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Chenyu Vale is a place in Liyue mentioned in the description of Echoes of an Offering Artifact Set.


Chenyu Vale is a place includes many mountains and streams. It's also famous for its tea products.

The name of Chenyu Vale may comes from a famous story happened in this area : a priceless gem was thrown and sunk into the water in order to stop it from felling into the hands of a demon.

A very long time ago, there was no ford across a river in Chenyu Vale, only a misty hillside. Someone planted a tea tree when the owner of the mountain had yet to decide what to plan here. At first, the owner of the mountain complained. After a long time, she returned, but she lost her fingers.

Later, the tree's branches were grafted to the other side of the river. Chenyu Vale's tea traveled to Liyue Harbor. Then, it traveled to many more places.

A legend says that this sort of tea tree only grows lushly in Chenyu Vale, no matter the waters, soil, or sunlight.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishChenyu Vale
Jade-sinking Valley
Chin Tama no Tani[!]
Korean침옥 협곡
Chim'ok Hyeopgok
SpanishValle ChenyuChenyu Valley
FrenchVallon ChenyuChenyu Vale
RussianДолина Чэньюй
Dolina Chen'yuy
Chenyu Vale
ThaiChenyu Vale
VietnameseTrầm Ngọc CốcJade-sinking Valley[※]
GermanChenyu-TalChenyu Vale
IndonesianLembah ChenyuChenyu Valley
PortugueseVale Chenyu