The Information on this page or in this section is based on the 3rd/Final Closed Beta Test and may not be correct in later versions of the game.

Co-Op Mode

In Co-Op Mode, up to four Travelers can adventure simultaneously and take on Domains and monsters, find treasure, and enjoy the world of Teyvat together.

Rules and Restrictions

There are some restrictions for starting Co-Op Mode:

  • Co-Op Mode is only accessible to players that are Adventure Rank 16+.
  • Cross-play between the PC, Mobile (iOS and Android), and PS4 platforms is possible if both players are on the same regional server (America, EU, or Asia).
  • If two players co-op together, each of them can choose two characters for the party and swap between them in combat like they can in solo. If three players co-op together the host gets two characters, while the others get one. With four players in co-op, each player gets one character to use in battle.
    • Players are still able to change the current character you have in the party in co-op when out of combat via the menu.
  • Players can not join another player's world if the world level they are joining is higher than their own, or if a story or Archon quest (or any quest that manipulates the world) is currently in progress.


Activities you can do in Co-Op:

Activities you can only do in Co-Op:

Activities you can not do in Co-Op:

  • Story Quests (these quests are temporarily paused. They can be continued once Travelers leave Co-Op Mode.)
  • Spiral Abyss
  • Use Shops
  • Pick up Oculi
  • Open chests
  • Make offerings to any Statue of The Seven. However, you may visit statues to replenish the HP of your characters.

The host player can still do these activities.

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