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Climate refers to the persistent, abnormal atmospheric conditions present in some areas of Teyvat.

Climate conditions can also take on the form of Ley Line Disorders in certain domains.

Climate conditions may or may not paused when interacting with NPCs.

Climate Areas

Some climate conditions are referred in-game as "Special Environment". When the Traveler is in a Special Environment, an icon may appear next to the minimap. Information can be accessed by selecting the icon next to the minimap or with the "Open Special Environment Information" keybind (default keybind: U). For PlayStation players, information about the current climate (i.e. Sheer Cold) can be accessed via the shortcut wheel + down button.

Subzero Climate

Subzero Climate was released in Version 1.2 and affects Dragonspine in Mondstadt. This climate includes Sheer Cold, which will eventually cause the active character to steadily lose HP. Players can find sources of warmth to prevent HP loss.


Fog is a temporary phenomena that reduces visibility. It first appeared in Golden Apple Archipelago during Version 1.6 and again in Tsurumi Island with the Version 2.2 release. Traveling too far into the fog will cause the screen to fog over and the player to respawn at the last activated Glimmering Beacon or Stormstone. Stay close to the Glimmering Beacons or Stormstones to avoid being respawned.

The fog will be lifted after some objective is met:

  • Golden Apple Archipelago: once all the Teleport Waypoints are activated.
  • Tsurumi Island: once the Through the Mists quest series is completed.


Balethunder was released in Version 2.0 and affects various locations in Inazuma. Without the protection of an Electrogranum or Thunderwood, the active character will steadily lose HP.

A Nation Closed by Thunder

A Nation Closed by Thunder is the name of the Special Environment released in Version 2.0 that surrounds the nation of Inazuma. This environment has persistent thunderstorms with a lot of lightning. If the player tries to enter or leave Inazuma by venturing into the storm, they are teleported back to Liyue Harbor or Ritou, respectively. This means that Inazuma cannot be accessed without the use of teleportation.

A Nation Closed by Thunder's Special Environment information has the following description:

  • Inazuma has been closed off by the Ogosho Shogun. No one is allowed in or out without good reason.

This environment is cleared after completing Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter Act II: Transient Dreams.

The Encroaching Dark...

The Encroaching Dark was released in Version 2.5 and affected the Three Realms Gateway Offering, an event map based on Enkanomiya. The event map comprise areas of varying Corrosion Intensity. When the event gadget Bokuso Box's Corrosion Resistance is lower than an area's Corrosion Intensity, the player's party will be exposed to Corrosion — which will accumulate over time and drain the energy of the Bokuso Box.

Other Climate Areas

Certain areas may be affected by persistent weather conditions that have no Special Environment information or that do have a Climate but also have additional effects. Only the notable ones, such as the ones tied to quests or ones that characters refer to with special names, are listed here.

The Chasm's Underground Mines Climate

The Chasm's Underground Mines are dark, and players may find it easier to navigate by lighting up their surroundings with the help of the Lumenstone Adjuvant, which only works in The Chasm's Underground Mines due to the "unique ley line environment" found there.

Amakumo Peak, Seirai Island

Amakumo Peak is affected by Balethunder. In addition to Balethunder, there are many lightning strikes, most of which target the player frequently enough that the player must keep moving in order to not get hit.

Both Balethunder and the targeted lightning strikes are removed during Seirai Stormchasers.


Tatarigami was released in Version 2.0 and affects Yashiori Island in Inazuma. Yashiori Island experiences persistent thunderstorms with a lot of lightning.

Tatarigami is removed during Orobashi's Legacy.

Change History

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