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Chitose (Japanese: 千世), formerly known by the alias Momoyo (Japanese: 百代), is an open-world NPC in Ritou, Inazuma after completing the World Quest Series The Very Special Fortune Slip. She is part of the Shuumatsuban.


"Chitose" is the current codename of a ninja of the Shuumatsuban who previously posed as a shrine maiden at the Grand Narukami Shrine under the name "Gendou Ringo", a name she picked for herself. She worked alongside Momoka.

Momoka was presumably killed by the Fatui during one of her operations but left behind her own secret code as the Fatui were trying to infiltrate the Shuumatsuban. As each ninja had their own special code, those who tried to use Momoka's would be immediately revealed as an imposter. The Traveler and Paimon, traveling around Inazuma, came across the code strip by chance while exploring Araumi. They brought the code to Gendou Ringo, who was surprised. Suspecting them of being Fatui spies, she sent them to defeat some Fatui agents to discern their intentions and tailed them. In the process, she was ambushed by other Fatui spies, although she was able to escape them by faking her death. Lyudochka Snezhevna took her place as "Gendou Ringo", who continued giving them missions in hopes of infiltrating the Shuumatsuban.

After the Traveler eliminated the "Demonbane Kin", the former Gendou Ringo left a note on the slip, which Paimon took out of curiosity. When they arrived, she knocked the Traveler out and took them to her hideout, where she demanded to know how they came across Momoka's code. The Traveler explained the situation to her, which she believed as they did not report to the Fatui after each mission. The following day, she had them rendezvous with her at the hideout, where she believed that her imposter was trying to infiltrate the Shuumatsuban and tasked the Traveler with finding information on what the Fatui were up to. Here, she tells them to call her "Momoyo."

The Traveler learned that Momoyo's imposter, Lyudochka, was being given new orders regarding Watatsumi Island. She gave them some powder so they could track Lyudochka, where they eavesdropped on a conversation between her and her superior Efim Snezhevich on the nature of the operation. After defeating Lyudochka, who expressed genuine remorse and did not want to proceed with the operation, the Traveler took pity on her and asked Momoyo if she could create a fake corpse of the former. Momoyo was surprised but accepted the request, "killing" Lyudochka and allowed herself to get captured by the Fatui to convince them that Lyudochka was killed. In the ensuing scuffle, one of the Fatuus shot the box of powder, some of which got into her eyes.

The Traveler soon discovered Momoyo through the trail of powder she had left behind and freed her from the Fatui safehouse. She lost sight in her left eye following the incident but shook it off as a worthy trade for protecting Inazuma and that she could infiltrate a pirate group if needed. Momoyo returned to the shrine and contacted Sayu, after which she departed from the shrine.

One of Efim's subordinates was captured and "persuaded" to give up information about his superiors. The Shuumatsuban learned that after the title of The Knave changed hands, Efim had broken off from the House of the Hearth with some unsuspecting subordinates and continued to pursue the previous Knave's objectives. Some time later, Momoyo is given a new mission to find and remove any remaining operatives of Efim and changes her alias to Chitose.


As Gendou Ringo[]

Gendou Ringo wears the standard shrine maiden uniform consisting of a white kosode and red hakama, white tabi socks, and regular okobo sandals with red straps. She has blue eyes and black hair cut into a chin-length bob, and although not so visible in-game, the front portions of her hair are separated with dark brown accessories.


Chitose can be found on the docks of Ritou after completing the World Quest Series The Very Special Fortune Slip.

Quests and Events[]

World Quests

Hidden Exploration Objectives

Idle Quotes[]

Icon Dialogue Idle How annoying...
"Ugh, this mission is a tough nut to crack."


Dialogue Set #1[]

(First interaction)
Gendou Ringo: You want a fortune slip?
Paimon: Geez, she's so cold.
Icon Dialogue Talk Yes, I'd like one...
Gendou Ringo: Got it. Here's how it goes. First, shake this... thing over here.
Icon Dialogue Talk Isn't it called Fortune Slip Box?
Gendou Ringo: Yes. A Bamboo Slip will drop out from it. Give it to me, and I'll give you a matching strip of paper.
Icon Dialogue Talk I'm pretty sure they say it's a Fortune Slip...
Gendou Ringo: Whatever.
Paimon: Paimon's got a question! If... What do we do if we get one that means bad luck?
Gendou Ringo: It's fate. You got a problem with that? Huh?
Paimon: Eh!?
Icon Dialogue Talk Isn't there that shelf-like thing outside we can use to...
Gendou Ringo: Tsk.
Paimon: Did she seriously just say "tsk"?
Gendou Ringo: Let me see... Oh right, so it's like this. "Tie the inauspicious slip onto the Fortune Slip Hanger to change ill fortune to good"...
Gendou Ringo: Ah, right! If you get a slip with ill fortune, just tie it to that shelf, that'll do.
Gendou Ringo: Huh, what a bunch of... No, sorry. We at the Grand Narukami Shrine are most gentle indeed. Even if you should draw a slip with bad luck, you shall have a chance to turn it around.
Paimon: Something about this doesn't seem right...
Paimon: Let's go draw a fortune slip, (TravelerTraveler)!
(After drawing a Bamboo Slip for the first time)
Gendou Ringo: Give me that bamboo slip.
Icon Dialogue Talk R—Right.
Paimon: This shrine really seems to lack the whole divine affection thing, huh...
Gendou Ringo: Here.
Paimon: Let's see how our luck's going...
Gendou Ringo: Ah, yes. You can only draw one fortune slip each day. Please remember that.
Gendou Ringo: It's too tiring otherwise... Wait, no. If not, you won't be able to use the Fortune Slip Hanger to... No, that's not right either. What was I supposed to say?
Gendou Ringo: "Fortune slips are the manifestation of our archon's will. It is our place as mortals to respect it and do all we can."
Gendou Ringo: See? Elegantly put. So please remember, you can only draw one fortune slip each day.
(Go to Fortune Reveal)

Dialogue Set #2[]

(Before completing Day 1 of Gendou Ringo's Strange Fortune Slips)
Gendou Ringo: Hello.
Icon Dialogue Talk I want to decipher the fortune slip... (If holding a Bamboo Slip)
(If the fortune is Great Fortune or Rising Fortune)
Gendou Ringo: Give me your bamboo slip.
(If the fortune is Good Fortune, Modest Fortune, Misfortune, or Great Misfortune)
Gendou Ringo: Give me that bamboo slip.
(Give the item)
(If the dialogue corresponding to the fortune has not been seen before)
(Go to Fortune Reveal)
(If the dialogue corresponding to the fortune has been seen before)
(Obtain Fortune Slip Fortune Slip)
Icon Dialogue Talk (Hands over the fortune slip) In the middle of a hazy night. (If a Bamboo Slip was obtained after starting Gendou Ringo's Strange Fortune Slips)
(See Gendou Ringo's Strange Fortune Slips)
Icon Dialogue Talk Attitude...
Gendou Ringo: Hmm? What's the problem?
Icon Dialogue Talk Nope... It's nothing, ma'am.
Icon Dialogue Talk Goodbye.
Gendou Ringo: Goodbye.

Dialogue Set #3[]

(After completing The Very Special Fortune Slip)
Chitose: Tch. Nothing through the smuggling pipeline either, huh...
Chitose: What can I do for you? If you're a tourist, go look for the Outlander Affairs Agency.
Icon Dialogue Talk Momoyo?
Chitose: Who? You've got the wrong person.
Icon Dialogue Talk Sorry, I must have mistaken you for someone else. See you.
Chitose: See you.
Icon Dialogue Talk Sorry about that. What are you going by nowadays?
Chitose: I don't know what you're talking about...
Chitose: ...
Chitose: *sigh* Alright. Looks like there's no hiding from you. Just call me "Chitose" for now.
Icon Dialogue Talk New mission, Chitose?
Chitose: Fine. I can tell you — I do still owe you, after all. Hmph. Would make it easier for you to watch your own back, too. You've got Fatui enemies everywhere, after all.
Chitose: I'm still investigating that "Teacher" character. We captured one of his aides, and "persuaded" him to provide us with some interesting information.
Chitose: This "Teacher" was originally an instructor at the House of the Hearth. When the title of "The Knave" changed hands, he broke off with some unsuspecting subordinates and pursued the previous Knave's directives.
Icon Dialogue Talk Changes?
Chitose: Several years ago, a serious clash appears to have occurred between the previous Knave and a certain child at the House of the Hearth — this led to the latter replacing the former.
Chitose: Of course, this assumes that our captive speaks the truth. Taking a Fatuus's words at face value would be the height of folly.
Icon Dialogue Talk I hope everything goes well for you.
Chitose: Heh. Rather than wish me well, you'd best take care of yourself. You'll grieve people if you keep rushing into danger the way you have until now.
Icon Dialogue Talk You don't know?
Chitose: The "Teacher" appears to be using The Knave's name to keep a hold over his subordinates as they act across various nations — his goal and present affiliation, however, are unclear.
Chitose: He has likely left some "tacks" within Inazuma. My goal is to find every last one — and pluck them out.
Icon Dialogue Talk About Lyudochka...
Chitose: Lyudochka? I don't recall anyone by the name. Don't you mean "Gendou Ringo"?
Chitose: And those broken pieces of paper aren't giving her too much trouble, are they?
Icon Dialogue Talk She's doing a great job at the shrine.
Chitose: Hmph. Good. She's more suited to that work than I.
Chitose: You should be taking care of yourself — you and your floating white friend. Keep getting yourself in trouble like this, and you'll grieve "Gendou Ringo"'s poor heart.
Icon Dialogue Talk Alright. See you.
Chitose: See you.

Other Languages[]


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Change History[]

Version 4.1
  • Added idle voice-over.

Version 4.0

  • After completing The Very Special Fortune Slip World Quest Series, Momoyo as "Chitose," can now be permanently found in the open world as an NPC.
    • Added idle quote.

Version 2.0

  • Momoyo was released.