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Commissions are a type of Quest that players receive daily.

In lore they are provided to the Traveler by the Adventurers' Guild.


Daily Reset[]

Each Daily Reset, players will receive four commissions (0–2 NPC commissions and 2–4 basic commissions), viewable through the Quest Menu or the Adventurer Handbook. Commissions are randomly selected from a pool of all available commissions for the set location. Incomplete commissions do not carry over to the next day and are replaced on daily reset. It is possible to get duplicate commissions on the same day.

While each commission can only be completed once, players through Co-Op Mode may complete as many commissions as they wish.


Commissions will replace normal enemies and objects in their area, including Chests, until the commission is completed and the area is reloaded. Conversely, if a location or an NPC is currently occupied by any quest, commissions that require the same location or NPC will not occur. For example, if the Chivalric Training hangout event is currently active and in its "Training Ground" scene, the Ellin, the Wannabe Knight daily commission gets blocked and will not occur until the scene is cleared or the hangout event abandoned.

Preferred Region[]

Adventurer Handbook Commissions

Preferred Region in the top right corner

In the Adventurer Handbook players can choose to assign a preferred region in which they wish to be given their commissions, provided they have unlocked it. By default it will be set to "Random" and commissions' locations will be randomly chosen from all the unlocked regions. Only commissions in Areas that have already been filled in on the Map by activating the corresponding Statue of The Seven will be chosen.
Settings take effect on the next Daily Reset.
Emergency quests (including certain NPC follow-up quests) may still appear outside of the preferred region.

Adventure Encounters[]

Players may obtain Encounter Points by completing Quests, opening treasure chests, collecting certain Items and participating in Events. Encounter Points may be exchanged to claim commission rewards, while those commissions can still be completed they will not provide additional rewards.

Commissions With Incomplete Achievements[]

Commissions with related incomplete achievements:

  • Have a much higher probability to appear than other commissions.
  • Will bypass the cycle limit (but not the conditions that unlock them, block them, or remove them from the cycle pool), effectively having unlimited number of repeats until their achievements are obtained.
    • When an achievement requires the completion of different commissions, all commissions involved will bypass the cycle limit, even if a commission is no longer needed. For example, if the achievement A Nourishing Friendship has not yet been obtained, then both of the requisite quests, Fishing Jiangxue and Yanxiao's Dilemma, bypass the cycle limit until the achievement is obtained, even if the player has already completed one of the quests and that quest is no longer in their cycle.


Commissions are unlocked upon reaching Adventure Rank 12 and completing the World Quest Every Day a New Adventure.

Some commissions require completion of specific prerequisite quests or commissions before they are added to the commission pool.


Initially, only commissions in Mondstadt are available. Commissions for other regions can be unlocked by fulfilling their requirements:



While the players may, either through Co-Op Mode or claiming the rewards through Adventure Encounters first, complete more commissions, a maximum of 4 commission rewards can be claimed each day.

Rewards are scaled based on the Adventure Rank at the time the commission was assigned.
Most commissions grant the following rewards upon completion:

Primogem Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Fine Enhancement Ore Mystic Enhancement Ore
12–15 10 175 2,775 25 1–4 0–1
16–20 10 200 3,200 30 1–4 0–1
21–25 10 200 3,625 35 1–3 0–2
26–30 10 225 4,050 35 1–3 0–2
31–35 10 225 4,475 40 1–3 0–2
36–40 10 250 4,900 45 0–2 1–3
41–45 10 250 5,325 50 0–2 1–3
46–50 10 250 5,750 50 0–2 1–3
51–55 10 250 6,150 55 0–1 1–4
56–59 10 250 6,575 60 0–1 1–4
60 10 9,075 60 0–1 1–4

Some commissions (usually special NPC commissions that do not involve combat) grant reduced rewards:

Primogem Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Enhancement Ore Fine Enhancement Ore Mystic Enhancement Ore
12–15 10 175 1,850 15 0–1 1–4
16–20 10 200 2,125 20 1–4 0–1
21–25 10 200 2,400 20 1–4 0–1
26–30 10 225 2,675 25 1–4 0–1
31–35 10 225 2,950 25 1–4 0–1
36–40 10 250 3,225 30 1–3 0–2
41–45 10 250 3,500 30 1–3 0–2
46–50 10 250 3,775 35 1–3 0–2
51–55 10 250 4,075 35 1–3 0–2
56–59 10 250 4,350 40 0–2 1–3
60 10 6,850 40 0–2 1–3

Some NPC commissions grant additional commission specific rewards, independent of all commission reward rules and limitations.


After claiming all 4 daily commission rewards, reporting back to the Adventurers' Guild at any branch grants bonus rewards:

Adventure Rank Primogem Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP
12–15 20 500 5,575 45
16–20 20 500 6,425 55
21–25 20 500 7,250 55
26–30 20 500 8,100 65
31–35 20 500 8,950 70
36–40 20 500 9,800 75
41–45 20 500 10,625 85
46–50 20 500 11,475 85
51–55 20 500 12,325 95
56–59 20 500 13,175 100
60 20 18,175 100

In addition to the rewards above, the player also receives an Adventure Treasure Pack which gives one 2★ Character Ascension Material.

Story Keys[]

Story Key Points

Points counter at the bottom left corner of the image

After Adventure Rank 26, every commission completed will store a point up to 8, using these 8 points players can claim one Story Key. Up to 3 Story Keys can be held at a time. However, since up to 8 points can be stored, players can effectively hold a 4th key.
Story Keys are used to unlock some Story Quests and Hangout Events.


In Co-Op Mode, the host is the only player that can:

Commissions that require submitting an item as well as Pigeons Go AWOL cannot be advanced or started in Co-Op at all.


When claiming commission rewards in Co-Op Mode with 2 or more players:

  • The amount of Companionship EXP rewarded is doubled.
  • All players receive rewards based on what was completed:
    • Rewards from commission quests are based on the host's Adventure Rank
    • Rewards from Adventure Encounters are based on the Adventure Rank of the person claiming them

Players are still subject to the same 4 commission reward limitation.

Cycle Theory[]

Each region has its own pool of NPC commissions. A commission will "spawn" a certain number of times per cycle, with the number varying based on the commission. Completing one instance of a commission removes it from the pool until the next cycle. Uncompleted commissions remain in the pool of the current cycle. A cycle will not end while at least one NPC commission remains incomplete. Commissions can be left incomplete and thus retained in the current cycle without sacrificing daily commission rewards by using Adventure Encounters or completing any commission in Co-Op Mode. Non-NPC commissions do not affect NPC commissions.[1][2]

Аpproximate cycle length per region assuming no NPC commissions are left incomplete:

Region Days

Other Languages[]


LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
VietnameseỦy ThácỦy ThácCommission
TurkishÖzel Görev

Commission Quest

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCommission Quest
Wěituō Rènwù
Commission Quest
Wěituō Rènwù
Irai Ninmu
Commission Quest
Korean의뢰의뢰 임무임무
Uiroe Immu
Commission Quest
SpanishMisión de encargoCharge Mission
FrenchMission quotidienneDaily Mission
RussianЗадание поручений
Zadaniye porucheniy
Commission Mission
VietnameseNhiệm VụNhiệm Vụ Ủy ThácỦy ThácCommission Quest
GermanMissionsauftragMission Quest
IndonesianMisi HarianDaily Mission
PortugueseMissão de Aventura
TurkishÖzel GörevPrivate Quest
ItalianMissione con incarico

Daily Commission

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishDaily Commission
Měirì Wěituō
Daily Commission
Měirì Wěituō
Deirii Irai
Daily Commission
Korean일일일일 의뢰의뢰
Iril Uiroe
Daily Commission
SpanishEncargo del díaDaily Charge
FrenchMission quotidienneDaily Mission
RussianЕжедневное поручение
Yezhednevnoye porucheniye
Daily Commission
VietnameseỦy ThácỦy Thác MỗiMỗi NgàyDaily Commission
GermanTägliche MissionDaily Mission
IndonesianMisi HarianDaily Mission
PortugueseExpedição Diária
TurkishGünlük Özel Görev
ItalianIncarico giornaliero

Change History[]

Version 4.4

Version 4.1

Version 4.0

Version 3.8

  • The next Commission Quest now automatically tracked after completing the current Commission Quest.

Version 3.6

Version 3.4

Version 3.3

Version 3.2

Version 3.1

Version 3.0

Version 2.4

Version 2.2

Version 2.1

Version 2.0

Version 1.?

  • Most Commissions with dialogue can now be completed in Co-Op Mode.

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

  • Commissions were released.