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"Childe" (actual Harbinger title Tartaglia) is the eleventh of the Fatui's Eleven Harbingers.[1] He first appears in Chapter 1, Act 1 of the Archon Quests, having traveled to Liyue to head the funding for the city's finances.



Childe has short, choppy orange hair and blue eyes. He wears a red Fatui mask pulled off to one side of his head.

Childe wears a grey jacket with dark red and light grey details, grey pants, and black boots. His jacket is open on one side to reveal a belt with his hydro vision attached. Childe also wears a ragged red scarf.


Childe describes himself as "kind of a bad guy," but not the type who wants to cause the Traveler any trouble. He appears to be good-natured and cheerful, and somewhat dispirited by the Fatui's bad reputation. He tells the Traveler that he isn't a fan of La Signora's methods, and he seems pensive whenever the Traveler brings up the incident in Mondstadt as a reason to distrust him.

While Childe appears to help the Traveler on the surface, he is also using them for his own ends—he has Ekaterina eavesdrop on their conversations so he can figure out the Qixing's goal.

Childe is rather self-confident and a bit brash; he says he uses bows because it's the weapon he's weakest in, which makes it all the more exhilarating when he defeats powerful opponents with it.[1] He doesn't think much about throwing his money around, even jokingly offering to let the Traveler rob the Northland Bank if it'll get him in their good graces.


  • In commedia dell'arte, Tartaglia is a stock character; unlike some other stock characters, his role in the story typically varies, but he is distinguished by his farsightedness and stutter.
  • The alias he gives to the party in Chapter 1, Act 1 is inconsistently translated across different language versions. Because Tartaglia is used as a proper name in the story, languages that used commedia names as the other Harbingers' aliases had to use a different name for his.
    • His English alias, "Childe," is a direct translation of his Chinese alias. Childe is an archaic English word that refers to the son of a nobleman who has not yet attained knighthood.
    • In Chinese, he introduces himself as "Childe" (公子, Gōngzǐ, lit. "young nobleman"). The commedia dell'arte names are always translated into Chinese when used as an alias, so there is no overlap between his alias and his Italian commedia name.
    • In Japanese, he introduces himself as Tartaglia before telling the Traveler to call him "Childe" (公子, Koushi, lit. "young nobleman"). While his name appears as Tartaglia on his dialogue boxes, all other characters call him "Childe." Like in Chinese, the commedia names are always translated into Japanese when used as an alias.
    • Notably, the French translation went with Tartaglia for his alias.



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