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City of Hidden Runes is a Quest Domain during Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: Act II - Perilous Trail quest "Danger All Around".


  1. At the entry platform, look at the colored rune on the floor and remember its appearance.
  2. Touch the nearby portal to move to the respective colored rune platform.
  3. Step on the runes that match the rune at the entry platform.
    • Stepping on the wrong rune will cause the player to take damage. The player can use a shield to absorb the damage while stepping on every rune to easily solve the puzzle.
  4. Defeat the monsters that appear.
  5. Operate the 2 Lightshapers to light up all 4 runes of the respective color.
  6. Return to the entry platform and repeat the above process for the other 3 platforms.
  7. Once all four rune puzzles are completed, a new portal will appear. Touch the new portal to move to the final platform.
  8. After a cutscene, continue with Danger All Around quest until you leave the domain.


Blue Rune Floor
Purple Rune Floor
Green Rune Floor
Yellow Rune Floor


(Enter the domain)
(After landing on the first rune floor)
???: Bos... is that... you...?
Paimon: Hey, did anyone else just hear that voice? It sounded super creepy!
(After landing on the second rune floor)
???: ...No... this... ...look at me!
???: Don't make me... fight you!
Yanfei: Is some sort of battle taking place here? I wonder who could be involved...
(After landing on the third rune floor)
???: No, if... still alive... why would you become like this?
???: I won't... attack you.
Paimon: That sounds like Xiao! Could he be in trouble?
Arataki Itto: Whoa, sounds like someone forgot to invite us to the fight... Let's go and help him!
Paimon: Yeah, but how are we gonna find him?
(After unlocking all 4 runes)
Paimon: The light seems to be leading to another platform. Let's go and take a look.
(Approach the marked area)
Paimon: The ground... has dissolved? What's down there...
Arataki Itto: Is that little dude called Xiao down there? We gotta help him!
Yelan: Hold on! Something's not right here.
Yelan: ...What's this...
Yanfei: It appears to be a small fissure...
Arataki Itto: What can you possibly find inside? It can't be a living person, can it, hahaha... Whoa!
Yanfei: Conqueror of Demons!?
Paimon: Xiao? Is that you?
Xiao: ...
Arataki Itto: Quit tryin' to scare us, okay?
Paimon: Huh? Wait, is this some kind of illusion? Paimon can't touch him...
Yanfei: Conqueror of Demons, can you hear us?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What happened? Are you okay?
Arataki Itto: Hello? Little dude! Anyone home?
Paimon: He isn't responding... What's going on here?
Xiao: You...
Paimon: Oh, he finally said something!
Arataki Itto: Oh!
Paimon: We followed your voice and found you here. But it's kinda strange, we can't touch you... How did you become an illusion?
Xiao: An illusion...?
Arataki Itto: Talk about a coincidence. We were just thinking you went missing and stuff, and then we heard the sound of you fighting. Pretty lucky we found you if you ask me, haha. You didn't get hurt, did ya?
Xiao: A coincidence? Wait...
Xiao: Something's not right... *cough* Something's wrong with this domain... Leave, now! Get out of there!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wait a minute... Xiao, are you hurt?
Yelan: If we can, we should have him regroup with us as soon as possible.
Yanfei: Tell us what happened and where you are now. We'll come find you immediately.
Xiao: No, your safety is the top priority. It seems this space can...
Yanfei: Huh? He disappeared...
Paimon: Where'd he go? It sounded like he might be injured. We need to go help him!
Kuki Shinobu: It seems the only option we have to explore any further is through that entrance over there.
Arataki Itto: Heh, he's injured and telling US to be careful? It's not like we're in any danger here.
Arataki Itto: Anyway, the secret behind whatever's going on should be in this cave, right? Don't worry, little dude, Itto's on the way!
Kuki Shinobu: Boss, please don't go charging ahead, you're an oni, not some hunting dog.
Arataki Itto: Don't worry, I'm invincible. Ahhh! My butt!
Arataki Itto takes a fall.
Kuki Shinobu: ...Looks pretty deep. Be careful, everyone.

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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCity of Hidden Runes
Jīfú Dùncáng zhī Chéng
City of Hidden Signs of Change
Jīfú Dùncáng zhī Chéng
Choukou Inton no Shiro
Castle of Secluded Omens
Korean징조가 숨어있는 성
Jingjoga Sumeoinneun Seong
Castle of Secluded Omens
SpanishCiudad de los Talismanes OcultosCity of the Hidden Talismans
FrenchCité des runes cachéesCity of the Hidden Runes
RussianГород сокрытых рун
Gorod sokrytykh run
City of Hidden Runes
VietnameseCơ Quan Ẩn Giấu
GermanStadt der versteckten SymboleCity of Hidden Symbols
IndonesianKota Ajaib yang TersembunyiHidden Magical City
PortugueseCidade das Runas Ocultas

Change History

Released in Version 2.7