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Chiori (Japanese: おり Chiori) is a playable Geo Character in Genshin Impact.

An independent designer hailing from Inazuma who strives to make her brand internationally recognized across all of Teyvat, Chiori is the owner of Chioriya Boutique, a fashion label in Fontaine.

Gameplay Info[]

Ascensions and Stats[]

Toggle Ascension Materials

ATK[✦ 1]
Special Stat[✦ 2]
(CRIT Rate)
Ascension Cost (0 → 1)
Mora 20,000
Prithiva Topaz Sliver 1
Dendrobium 3
Spectral Husk 3
Ascension Cost (1 → 2)
Mora 40,000
Artificed Spare Clockwork Component — Coppelia 2
Prithiva Topaz Fragment 3
Dendrobium 10
Spectral Husk 15
Ascension Cost (2 → 3)
Mora 60,000
Artificed Spare Clockwork Component — Coppelia 4
Prithiva Topaz Fragment 6
Dendrobium 20
Spectral Heart 12
Ascension Cost (3 → 4)
Mora 80,000
Artificed Spare Clockwork Component — Coppelia 8
Prithiva Topaz Chunk 3
Dendrobium 30
Spectral Heart 18
Ascension Cost (4 → 5)
Mora 100,000
Artificed Spare Clockwork Component — Coppelia 12
Prithiva Topaz Chunk 6
Dendrobium 45
Spectral Nucleus 12
Ascension Cost (5 → 6)
Mora 120,000
Artificed Spare Clockwork Component — Coppelia 20
Prithiva Topaz Gemstone 6
Dendrobium 60
Spectral Nucleus 24
  1. Does not include weapon ATK value.
  2. Characters gain special stats starting with 2✦.
Total Cost (0✦ → 6✦)
Mora 420,000 Mora


Talent Weaving BladeWeaving BladeNormal Attack
Normal Attack
Performs up to 4 rapid strikes.

Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes.

Plunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
Talent Fluttering HasodeFluttering HasodeElemental Skill
Dashes nimbly forward with silken steps. Once this dash ends, Chiori will summon the automaton doll "Tamoto" beside her and sweep her blade upward, dealing AoE Geo DMG to nearby opponents based on her ATK and DEF.
Holding the Skill will cause it to behave differently.

Enter Aiming Mode to adjust the dash direction.

  • Will slash at nearby opponents at intervals, dealing AoE Geo DMG based on Chiori's ATK and DEF.
  • While active, if there are nearby Geo Construct(s) or Geo Construct(s) are created nearby, an additional Tamoto will be summoned next to your active character. Only 1 additional Tamoto can be summoned in this manner, and its duration is independently counted.
Talent Hiyoku: Twin BladesHiyoku: Twin BladesElemental Burst
Twin blades leave their sheaths as Chiori slices with the clean cuts of a master tailor, dealing AoE Geo DMG based on her ATK and DEF.
Talent Tailor-MadeTailor-Made1st Ascension Passive
Gain different effects depending on the next action you take within a short duration after using Fluttering Hasode's upward sweep. If you (PressPress/TapTap) the Elemental Skill, you will trigger the Tapestry effect. If you (PressPress/TapTap) your Normal Attack, the Tailoring effect will be triggered instead.

  • Switches to the next character in your roster.
  • Grants all your party members "Seize the Moment": When your active party member's Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, and Plunging Attacks hit a nearby opponent, "Tamoto" will execute a coordinated attack, dealing 100% of Fluttering Hasode's upward sweep DMG as AoE Geo DMG at the opponent's location. DMG dealt this way is considered Elemental Skill DMG.
  • "Seize the Moment" lasts 8s, and 1 of "Tamoto"'s coordinated attack can be unleashed every 2s. 2 such coordinated attacks can occur per "Seize the Moment" effect duration.


When on the field, if Chiori does not either (PressPress/TapTap) her Elemental Skill or use a Normal Attack within a short time after using Fluttering Hasode's upward sweep, the Tailoring effect will be triggered by default.
Talent The Finishing TouchThe Finishing Touch4th Ascension Passive
When a nearby party member creates a Geo Construct, Chiori will gain 20% Geo DMG Bonus for 20s.
Talent Brocaded Collar's Beauteous SilhouetteBrocaded Collar's Beauteous SilhouetteUtility Passive
When any party member is wearing an outfit apart from their default outfit, or is wearing a wind glider other than the Wings of First Flight, your party members will obtain the Swift Stride effect: Movement SPD is increased by 10%.
This effect does not take effect in Domains, Trounce Domains and the Spiral Abyss. Swift Stride does not stack.

Talent Upgrade[]


Character Talent Materials
1 → 22✦
Mora 12,500 [12,500]
Spectral Husk 6 [6]
Teachings of Light 3 [3]
2 → 33✦
Mora 17,500 [30,000]
Spectral Heart 3 [3]
Guide to Light 2 [2]
3 → 4
Mora 25,000 [55,000]
Spectral Heart 4 [7]
Guide to Light 4 [6]
4 → 54✦
Mora 30,000 [85,000]
Spectral Heart 6 [13]
Guide to Light 6 [12]
5 → 6
Mora 37,500 [122,500]
Spectral Heart 9 [22]
Guide to Light 9 [21]
6 → 75✦
Mora 120,000 [242,500]
Spectral Nucleus 4 [4]
Philosophies of Light 4 [4]
Lightless Silk String 1 [1]
7 → 8
Mora 260,000 [502,500]
Spectral Nucleus 6 [10]
Philosophies of Light 6 [10]
Lightless Silk String 1 [2]
8 → 96✦
Mora 450,000 [952,500]
Spectral Nucleus 9 [19]
Philosophies of Light 12 [22]
Lightless Silk String 2 [4]
9 → 10
Mora 700,000 [1,652,500]
Spectral Nucleus 12 [31]
Philosophies of Light 16 [38]
Lightless Silk String 2 [6]
Crown of Insight 1 [1]


Constellation Six Paths of Sage SilkcraftSix Paths of Sage Silkcraft1
The AoE of the automaton doll "Tamoto" summoned by Fluttering Hasode is increased by 50%.
Additionally, if there is a Geo party member other than Chiori, Fluttering Hasode will trigger the following after the dash is completed:
  • Summon an additional Tamoto. Only one additional Tamoto can exist at the same time, whether summoned by Chiori this way or through the presence of a Geo Construct.
  • Triggers the Passive Talent "The Finishing Touch." This effect requires you to first unlock the Passive Talent "The Finishing Touch."
Constellation In Five Colors DyedIn Five Colors Dyed2
For 10s after using Hiyoku: Twin Blades, a simplified automaton doll, "Kinu," will be summoned next to your active character every 3s. Kinu will attack nearby opponents, dealing AoE Geo DMG equivalent to 170% of Tamoto's DMG. DMG dealt this way is considered Elemental Skill DMG.
Kinu will leave the field after 1 attack or after lasting 3s.
Constellation Four Brocade EmbellishmentsFour Brocade Embellishments3
Increases the Level of Fluttering Hasode by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Constellation A Tailor's Three CourtesiesA Tailor's Three Courtesies4
For 8s after triggering either follow-up effect of the Passive Talent "Tailor-Made," when your current active character's Normal, Charged, or Plunging Attacks hit a nearby opponent, a simplified automaton doll, "Kinu," will be summoned near this opponent. You can summon 1 Kinu every 1s in this way, and up to 3 Kinu may be summoned this way during each instance of "Tailor-Made"'s Seize the Moment or Tailoring effect. The above effect can be triggered up to once every 15s.
Must unlock the Passive Talent "Tailor-Made" first.
Constellation Two Silken PlumulesTwo Silken Plumules5
Increases the Level of Hiyoku: Twin Blades by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Constellation Sole Principle PursuitSole Principle Pursuit6
After triggering a follow-up effect of the Passive Talent "Tailor-Made," Chiori's own Fluttering Hasode's CD is decreased by 12s. Must unlock the Passive "Tailor-Made" first.
In addition, the DMG dealt by Chiori's own Normal Attacks is increased by an amount equal to 235% of her own DEF.

Each Constellation activation requires one Chiori's Stella Fortuna Chiori's Stella Fortuna.


Character Event Wishes[]

Chiori has been promoted or featured with a drop-rate boost in 1 Event Wish:

Wish Featured Duration Version
Of Silken Clouds Woven 2024-03-13
Of Silken Clouds Woven 2024-03-13
ChioriGeo Chi­ori Chi­ori
March 13, 2024 – April 2, 2024 4.5

Chronicled Wishes[]

Chiori has not been included in any Chronicled Wishes.

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial Name

Change History[]

Introduced in Version 3.7 • Released in Version 4.5
Version 4.7
  • Updates to character voice-overs:
    • Updated audio for Japanese:
      • "Something to Share"
        • Minor tweaks to the audio

Version 4.5

  • Chiori was released as a playable character.

Version 4.3

  • Chiori was introduced as an NPC.

Version 3.7

  • Chiori was first mentioned by Kirara.