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Circlet of Logos, also known colloquially as "the crown", "the mask", "the headpiece", "the hat", "the headgear", "the helmet", or simply "the Circlet", is an Artifact Piece in Genshin Impact. It can increase a character's stats and currently has 7 possible main stats: HP%, DEF%, ATK%, Elemental Mastery, Crit Rate%, Crit DMG%, or Healing Bonus%. Artifact Pieces can appear in all rarities (1-5 stars).

It is considered the second-hardest artifact piece to get "good stats" on, after the Goblet of Eonothem, because of the rarity in which certain main stats drop and the number of different main stats it can have. Certain community-made experiments show the highest probability of main stat are DEF% (24%), HP% (22%), and ATK% (22%), while the lowest are Elemental Mastery (5%) and Healing Bonus% (7%). Crit Rate% and Crit DMG% both appear to have a 10% chance to drop each.

Main Stats

Each artifact has one main stat, determined by the artifact's type/slot. Its starting value is determined by the artifact's rarity. See Artifacts/Scaling for values per level.

Circlet of Logos Circlet of Logos
Rarity3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
HP (%)5.2 - 23.16.3 - 34.87.0 - 46.6
ATK (%)5.2 - 23.16.3 - 34.87.0 - 46.6
DEF (%)6.6 - 28.87.9 - 43.58.7 - 58.3
Elemental Mastery21 - 92.325.2 - 139.328 - 186.5
CRIT Rate (%)3.5 - 15.44.2 - 23.24.7 - 31.1
CRIT DMG (%)7.0 - 30.88.4 - 46.49.3 - 62.2
Healing Bonus (%)4.0 - 17.84.8 - 26.85.4 - 35.9

List of Circlet of Logos

There are 39 Circlet of Logos:

Item Crown of Parting.png3-4★ Set Crown of Parting
Item Instructor's Cap.png3-4★ Set Instructor's Cap
Item Exile's Circlet.png3-4★ Set Exile's Circlet
Item Guardian's Band.png3-4★ Set Guardian's Band
Item Scholar's Lens.png3-4★ Set Scholar's Lens
Item Tiara of Thunder.png3-4★ Set Tiara of Thunder
Item Tiara of Flame.png3-4★ Set Tiara of Flame
Item Tiara of Frost.png3-4★ Set Tiara of Frost
Item Royal Masque.png4-5★ Set Royal Masque
Item Thundersoother's Diadem.png4-5★ Set Thunder­soother
Item Mocking Mask.png4-5★ Set Mocking Mask
Item Ornate Kabuto.png4-5★ Set Ornate Kabuto
Item Skeletal Hat.png4-5★ Set Skeletal Hat
Item Thundering Poise.png4-5★ Set Thundering Poise
Item Flowing Rings.png4-5★ Set Flowing Rings

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCirclet of Logos
Lǐ zhī Guān
Crown of Reason
Lǐ zhī Guān
Ri no Kanmuri
Crown of Reason
Korean이성의 왕관
Iseong-ui Wanggwan
Crown of Reason
SpanishTiara de LogosTiara of Logos
FrenchDiadème de LogosDiadem of Logos
RussianКорона разума
Korona razuma
Crown of Reason
ThaiCirclet of Logos
VietnameseNón Lý Trí
GermanHaarreif der VernunftCirclet of Sanity
IndonesianCirclet of Logos
PortugueseTiara de Logos