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Cloud-Shrouded Jade is a special food item that the player has a chance to obtain by cooking Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup with Yun Jin. The recipe for Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup is obtainable from Bubu Pharmacy for 2,500 Mora.

Cloud-Shrouded Jade decreases all party members' sprinting Stamina consumption by 25% for 1500s.


  • Item Lotus Head.png 1 Lotus Head
  • Item Bird Egg.png 1 Bird Egg
  • Item Sugar.png 1 Sugar
  • Creates Cloud-Shrouded Jade Cloud-Shrouded Jade ×1


    • The following birthday mails included Cloud-Shrouded Jade:
    • The round, ball part of this dish is based on the real-life dish tangyuan (Chinese: 汤圆 tāngyuán), a glutinous rice dessert traditionally served in water and consumed at the Lantern Festival, as well as weddings, family reunions, and the Winter Solstice Festival. This whole dish, however, seems to be lotus paste stuffed tangyuan served on egg custard, compared to the original dish.
    • The Chinese name of this dish is a reference to a term in Beijing Opera, "Cloud-cover-the-moon voice" (Chinese: 云遮月 Yún Zhē Yùe), describing a beautiful, mellow and reserved voice.

    Other Languages

    LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
    EnglishCloud-Shrouded Jade
    Yún Zhē Yù
    Cloud-Covered Jade
    Yún Zhē Yù
    Cloud-Covered Jade
    Korean옥을 가린 구름
    Ok-eul Garin Gureum
    Cloud-Covered Jade
    SpanishJade entre las nubesJade Among the Clouds
    FrenchJade de nuagesCloud Jade
    RussianОкутанный облаками нефрит
    Okutannyy oblakami nefrit
    Cloud-Shrouded Jade
    ThaiCloud-Shrouded Jade
    VietnameseVân Già NgọcCloud Covered Jade
    GermanWolkenumhüllte JadeCloud-Shrouded Jade
    IndonesianCloud-Shrouded Jade
    PortugueseNuvens Sobre JadeClouds Over Jade

    Change History

    Released in Version 2.4