: Haha, very funny. Real "Fixers" don't need to refer to themselves that way. I wasn't born yesterday, you know.
Werner: So. What do you need with me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Where do you source your goods?
Werner: The sheer nerve! You don't go around asking questions like that! If I gave you my sources, I might as well hand you the whole darn business!
Werner: Trade secret, got it? You know what "trade" and "secret" mean, right? Tsk.
Paimon: This guy's got a bad attitude...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Can you... reduce your prices?
Werner: Hah! Are you even buying!? ...Ohh, I see what's going on here. Kurisu and his associates sent you here to try and plead their case, didn't they?
Werner: Heh, they're wasting their time. The price is non-negotiable, not by a single Mora.
Paimon: Hey, what's your problem!?
Werner: Get out of here, go on. Tell them they're lucky to be buying from me in the first place, and they ought to be more grateful. If it weren't for me, they'd be in seriously hot water.
Paimon: What are we gonna do? There's no talking to this guy...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Time to get the real fixer on the case...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's go talk to Thoma.
Paimon: Good idea. Let's check back in with him.
(Talk to Werner again)
Werner: Hmph. I'm the only lifeline they've got. How dare they try and bargain with me!

(Talk to Thoma)
Thoma: Hm? That was quick... You resolved it already?
Paimon: Um, actually we're having a little trouble...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're going to have to help us help you.
Thoma: Oh? Well, by all means, tell me what you need. I'll help as much as I can.
Thoma: Getting you to go fixing things when you've only just arrived is quite a demand.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What do you know about Werner?
Thoma: Oh, that guy? I'm familiar.
Thoma: He used to be a bit of a sorry sight, selling shells that he'd collect on the beach just to get by. But he seems to have suddenly shot up in the world recently.
Thoma: I can only assume he must have found himself a patron after leaving the International Trade Association.
Paimon: Huh? You're saying he used to be a member of the International Trade Association? So he's an outlander, too?
Thoma: Yes... couldn't you tell when you spoke to him?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Seemed like a Mondstadter to me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png At least, I didn't get the impression he was a local.
Thoma: That's right, Werner was born in Mondstadt, then went into the shipping business, trading between Liyue and Inazuma.
Thoma: When Inazuma closed to the outside world, he was one of a group of outlanders that ended up stranded on Ritou.
Paimon: Huh, what a bummer...
Thoma: The International Trade Association was initially very generous to him, but over time, with decree after decree, the association members found it increasingly difficult to make ends meet...
Paimon: So, he left the association and turned his back on them!
Thoma: Haha, I'm sure it's more nuanced than that. I believe even the most ungrateful and cold-hearted of people still have some amount of gratitude and warmth left in them somewhere.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Got it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll go back and talk to him again.
Paimon: Really? Is that all you need to know?
Thoma: Well then, it sounds like you may have found a way in with him.
(Talk to Thoma again)
Thoma: Something tells me you've come up with a smart way to solve this...

(Talk to Werner)
Werner: What are you doing back here? Just 'cause I got plenty of time on my hands doesn't mean I want to waste any of it talking to you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Time on your hands... Some would call that a form of freedom.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It was the wind that led me back here to you.
Werner: Huh? Where's this coming from...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A Dandelion Wine would sure be nice on a day like this...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A bard's serenade would be perfect right now...
Werner: ...Mondstadt... You're talking about... Mondstadt?
(After submitting a Mondstadt Local Specialty to Werner)
Werner: Goodness, I can sense it now. So familiar, but I can't remember the last time I was there...
Werner: Ah, the scent of Mondstadt... Oh, how it takes me back...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png May the Anemo Archon protect you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let the Wind lead.
Werner: *sigh* My hometown... The home of freedom...! How I long to go back and visit...
Paimon: Ooh, it's working...
Werner: Ah... Oh — ahem! So, trying to play my heartstrings like a lyre are you? I know what you're up to.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Close your eyes...
Werner: Huh? What is this, what are you up to now?
Paimon: Just close your eyes already!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Listen closely... doesn't it sound familiar...?
Werner: You mean... the sound of the ocean?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Cheap 'n' tasty chop suey!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Grilled Tiger Fish, get it while it's hot!
Werner: *gasp* Liyue Harbor! I can see it so clearly! Oh, and the sound of the waves, the calls of the merchants...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png May the flames of virtue spread to all...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...and never be extinguished!
Werner: Xiao Lanterns! Haha, I'm right there, at the Lantern Rite! Oh... look at them, floating up into the sky!
Paimon: This guy has a really active imagination... either that or he really does miss Liyue Harbor...
Werner: *sigh* Liyue, Liyue...
(After submitting a Liyue Local Specialty)
Werner: Wait... Stop, that's enough... Don't make me relive it any more, my poor heart can't take it...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A lot of people out there sympathize with the position you're in.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A lot of people have supported you in the past.
Werner: You mean... the folks from the International Trade Association... And I suppose they are far from home, just like me.
Werner: Often, I'll sneak down to the shore at night and listen to the sound of the waves... I like to imagine it's the voice of my hometown, carried across the ocean.
Werner: I've run into folks from the association more than a few times doing just that, but I always hide my face and slip away...
Werner: *sigh* Don't you think I've wanted to talk things through with them, and free myself from this anguish?
Paimon: Um... well, no one's stopping you, so...
Werner: They're so resilient. None of them had anyone else to rely on, so they rallied together, committed to finding a way to survive... But I couldn't do it, I'm not strong enough...
Werner: So... I caved... Those people, they'd make the smallest of promises, offer the most measly benefits, and I'd do whatever they asked of me... and make Mondstadters look like the worst people in the world...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Who are "those people"?
Werner: ...Alright, I'll tell you the whole story. It's eating me up inside and I can't take it anymore.
Paimon: You're ready to talk now?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The International Trade Association will protect you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Come get a drink with your friends from the association.
Werner: But I betrayed them... I can't show my face there...
Paimon: Ugh, c'mon you scaredy-cat! Look, you messed up, but now it's time to make things right!
Paimon: So, come on, get it off your chest. What's the deal here?
Werner: It's a scheme by the tax-collection ashigaru. Keijirou and his companions.
Werner: They start by overtaxing the merchants, then take the extra Crystal Marrow they receive and stockpile it.
Werner: Once the merchants run out of places to buy Crystal Marrow, they get me to sell that extra stock back to the merchants at an extortionate price, with the proceeds going to the tax-collection ashigaru.
Paimon: It's just... it's plain evil, gouging them like this.
Werner: I'm their puppet, yes... but my cut is a tiny fraction of what we take in total. It's barely enough for me to live on.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We need evidence.
Werner: Evidence? Hmm... You're right, without conclusive evidence, he will never admit it.
Werner: Now that I think about it, whenever I report back to him after a sale, he always heads to the same place. It's always made me suspicious...
Werner: As it happens, I handed some Mora over to him not long ago. I can show you where he went if you want.
Paimon: Really? Well, then there's no time to lose! Let's go.

Tailing Keijirou

(Upon arriving at the location)
Werner: Keijirou! It's him!
Paimon: After him!
(If you get too close to Keijirou)
Paimon: Too close, that's too close! He'll notice us for sure!
(If Keijirou spots you)
Keijirou: Come out. I can see you.
Keijirou: Who are you, and why are you following me?
Paimon: Uh-oh, seems like he's noticed us...
(Return to the starting position and try again)
(If Keijirou gets too far)
Paimon: He's getting further and further away. Let's catch up a little.
(If Keijirou gets out of sight)
Paimon: Huh? Where'd he go?
Paimon: He was right there a moment ago... Seems he disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Paimon: If only we'd made less noise..
(Return to the starting position and try again)

(Follow Keijirou to Ryouko's stall)
Keijirou: Ah, Ryouko. How's business?
Ryouko: Heh... All the better thanks to your generous patronage.
Keijirou: Good! Thankfully, I earn plenty these days...
Ryouko: But of course, tax collection is difficult work.
(Keijirou walks away from the stall)
Keijirou: Now, who else is behind on payments?
Keijirou: Let me think... yes, the trade association clique still need to be brought into line.
(He starts running off, making you chase after him)
Keijirou: Hm? What was that sound...
Paimon: Shh... Quiet! Don't let him find us!
Keijirou: Must be hearing things. Drat, I'm behind schedule. I need to hurry...

(Keijirou checks something on the ground and walks away)
Werner: What could he be doing at a place like this...
Paimon: It looked like he buried something over there, didn't it? Why don't we take a look?
(After walking over to where Keijirou was)
Paimon: Whoa, it's... a ledger...
Paimon: Boring... Paimon thought he'd hidden a big pile of Mora here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ah yes, the real reason Paimon came along.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Even if we did find Mora, we would give it to the trade association.
Paimon: Ehehe, yeah...
Werner: Let me take a look here...
Werner: Aha, yes. This is what we're looking for. A clear and complete record of every single transaction, each one proof of his guilt.
Paimon: Great! Well, now we have our hard evidence, let's go tell Kurisu the good news, shall we?
Werner: Ah, um... I—I'll say goodbye to you here, then.
Paimon: Huh? You aren't gonna come with us?
Werner: I... I need a little more time before I'm ready to face the head of the association. I'm sorry.
Paimon: *sigh* Poor Werner's a pretty awkward guy, huh...

Confronting Keijirou

(Upon arriving at the location)
Kurisu: But we really don't have anything left. If this keeps up, our sales will come in at a loss. There'll be nothing left for us to do but starve...
Keijirou: You know the decree. The rules are the rules. No discounts, no exceptions — and no excuses!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're the one making a mockery of the rules here, Keijirou!
Keijirou: Hmm? And who are you? Another new member of the association?
Paimon: It just so happens that we found your little ledger. So now we're here to tell everyone all about how you embezzled Crystal Marrow to sell it right back to the tax payers!
Kurisu: Huh? Is this true!?
Harrison: You've been swindling us!
Keijirou: Well, uh... You see... The t—taxes, uh...
Kurisu: Let me take a look at the ledger.
Kurisu reads through each and every item in the ledger.
Kurisu: Well would you look at that... Every payment the association has made is right here in your personal ledger.
Kurisu: So, Mr. Keijirou, it seems you have some explaining to do. How shall we settle this, hmm?
Keijirou: Hmph! So you think you can use this against me do you? I—It's quite obvious that I'm merely trying to earn a modest living for myself, like anyone else...!
Kurisu: Word has it that samurai in the commission place great importance on reputation and prestige... Though, I'm sure commission members won't blame you once word gets out...
Keijirou: Huh? Is that a threat? Are you threatening me!?
Kurisu: No, not at all. I'm simply stating that it would be quite a pity if an illustrious gentleman such as yourself were to have their reputation tarnished.
Keijirou: Uhh... W—Well even if what you say is true, what do you suggest we do about it...?
Kurisu: I believe you still have a quantity of Crystal Marrow in your possession, correct?
Kurisu: Perhaps that Crystal Marrow could be used as compensation for the recent tax hike, and us merchants could finally have some more breathing room.
Paimon: Is that it?
Keijirou: Hmph, do you have any idea the hoops I had to jump through to get the Crystal Marrow and keep it hidden!? Ugh, fine! In that case, I'll send it over to you today.
Paimon: And not even an ounce of shame for his actions...
Harrison: So that's it!? My shop's been closed for weeks now — I've even had to ask my friends to help bail me out! What about my losses!?
Kurisu: Come on, Harrison! We've already struck a good deal here...
Harrison: I'm sick of being pushed around like this! I won't let him off so easily!
Kurisu: Harrison!
Katsuie: Hey! What's all this racket? Does someone dare question the decree?
Keijirou: Ah, Chief. You've arrived.
Katsuie: What was all the commotion I heard just now?
Keijirou: Oh, we were just discussing a minor tax issue. I do my utmost to lend them a helping hand, but they're never grateful.
Harrison: A helping hand!? The only thing you're doing is stuffing your greedy pockets with our hard-earned wealth. I assure you that Hiiragi Shinsuke will hear of this!
Katsuie: Oh? And you dare to utter the Commissioner's name? You outlanders have no respect for the rules.
Katsuie: Seize the merchants! We will resolve this dispute back at headquarters!
Paimon: Uh-oh, this is going in a bad direction...
Thoma: Gentlemen, gentlemen. Come now, is there any need for this? If there's a dispute to resolve, let's get a drink and talk it over.
Keijirou: Who are you supposed to be? And why in my right mind would I join you for a drink?
Paimon: Ha! You never heard of the fixer!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Context, Paimon, context...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That title doesn't have any weight with these people.
Thoma: Here's my card...
Katsuie: Huh... you're from the Yashiro Commission?
Thoma: Shh...
Katsuie: Hmph, well, this is Kanjou Commission territory. However powerful the Yashiro Commission may be, you have no business meddling in Ritou's affairs.
Thoma: Of course not. Of course not. Still, perhaps you could show the young lady of our clan some courtesy...
Screenshot Confessions of an Outlander Fan.webp
Thoma: You wouldn't want your names showing up in a petition to the shogun, would you?
Katsuie: That fan... the Shirasagi Himegimi.
Katsuie: ...I don't need any trouble with her. Okay, let's forget all this. It'll give us one less thing to worry about.
Keijirou: But Chief...
Katsuie: Enough! We're leaving.
Thoma: Let's get dinner one day soon, gentlemen. My treat. I insist.
Thoma: Eh, no response, huh... I suppose that bridge is well and truly burned, then.
Kurisu: Thank you so much, Thoma... But I'm sorry your relationship with the Kanjou Commission had to suffer for our sake...
Thoma: Haha. Hey, hey, I was joking. It's a small price to pay and you're more than welcome. If there's anyone you should be thanking, it's the Traveler. (He/She)'s the one who found a way to turn things around.
Thoma: If nothing else, I'm sure the tax-collection ashigaru will tread a little more carefully in future.
Paimon: Thoma... what was all that—
Thoma: Shh... Not here, too many people listening, haha. Let's move somewhere else.
(Talk to Harrison again)
Harrison: It's tyranny — plain and simple...
(Talk to Kurisu again)
Kurisu: Thank you so much, our heads are back above water now...

(Talk to Thoma)
Thoma: Corruption seems rife in the Kanjou Commission, they truly are rotten to the core... *sigh*
Thoma: Alright. Time for me to answer your questions. What would you like to know?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about the Yashiro Commission.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about the Shirasagi Himegimi.
Thoma: Haha, straight to the point. Let me re-introduce myself.
Thoma: I belong to the Kamisato Clan of the Yashiro Commission on Narukami Island. I'm an attendant of the Shirasagi Himegimi.
Paimon: Ugh, you've been keeping your true identity a secret from us this whole time!
Paimon: So, the Yashiro Commission. Guessing that's another branch of the Tri-Commission?
Thoma: Correct. The Kamisato Clan is the head of the Yashiro Commission, who manage ceremonial and cultural affairs. I'd go into more detail on what exactly that covers, but I'm not even sure myself.
Thoma: I'm just someone who was fortunate enough to be taken in by the Kamisato Clan. My role is to take care of the daughter of the clan — Kamisato Ayaka, also known as the Shirasagi Himegimi.
Paimon: Seems like she must be super-famous in Inazuma, given the reaction of those guys just now.
Thoma: Hahaha... Oh, most definitely. She's graceful, dignified, and kind-hearted, too. The people of Inazuma quite adore Miss Kamisato.
Thoma: Her fame even somewhat eclipses that of her older brother, Kamisato Ayato, despite the fact that he is the current head of the clan.
Thoma: I suppose those who treat others with compassion earn themselves the same treatment in return. Miss Kamisato's situation certainly seems to attest to that. Take me, for example — I'm just an attendant, and yet she treats me as an equal, as she would a friend.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So where did this "fixer of Ritou" thing come from?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So as her attendant... are we helping you or her...?
Thoma: You're asking the right questions. And to be honest, I don't want to keep you in the dark any more than is necessary.
Thoma: Firstly, you should know that being a fixer is not something you can fake. I spent the better part of a month tirelessly building up a network of relationships on the island, and I got to know Captain Beidou during that time, too.
Paimon: Still pretty good going for just a month's work!
Thoma: Haha, well, maybe I have a slight knack for schmoozery. But the main thing was, I had to make sure I'd be in time to receive you when you arrived.
Thoma: Inazuma may have closed off to the outside world, but that hasn't stopped a lot of people from hearing about your feats in Mondstadt and Liyue.
Thoma: So, when Miss Kamisato heard of your intention to come to Inazuma, she began looking forward to your arrival with great anticipation. She's excited to find out whether the rumors are true...
Thoma: ...that is, that you have what it takes to change the tide of the times.
Paimon: Change the tide of the times?
Thoma: In the test that I gave you earlier, although there were a few hiccups at the end, it was you who found the way to turn the situation around.
Thoma: Navigating powerful people, using their character flaws to your advantage... it's just what Miss Kamisato had hoped to see.
Thoma: With your help... even the Vision Hunt Decree—
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I never offered to help.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I refuse.
Thoma: ...Ah.
Thoma: Hmm, that's an unexpected development. Perhaps our sources were misleading...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I have one goal here: to meet the Raiden Shogun.
Thoma: ...Yes, of course. I completely understand, and as agreed, I shall help set that up for you.
Paimon: Huh, Thoma sure didn't put up much of a fight...
Thoma: Hah... Well, my work on Ritou is done, so I suppose this is goodbye for now.
Thoma: Oh, one more thing — this Invitation Letter is for you... When you get to Narukami Island, you can find me at Komore Teahouse, as per the letter.
Thoma: Good luck with everything. See you soon.
(Thoma leaves)
Paimon: Thoma's not such a bad guy, huh. We should get going.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There is one problem...
Paimon: Huh? What's up?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Outlanders are unable to leave Ritou.
Paimon: Oh, right! Paimon forgot all about that!
Paimon: Wait, so... did Thoma forget that, too?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I think perhaps not...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This must be the next part of his "test."
Paimon: Darn it! Grr, no wonder he was so matter-of-fact about the whole thing!
Paimon: As soon as we get off Ritou, Paimon's going straight to Komore Teahouse to settle the score!
Paimon: Ugh, well, guess we should give it a try. Let's head to the border and see how far we get.

Unsorted voice-over

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Confessions of an Outlander
Yìxiāng Rén de Chànhuǐ Lù
Yìxiāng Rén de Chànhuǐ Lù
Japanese 異郷人の懺悔録
Ikyoujin no Zangeroku[!]
Confession Record of a Foreigner
Korean 이방인의 참회록
Spanish Confesiones de un forasteroConfessions of a Forager
French Confessions d'un étrangerConfessions of an Outlander
Russian Исповедь чужестранца
Ispoved' chuzhestrantsa
Thai บันทึกคำสารภาพของคนแปลกหน้า
Confession Record of a Stranger
Vietnamese Lời Ăn Năn Của Kẻ Tha Hương
German Beichte eines FremdenConfession of an Outlander
Indonesian Pengakuan Orang AsingForeigner Confession
Portuguese Confissões de um ForasteiroConfessions of an Outsider

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