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Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns (Chinese: 辣肉窝窝头 Làròu Wōwōtóu, "Spicy Pork Wotou") is a food item that the player can cook. The recipe can be obtained during the Three to Get Ready, and Here We Go quest in the Moonlight Merriment Event.

Depending on the quality, Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns increases all party members' Shield strength by 25/30/35% and DEF by 165/200/235. Like most foods, this cannot target other players' characters in Co-Op Mode.


  • Item Raw Meat.png 4 Raw Meat
  • Item Jueyun Chili.png 2 Jueyun Chili
  • Item Flour.png 3 Flour
  • Item Cabbage.png 2 Cabbage
  • Creates Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns ×1


    • The following birthday mails included Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns:
    • The Chinese name of the food translates to "Spicy Pork Wotou," where wotou (Chinese: 窝头 wōtóu, lit. "nest-thing") is a type of steamed bread popular in Northern China that is nowadays usually made of cornmeal.
    • The rice-based version of this food is Rice Buns, whose recipe can be bought from Chef Mao, Xiangling's father.

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name Literal Meaning
    English Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns
    Làròu Wōwōtóu
    Spicy Pork Wotou
    Làròu Wōwōtóu
    Japanese ピリからまんじゅう
    Piri-kara Mushi Manjuu
    Spicy Steamed Manjuu
    Korean 매운 고기 찐빵
    Mae'un Gogi Jjinppang
    Spicy Meat Jjinppang
    Spanish Panecillos de maíz con carne picante
    French Wotou aux épices Spicy Wotou
    Russian Острые хлебцы
    Ostryye khlebtsy
    Spicy Bread
    Thai Chili-Mince Cornbread Bun
    Vietnamese Bánh Ngô Thịt Cay
    German Scharfe Fleischmaisbällchen Spicy Meat-Cornbread Buns
    Indonesian Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns
    Portuguese Bolinho de Carne Picante

    Change History

    Released in Version 2.1