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Childish Jiang's home

Childish Jiang (Chinese: 小姜 Xiǎojiāng) is an NPC found in the Sea of Clouds region, northwest of Liyue Harbor, Liyue. He starts the world quest A Little Game, where he plays a game of hide-and-seek with the player.



Jiang'er is the son of Shaoyuan and Duan'ya. While loved by his parents, Jiang appears to suffer from a mental illness that causes him to think and act like a child, which earned him the name Childish Jiang. His father served with the Millelith and inquired with Bubu Pharmacy to discern what was afflicting Jiang'er.

His father was eventually called upon to serve what he hoped was his final mission, but died in the process. He had expressed an intention to take him and his mother away to another place to live in should his resignation be declined. His mother, who learned of her husband's death, chose not to reveal what happened to Jiang'er, instead opting for a game of hide-and-seek. Jiang'er's mother soon left and died sometime later, not wishing to traumatize her son. When he heard extra voices on the mountain, he believed she had brought help and hid even more. Jiang'er never hid too far from the home and would occasionally return to eat, but he never saw his mother ever again.

Jiang'er would survive his childhood thanks to assistance from Uncle Tian (who calls himself a "distant" relative) and his father's fellow Millelith, with both the Tianshu and the soldiers themselves coming to visit Jiang'er from time to time to check in on his well-being. Jiang'er himself is unaware of his parents' deaths, even after the Millelith had placed gravestones on the property.


Gravestones of Childish Jiang's parents

Jiang'er seems to have a mental disability that leaves his mind similar to that of a young child's, which likely resulted in the name "Childish Jiang".

He loves playing hide-and-seek, considering himself to be a great player. Despite this, he takes pity in his games as he is willing to give hints to the seeker as to where he is hiding if they cannot find him.

Because of his mental disability, Jiang'er has trouble understanding more complex situations. He himself is unaware of his parents' deaths, because his mother had not told him of his father's death, and to spare him from any grief, chose to play game of hide-and-seek with him and never returned out of fear he would know the truth. Due to this disability, he himself is unaware of his mother's death, instead believing that his parents would eventually come home one day and finish the game. He loves his parents, and likewise, his parents unconditionally loved him, back when they were still alive.

Jiang'er himself is also illiterate, as he is unable to understand the texts engraved in his parents' gravestones. Likewise, he also believes that they were brought in per his parents' request.


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"Hunt a Cocogoat. Please and thank you."
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Quests and Events

World Quests


Childish Jiang: When will Mommy and Daddy get back...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is this your home?
Childish Jiang: Yep! I live here with Mommy and Daddy. But actually, I don't know where they are right now.
Childish Jiang: But that means that I have to stay nearby. I mean, what if they came back and couldn't find me? They'd be so worried...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's your daily life like?
Childish Jiang: There's a man who comes and gives me food sometimes. He says that I should call him Uncle Tian, and that he's a distant relative, and that he knows my mom and dad really well.
Childish Jiang: He says mom and dad are busy right now and can't come home, so if there's anything I need, I can just go to him instead.
Childish Jiang: But when I asked him where mom and dad are, he didn't tell me. So I think he's a bit of a weirdo, too.
Childish Jiang: There's also a bunch of Milleliths who come and see me, too. They always bring me lots of tasty snacks. Sometimes I can't manage them all, so they just leave them in the house for me.
Childish Jiang: But they say that they don't know where mom and dad are, either. It's so strange...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What are those two stone tablets...
Childish Jiang: Oh, those two stones are from the Milleliths, too. They said Mommy and Daddy got them to put them up here for them.
Childish Jiang: But I can't read very well. There's so many words on them that I don't recognize...
Childish Jiang: But I guess if they're from Mommy and Daddy, they must be really important to them, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Goodbye
Childish Jiang: Mm, see you. Do come back to play with me again if you have the time!

Interactable Objects

Shaoyuan's Tomb

(The writing on this tombstone is dense, recording the dates of birth and death of the deceased as well as some details about their life. It's in excellent condition, and there's the smell of wine in the area — someone must have cleaned this tombstone recently and also made an offering of wine.)

Duan'ya's Tomb

(The writing on this tombstone is dense, recording the dates of birth and death of the deceased as well as some details about their life. It's in excellent condition, and there seems to be some flower petals scattered around — someone must have come to pay their respects here recently.)

Notes with Missing Pages

Notes with Missing Pages: "I have gone to Bubu Pharmacy to seek a cure for Jiang'er's troubled mind. I believe we should have the results in a few days..."
Notes with Missing Pages: "Once I have finished my last mission, I will retire from the Millelith and move back home, away from this life of diligence that borders on hypervigilance."
Notes with Missing Pages: "I've given most of my life to the Millelith. If I want to enjoy life a bit now, I doubt the Ministry of Civil Affairs will deny me."
Notes with Missing Pages: "If they don't, it's fine. I'll just take Jiang'er and leave Liyue for good. We'll live carefree lives somewhere else."
Notes with Missing Pages: "Still, I am a Millelith for now, and I must serve until my final watch. Don't worry. Just take care of Jiang'er and wait for my return."

Change History

Released in Version 1.0