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Cloud Retainer (Chinese: 留云借风真君 Liúyún Jièfēng Zhēnjūn) is an adeptus who dwells in her abode on Mt. Aocang, Liyue. She is a quest-exclusive NPC seen in Archon Quests, Story Quests, and World Quests.



"Tranquility of mind and purity of heart — the Free Adeptus, The Unfettered — performs no action and sets no rule. Their presence is beyond mere mortals."

A stone tablet on Mt. Aocang

Cloud Retainer is one of Morax's old allies, having been friends with him and Guizhong while the latter was still alive. Retainer and Guizhong had a shared interested in mechanics and were compatriots in their research in the subject, though Guizhong eventually perished during the Archon War in the same battle that led to the fall of the Guili Assembly.

At some point in time, Cloud Retainer built the Dwelling in the Clouds above Qingyun Peak.[4] Interestingly, the journal found there suggests that its writer — which to current knowledge would be Cloud Retainer — speaks of the adepti as though she were not one of them, at least at the time the journal was written. Also notable is that unlike her fellow adeptus Mountain Shaper's domain, which is sealed by a large adeptal talisman, the door to Cloud Retainer's abode is identical to other domains found throughout Teyvat.


Like her fellow adepti Mountain Shaper and Moon Carver, Cloud Retainer speaks in a formal, yet old-fashioned manner. Despite her way of speaking, there are subtle cues that indicate some of Cloud Retainer's true feelings.

Despite Retainer's outwardly aloof attitude, she is quite sentimental. Even several thousand years after Guizhong's death, Retainer has kept the table that they and Morax dined together at, even having their usual seats engraved with their names, as well as keeping evidence of each person's preferred dish. Upon learning of Rex Lapis' supposed death, Retainer also expressed a desire to destroy Liyue Harbor without hearing the details; only the Traveler's reminder of her contract with Rex Lapis abated her fury. She is also rather fond of Ganyu, recalling the memories she had with her when she was young.

Retainer also shows jealousy towards Ningguang's Jade Chamber, intending to create a floating building that would far surpass it. She claims that it is her "duty" to correct the "mistaken direction" that she believes the Jade Chamber will lead mortal mechanics in.

She is fond of Jewelry Soup; while she does not like visitors on Mt. Aocang, she accepts food offered to her by them. She is also relatively sensitive with her abode, as she dislikes having guests inside and has them quickly leave after their business inside is done.

As with the other adepti, her formal manner means she has no experience with modern speech, believing a "sore loser" is someone who has sores and has lost something recently.


Cloud Retainer takes the form of a white crane with blue, gold, and black plumage. Underneath her eyes are red markings, a trait notably shared with Zhongli and Xiao.

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  • Because of her dislike of guests in her adobe, the player automatically leaves her home after 120 seconds have passed, compared to the 900 from other domains.


  • The title "Perfected Lord" (Chinese: 真君 Zhēnjūn) at the end of her Chinese name is typically ascribed to the xian (Taoist immortals), whom the adepti are modeled after.


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Released in Version 1.0