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The Cloud Retainer's Abode is a Story Domain during the Chapter I, Act I Quest "Custodian of Clouds," as well as the World Quest "An Adeptal Summons."

Approaching the domain's entrance outside of the two quests will instead grant the following dialogue:

(The abode of Cloud Retainer. This adeptus seems unwilling to receive guests...)


  • To complete this domain normally, a Pyro user is needed to activate the Pyro Monuments in this domain.
  • Traveler (Geo) can be used to skip the puzzles (and chests) by using Starfell Sword to climb up to the top of the tree on the starting island and gliding to the center platform.
  • If you have Venti, you can use Skyward Sonnet to glide to the middle platform, effectively skipping all the puzzles.
  • If you have Keqing, you can use Stellar Restoration to blink partway to the middle platform and glide down.


  1. Use a Pyro attack to activate the Pyro Monument and start the challenge.
    • Defeat 10 Electro Slimes within the given time.
  2. Use the device on this platform to rotate the bridges and move to the next platform.
  3. On the next platform, fight some Hilichurls to unlock the 2nd device.
  4. Use the 2nd device to rotate the bridges until you can go forward and turn left to the platform with 5 fire totems.
  5. Use the 3rd device on this platform to start the challenge.
    • Watch 3 fire totems activate temporarily and use Pyro attacks to activate the totems in the same order. This unlocks a Common Chest.
  6. Repeat the challenge and activate 4 fire totems in the same order within 60 seconds to unlock an Exquisite Chest.
  7. Repeat the challenge and activate 5 fire totems in the same order within 75 seconds to unlock a Precious Chest.
  8. Return to the 2nd device and rotate the bridges until you can go forward and turn right to a broken circular platform. There's a Common Chest here.
  9. Use the wind current to glide up to the next platform with the 4th device. If you skipped the fire totem platform earlier, there won't be a wind current here.
  10. Use the 4th device to rotate the bridges until you can go forward to another platform with 6 fire totems. Half of the totems are activated.
  11. Use Pyro attacks to activate all 6 totems to unlock an Exquisite Chest and the 5th device. When a totem's activation status is changed, it also changes the activation status of the two totems to the left and right of it (e.g. If 3 totems are arranged in an "activated", "deactivated", "deactivated" pattern, activating the second one deactivates the 1st and activates the 3rd. Other totems are not affected.) Pay attention to the pattern.
  12. Use the 5th device to rotate the bridges until you can go forward to the final platform. A cut scene will start, revealing the Cloud Retainer. After the conversation, the domain will be completed.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0