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Combat in Genshin Impact is a Game System where the player performs battle with enemies when exploring the open world of Teyvat.








Elemental Resonance



  • Area of Effect - Effects from character Talents or enemy attacks that deal damage that affects more than a single target.
  • Auras - Effects displayed as a circle around enemies that provide special effects.
  • Bubbles - Obstacles that characters and enemies can create to trap their opponents.
  • Charge - The ability for a Talent to be used in quick succession without facing cooldown.
  • Charge Levels - Different effects based on how long an ability is held.
  • Displacement - The action of moving or disabling something.
  • Duration - How long Talents or effects last.
  • Elemental Nodes - Structures in the world that provide enemies with elemental buffs.
  • Fury - Status that gives additional behavior or stage change.
  • Gauge Unit Theory - Explanation of Elemental Reaction effectiveness.
  • Hitlag - Delay used to give impact to actions.
  • Invincibility Frames - Ability to be invulnerable to damage to a period of time.
  • Ley Line Disorders - Special conditions in Domains.
  • Shields - Barriers uses to protect the wielder.
  • Snapshotting - Ability to save the attributes of an ability after the conditions are lost.
  • Status - Buffs and Debuffs that modify Attributes or Elements.
  • Vacuum Field - The act of sucking objects and opponents.
  • Weight - How heavy a character or enemy is and how different abilities can affect them.

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Released in Version 1.0