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The wind will carry dandelion seeds, songs, and stories far afield, and it also guides gentle Travelers to its realm. Welcome to Mondstadt.

The City of Wind

Mondstadt is the main town of the namesake nation. Located in the west of the Starfell Valley region, Mondstadt features cobblestone streets and several windmills surrounded by a large stone castle wall on the east lower end. A statue of the Anemo Archon watches over the city, with the Favonius Cathedral in the back.

Points of Interest

Favonius Cathedral

Viewpoint Favonius Cathedral.png

A holy place managed by the devoted adherents of the Anemo Archon. It was once a palatial estate from which the aristocracy flaunted their authority.

Favonius Cathedral

Once a place for the nobles to look down on the poor and weak, the Favonius Cathedral is now a place where those poor and weak people can be taken care of and assisted. Even scholars and enthusiasts come from all over the world to see it.

Knights of Favonius — Library

Viewpoint Knights of Favonius - Library.png

The library with the most books in all the northen lands. Other than those collected in the restricted section, all the books here are open for public reading.

Knights of Favonius — Library

Within the Knights of Favonius Headquarters is the Library. It's open to the public, although there's a restricted section not accessible if not given permission by the librarian.

Market District

Mondstadt Market District (Night).png

In the lower end of the city, several two story buildings with tan walls and red tiled roofs house several shops of various businesses.

Sealed Doorway

On the southern end of the city (a bit beyond Wagner's Shop), there is a door with a Hydro seal over it. Speaking to Goth reveals that it is one of his properties, but because someone placed the seal over it, he can't lease it until someone can break the seal. While the seal is up, interacting with the door leads to the following dialogue:

Examine the door: (This door seems to be locked by a curious seal. What is this place, really?)

During Mona's first Story Quest, "Beyond This World's Stars," she breaks the seal on the house and rents it. You are able to interact with Mona through the door. After the quest ends and you leave the area, the house is no longer interactable.


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