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This is the Chihu Rock Bulletin Board. You can find community news and shop advertisements posted here. Please do not post unimportant matters.

The Chihu Rock Bulletin Board is a bulletin board located in Liyue Harbor, to the left of the Alchemy crafting bench. The messages randomly cycle through every time it is interacted with.


About Yelan

Message: "Who is that fox at the Yanshang Teahouse? Last time I had the misfortune of sharing a table with her I spent all of my money!"
Message: "I can't stand to even think of those beady fox eyes! I forget that she's the teahouse steward — she acts like a swindler!"
Message: "If the fox sees this post, please respond. Just see how arrogant you are when I get my friends to come!"
Another Note: "Don't worry, your friends are already waiting for you at the dock. (I went ahead and bought some medicine for them. You can pick it up first.)"

Random Message #1

Message: "I officially start as a member of the Millelith tomorrow! Let's drink until the sun rises, everyone!"
Message: "My stinkin' father said I'd never become a soldier. Well, look at me now, pops!"
Reply: "Tomorrow morning you are to report for patrol, recruit. Remember there's punishment for failed inspection."
Reply: "The Millelith need to set an example for our citizens and only post serious announcements on the bulletin board."

Reekwind's Message

Message: "I recently lost a spear that looks similar to that used by the Millelith. I will be immensely grateful if anyone helps me find it!"
Message: "If you find the spear or have any information as to where it may be, please meet me near the shipyard."
Message: "No matter if you are a Liyue resident or a traveler from afar, I would really appreciate your help."

Sisi's Message

Message: "Each day the high and low tides come to shore, each splash of the sea different from the last."
Message: "I still sit here watching the waves join and part, thinking of you."
Message: "When will you return from some vast sea far away and see this message, my heart poured out for you to see?"
Message: "When will we be able to fulfill our promises, made to each other long ago?"
Millelith Reply: "Please do not post love letters on the Bulletin Board. Thank you."

Su Er'niang's Message

Message: "I'm no good at advertisements, so I just decided to post a note on the message board!"
Message: "Cheap 'n' tasty Zhongyuan Chop Suey! Fragrant, spicy, and guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds!"
Millelith Reply: "Dear Madam Su, this is a Bulletin Board for announcements, not messages..."
Millelith Reply: "To publish ads, please register with the Millelith... and please refrain from posting unrelated messages here."
Message: "Sorry to trouble you, boys! Come by for a meal when you're off your shift, I'll give you a discount!"


Chen the Sharp's Ad

Chen the Sharp Ad: Prestigious cooking and a sharp knife!
Chen the Sharp Ad: A fast blade, roaring fire, and authentic grilled fish!
Chen the Sharp Ad: If you want to eat the most authentic Grilled Tiger Fish in Liyue, come to Chen the Sharp!
Message: "How's business? Do you have time to reminisce with an old friend of the Guhua Clan?"
Reply: "Certainly, just let me know where! Or you could come by my restaurant — food and drinks on me!"

Fish Stall Ad

Fresh Fish Stall Ad: Fresh Fish Stall's fish is absolutely fresh! Fair prices for high quality — no haggling, please!
Fresher Fish Stall Ad: Fresher Fish Stall's fish is absolutely fresher! Our service is top-notch and prices are low!

Hanfeng Ironmongers Ad

Hanfeng's Ironmongers Ad: Hanfeng's cold blades are as sharp as can be!
Hanfeng's Ironmongers Ad: Hanfeng's Ironmongers is the blacksmith of the people! Whether you are a gallant knight or a common old lady, we have just the blade for you!

Jade Mystery Ad

The Jade Mystery Ad: Life can be as precious as jade if you dig past the rocky exterior. Make acute, quick decisions in life, or you will regret missed opportunities.
The Jade Mystery Ad: But while we only live once, we can enjoy the joy of jade many-a-time. Which is more exciting, embarking on a daring adventure or receiving a beautiful piece of jade?
The Jade Mystery Ad: Just a small price for a big surprise.
The Jade Mystery Ad: Delights and good luck await you at The Jade Mystery!
The Jade Mystery Ad: A cartload of uncut jade has just arrived. Come by to marvel its beauty, and purchase if so inclined!

Scent of Spring Ad

Scent of Spring Ad: Elegant like jade and delicate like a rose, my wares are a feast for the eyes and pleasure to touch.
Scent of Spring Ad: Smooth, shapely, soft, fragrant, and charming as a cool spring morning.
Scent of Spring Ad: Have even a wisp of the scent of spring and you will never forget it. You and fine porcelain are perfect for each other.

Third-Round Knockout Ad

Third-Round Knockout Ad: Come to Third-Round Knockout to enjoy our famous wine made from centuries-old fermentation methods!
Third-Round Knockout Ad: After three blissful bowls of wine-fermented sweet rice balls you won't want to leave port!

Wanmin Restaurant Ad

Wanmin Restaurant Ad: Exquisite delicacies that cater to all tastes!
Wanmin Restaurant Ad: An all new flavor that reminds you of the good ol' days!
Wanmin Restaurant Ad: Wanmin Restaurant awaits your visit!
Message: "Is Xiangling in the kitchen today?"
Reply: "Sincerest apologies, but my daughter is out traveling the seven nations of Teyvat studying the culinary arts. It may be some time before she returns."

Yanshang Teahouse Ad

Yanshang Teahouse Ad: Come have a relaxing evening tea at Yanshang Teahouse, your safe haven after a hard day at work.
Yanshang Teahouse Ad: Our establishment only serves the highest-quality teas. A deposit is required when entering, thank you for your understanding.


About Xinyan

Millelith Announcement: Due to popular demand from residents and Millelith alike, a special space at the south wharf has been designated for performances by the up-and-coming Xinyan.
Millelith Announcement: Enthusiasts of Fontaine music are welcome to come and enjoy, but please maintain order when attending to avoid injuring yourself or others.
Message: "Please do not insult my craft! My unique sound belongs to me, not Fontaine!"

Adventurer's Guild Announcement

Adventurers' Guild Announcement: Ad astra abyssosque! Welcome to the Liyue branch of the Adventurers' Guild.
Adventurers' Guild Announcement: When gazing at the night sky, do you find yourself yearning to reach the stars?
Adventurers' Guild Announcement: When overlooking a perilous abyss, do you find yourself wondering what treasure lies at the bottom?
Adventurers' Guild Announcement: Sign up for the Adventurers' Guild! Let's conquer all the world's dangers and uncover all the world's secrets together.
Adventurers' Guild Announcement: Please talk to Katheryne for more information.

Bibo's Smuggling

Millelith Announcement: There has been smuggling activity recently in the area near Bibo's Fish Market. We ask residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the Millelith.
Millelith Announcement: Furthermore, by order of the Qixing, the Millelith will be increasing license inspection of vendors at Bibo's Fish Market. We ask vendors to prepare their licenses accordingly.

The Chasm

Millelith Announcement: Most mining at the Chasm has been shut down, but illegal mining and smuggling activity has increased recently.
Millelith Announcement: We urge Liyue residents to take extra caution and cooperate with Millelith soldiers as they work to apprehend the smugglers.
Millelith Announcement: Jade vendors should similarly strictly abide by the law. Heavy fines will be issued to anyone engaging in the sale of smuggled materials.

Water Pollution

Millelith Announcement: "When water's natural purity is preserved, disease cannot fester. But when sullied at its source, it gives rise to all manner of plagues and pestilences. Therefore, let the one who pollutes a water source through negligence be shown leniency, but let any that would willfully pollute a water source be shown no mercy whatsoever."
Millelith Announcement: In response to the recent pollution of Feiyun Slope's water source, Yujing Terrace has sent someone to urgently deal with it. In a few days, the water will be clean as ever.
Millelith Announcement: The Millelith hereby remind all who come to fetch water at Chihu Rock to follow the rules and avoid polluting the water.
Millelith Announcement: Violators who break the rules and pollute the water source will be severely punished by the Millelith.


  • The messages regarding Feiyun Slope's water contamination is part of a larger NPC subplot involving Huachu, Jianqiu, Gentry De'an, and Hongyi. The Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board also has two messages about it, which reveal that Huachu dressed up a woman's corpse as her own and left it inside the well, leading her father De'an to believe she committed suicide over his disapproval over her relationship with Jianqiu. In reality, she is alive and well, having eloped with Jianqiu. The two can be found at Stone Gate.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.2
  • A bug with Chihu Rock Bulletin Board's messages was fixed, which caused the bulletin board to be uninteractable after viewing all messages. Now, each message plays once before resetting and playing again, in a different order.

Version 1.0

  • Chihu Rock Bulletin Board was released.