Common Ascension Material are materials that can be used for both Character and Weapon ascension once they have reached their maximum level. These materials can be grouped by the family or type of monster that drops them. Higher rarity materials can also be crafted with Alchemy by combining lower rarity materials from the same group.


1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars
Slime Item Slime Condensate.png
Slime Condensate
Item Slime Secretions.png
Slime Secretions
Item Slime Concentrate.png
Slime Concentrate
Hilichurl Masks Item Damaged Mask.png
Damaged Mask
Item Stained Mask.png
Stained Mask
Item Ominous Mask.png
Ominous Mask
Hilichurl Arrowheads Item Firm Arrowhead.png
Firm Arrowhead
Item Sharp Arrowhead.png
Sharp Arrowhead
Item Weathered Arrowhead.png
Historic Arrowhead
Samachurl Scrolls Item Divining Scroll.png
Divining Scroll
Item Sealed Scroll.png
Sealed Scroll
Item Forbidden Curse Scroll.png
Forbidden Curse Scroll
Hilichurl Horns None Item Heavy Horn.png
Heavy Horn
Item Black Bronze Horn.png
Black Copper Horn
Item Black Crystal Horn.png
Black Crystal Horn
Ley Line None Item Dead Ley Line Branch.png
Dead Ley Line Branches
Item Dead Ley Line Leaves.png
Dead Ley Line Leaves
Item Ley Line Sprouts.png
Ley Line Sprouts
Chaos Parts None Item Chaos Device.png
Chaos Device
Item Chaos Circuit.png
Chaos Circuit
Item Chaos Core.png
Chaos Core
Mist Grass None Item Mist Grass Pollen.png
Mist Flower Pollen
Item Mist Grass.png
Mist Grass
Item Mist Grass Wick.png
Mist Grass Lamp
Fatui Knives None Item Hunter's Sacrificial Knife.png
Hunter's Sacrificial Knife
Item Agent's Sacrificial Knife.png
Agent's Sacrificial Knife
Item Inspector's Sacrificial Knife.png
Inspector's Sacrificial Knife
Fatui Insignias Item Recruit's Insignia.png
Recruit's Insignia
Item Sergeant's Insignia.png
Sergeant's Insignia
Item Lieutenant's Insignia.png
Lieutenant's Insignia
Treasure Hoarder Insignias Item Treasure Hoarder Insignia.png
Treasure Hoarder Insignia
Item Silver Raven Insignia.png
Silver Raven Insignia
Item Golden Raven Insignia.png
Golden Raven Insignia
Bone Shards None Item Fragile Bone Shard.png
Fragile Bone Shard
Item Sturdy Bone Shard.png
Sturdy Bone Shard
Item Fossilized Bone Shard.png
Fossilized Bone Shard
Whopperflower Nectar Item Whopperflower Nectar.png
Whopperflower Nectar
Item Shimmering Nectar.png
Shimmering Nectar
Item Energy Nectar.png
Energy Nectar

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