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Daily Commissions are unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 12. On daily reset (19:00 UTC), players will receive four commissions from the Adventurers' Guild, viewable from the Quest menu or the Adventurer Handbook. The commission locations are randomly assigned based on regions you have unlocked.

Completing each commission rewards 10 Primogems, plus Adventure EXP, Mora, and Companionship EXP based on your current Adventure Rank. After completing all daily commissions, reporting back to the Adventurers' Guild at any branch grants bonus rewards from the Guild.

Commissions do not roll over to the next day if they are not completed before the daily reset.


Commission Rewards

Adventure Rank Primogem Adventure Rank EXP Mora Companionship EXP Ore Reward
12~13 10 175 2,775 25 1~4 Fine Enhancement Ore
0~1 Mystic Enhancement Ore
16~19 10 200 3,200 30 1~4 Fine Enhancement Ore
0~1 Mystic Enhancement Ore
20~24 10 200 3,625 35 1~3 Fine Enhancement Ore
0~2 Mystic Enhancement Ore
25~29 10 225 4,050 35 1~3 Fine Enhancement Ore
0~2 Mystic Enhancement Ore
30~34 10 225 4,475 40 1~3 Fine Enhancement Ore
0~2 Mystic Enhancement Ore
35~39 10 250 4,900 45 0~2 Fine Enhancement Ore
1~3 Mystic Enhancement Ore

Note: Some quests will have slightly lower rewards

Bonus Rewards

In addition to the rewards below, the player also receives an Adventure Treasure Pack which gives one T1 Character Ascension Material (Agnidus Agate Sliver, Varunada Lazurite Sliver, etc.)

Adventure Rank Primogem Adventure Rank EXP Mora Companionship EXP
12~13 20 500 5,575 45
16~19 20 500 6,425 55
20~24 20 500 7,250 55
25~29 20 500 8,100 65
30~34 20 500 8,950 70
35~39 20 500 9,800 75

Other Rewards

After Adventure Rank 26, every 8 daily commissions completed grants 1 Story Key, which are used to unlock certain Story Quests.

Possible Commissions

NPC Commissions

Icon Commission Story.png

Players receive these commissions from NPCs. Some of them are a part of a small questline and require the previous parts of the questline to be completed. These commissions can be received multiple times, but appear much less frequently than Basic Commissions.

Quest Name Description Notes
A Surprise Gift Rudolf wants to send a gift to his wife, Jilliana, but has no idea what to give her. He's at a loss about what to do...
Cleanup At Dawn II At the behest of head housemaid Adelinde, maids Moco and Hillie have begun cleaning up. However, they seem to have run into a spot of trouble... Requires clearing the World Quest Cleanup At Dawn.
Diamond in the Rough... Smooth-talking Shitou bets you'll enjoy the game he has in store... Grants the achievement "Beginner's Luck" if first pick is right.
Ellin, the Wannabe Knight Ellin is working hard to become a knight, but her training doesn't seem to work out. She seems to need some guidance...
Fishing Jiangxue Jiangxue is fishing by himself, but it seems like he's waiting for something to happen...
Geo Travel Diary Musheng seems to know a great deal of Geo Archon lore...
Good Sign
Long Distance Love Godwin, a Knight of Favonius is yearning for his lover who stayed in Mondstadt. He's looking for someone to deliver a letter to her...
Michelle Never Stops! Michelle is on her way to work, looking quite exhausted...
Miracle Medicine Anthony requested a prescription from a master physician in Liyue Harbor that can be used to heal Anna.
Nora, Run!
Pigeon, Duck, and Child Timmie is concerned that you have scared off the pigeons, he thinks you should be kind to fellow animals.
Sorry, Timmie! Timmie seems to have a bone to pick with you over some matter. Perhaps Sister Grace would know a way to help resolve things between you two... Unlocked by killing the birds after completing "Pigeon, Duck, and Child".
Stairway to Wangshu Huai'an of Wangshu Inn is trying to fix the (other) crack in the inn staircase, and he's looking for someone to help him... Can be completed twice, after which you receive the achievement "Level Up".
Tales of Winter In Mondstadt, the Fatui member Viktor is recruiting people to join their cause. This may be a good opportunity to pry into what the Fatui is up to. Grants the achievement "Telling It How It Is".
Timaeus' Alchemy Tutorial Timaeus is deeply enraptured with alchemy. He wonders if there are others like him, that are drawn to this ancient and mysterious art...
This Novel Will Be Amazing Chang the Ninth has written a brand new novel, and he's looking for someone who is able to take him to Feiyun Commission Guild as fast as possible... Can get Achievement "This Novel is Amazing!" by choosing to sneak a peek at the transcript before delivering it.
Yanxiao's Dilemma Something is bothering Smiley Yanxiao, the chef of Wangshu Inn...

Basic Commissions

Icon Commission Repeat.png

Players can get these commissions multiple times, but they may not be at the same location.

Quest Name Description Objective
A Small Step for Hilichurls Hilichurls are building a camp in the wilderness to gather their kin. Defeat them to put an end to this threat. Defeat all enemies (0/8)
Adventure Takes Courage! Patchi The Curious is near the Thousand Winds Temple, trying to find a way to enter... Clear out the monster camp
Big Ice-Cold Crisis! A group of Cryo Slimes appeared in the wilderness. Defeat them to put an end to this threat. Electro attacks might work wonders against them. Defeat all enemies (0/6)
Business in a Marsh Huai'an can't stop worrying about the roaming monsters near Wangshu Inn... Clear out nearby monsters
Capsizing Waves A group of hilichurls are practicing their on-water fighting skills. Defeat all of them and put an end to this threat. Dropping them into the water might work wonders... Defeat all enemies (0/13)
Crisis of Shields A group of hilichurls with shields are wandering in the wilderness. Defeat them and put an end to this threat. Pyro attacks should be able to burn down their shields Defeat all enemies (0/5)
Dangerous Haul The hilichurls are escorting a Slime Balloon that is loaded with dangerous cargo. Destroy the hilichurls' Slime Balloon and clear this menace out. Sabotage the slime balloon (0/1)
Emergency An Eye of the Storm/Ruin Guard has been sighted in the wilderness, threatening the safety of the peripheral areas. Defeat it to put an end to this threat. Defeat the Eye of the Storm/Ruin Guard (0/1)
Full Speed Ahead Reach the destination within the time limit. Defeating enemies will extend your remaining time slightly. Reach the destination within the time limit (0/1)
Impregnable Defense Defeat all enemies and protect the Ley Line Monolith. Complete the challenge by protecting the Ley Line Monolith (0/1)
Increasing Danger Hilichurls are building towers in the wilderness. Destroy them quickly. Destroy the hilichurl tower (0/2)
Language Exchange Ella Musk wants to find a group of Hilichurls to practice her Hilichurlian. She claims to have a solid grasp of the basics, as well as plenty of communication experience... It's just that she's never had a chance to actually speak with them. Grants the achievement "...Odomu?"
No Honor Among Thieves A group of Treasure Hoarders have made vamp in the wilderness and are up to no good. Defeat them to put an end to this threat. Defeat all enemies (0/9)
Pigeons Go AWOL Draff is angry at the pigeons he keeps...
Poetry Exchange Grants the achievement "Yo dala?" if you selected the correct sequence of dialogue.
Pudgy Pyrotechnicians Hilichurls are manufacturing exploding barrels in the wilderness. Stop them! Defeat all enemies (0/8)
Spreading Evil An Abyss Mage was seen performing a ritual on the Hilichurls. Defeat them to put an end to this threat. Defeat all enemies (0/5)
Straight to the Heart Reach the destination within the time limit. Defeating an opponent will give you a little bit of extra time. Complete the Time Challenge (0/1)
Stop Albert, Stop! A suspicious person is lurking around the Cathedral, Sister Victoria wants someone to deal with them... Sweep out the pile of leaves.
Where is the Unseen Razor? Lan has been looking for a specific sword, but it hasn't been fruitful so far, and now she's decided to widen the range. Defeat all enemies (varies).
Why Hit Rocks? A group of hilichurls are wandering in the wilderness. Some of them are Geo-enhanced. Defeat all of them and put an end to this threat. Defeat all enemies (0/9)

To Be Confirmed

Icon Commission Complete.png

To be confirmed if these are repeatable or not.


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